Slang N-R


Nail or Nailedto have or have had sex with someone
Namshort for Vietnam
Narcan undercover narcotics police officer or a drug informant
Neat or Neatocool or good, used with “keeno” – became sarcastic in the late 60’s (courtesy of Janet Lucas)
Neckto make out, kissing and fondling
Neggiesno one can drink from your soda (courtesy of Bobbi Corr)
“Never trust anyone over thirty”the ultimate generation gap statement
No Biggieno big deal
Nose Candycocaine (thanks to Kerrimmon)
Not a Cluewith no idea
Not Brain Surgerysomething that is easy or simple (courtesy of Kerrimoon)
Not Rocket Science(same as above) (courtesy of Kerrimoon)
No Way Josea humorous way to say “no”


Old Mana husband or boyfriend
Op Artan art form which combined series of lines to mimic movement and fluidity
Out There-crazy, nutty, or on a different mental level (thanks to Kerrimoon)
Outta Sightgreat, fantastic, awesome


Pada place to sleep or crash
Paisleya colorful floral pattern that was popular for men or women’s clothes
Papersshort for cigarette rolling papers
Peaceniksomeone who favors peace over war
Peace Signin the 1960s the traditional two fingered V for victory in war hand symbol was redefined to represent the opposite or peace from war
Peace Symboloriginally made for a British anti-nuke organization, it became the symbol of a generation
Peel Outto leave very fast in your car laying down rubber as you do
Pigan insulting name given to Police Officers
Pig Outto eat to much
Pinkosomeone thought to be a communist sympathizer
Pissed offangry at something (thanks to Jo Diamond)
Pissera frustrating or maddening situation
Plasticphony or unnatural, can be a person or thing (also can mean a credit card)
Plumbersanybody in a position of authority that uses dirty tricks as a means to an end
Poppopular or trendy or current
Pop Arta style of popular art (famous artist Andy Warhol) (courtesy of Cheri Jones)
Poppedarrested or caught
Pork Chopan insulting name for a police helicopter (courtesy of mooncalf)
Potthe most widely used name for marijuana
Prefab Fourreferred to The Monkees (thanks to John Botz for this)
Preppiesomeone who is well dressed in expensive conservative clothing and has a private education
Probshort for problem ie: “no prob man”
Psychedelicanything that expands the mind in new and somewhat bizarre ways
Punch Itto hit the gas pedal in your car, to go fast now
Pukedto throw up, especially when drinking (thanks to Jo Diamond)
Punk outto chicken out (thanks to Rosalio Turrubiartes)


Racka woman’s breasts “she had a great rack”
Radshort for radical, meaning good or great
Radical (noun)someone who promotes sudden social change through non conventional methods
Rapto talk, originally an African American saying but it found general usage in the 1960s
Rat Finksomeone who “ratted out”,or disclosed information about others (courtesy of Jedidath)
Rattingto frizz the hair by back combing it towards the scalp (courtesy of Sage)
Rattledscared or upset
Rednecka 60s definition would be: any person who is prejudiced and intolerant of others
Rent-A-Copprivate security guard
Resistersdraft dodgers, people who refused on various grounds to enter military service
Rideprobably a car but could be any vehicle
Right Onvery popular phrase meaning correct, good, OK and terrific
RighteousSerious and “with it” “he is one righteous brother” (courtesy of Guy Moody)
Rip Offto steal or something that is not worth its stated value or a fake
Roachthe butt of a marijuana cigarette
Roach clipan alligator clip used to hold a roach so you can smoke it (thanks to Ron Greene)
Roadiea laborer that travels with a rock band to set up the equipment
Rock Onoriginally meant to keep listening to rock and roll but it morphed into meaning just keep doing it
Ruleto have control of the situation
Rushexcitement from an activity or the initial feeling from taking a drug

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