Slang D-H


Day-gloa florescent paint used to give a psychedelic effect
Dead Heada fan of the Grateful Dead
Defoliantnot new to the 60’s but widely discussed because of Vietnam and Agent Orange
Deuce1932 Ford “deuce” coupe or to go number 2 in the bathroom or to hold up 2 fingers, peace sign (thanks to Ellie K. & Caitlyn P)
Dickreplaced “jerk” as meaning bad or stupid (Richard – dick – Nixon)
Digto understand or agree ie: “can you dig it?” (thanks to Leslie Williams for this one)
Do Your Own Thingjust what it says, usually had a social implication
Doveanti war, a pacifist
Dragdepressing or tiresome (thanks to Jim Yurkovich)
Dropto do drugs specifically LSD (thanks to Cheri Jones)
Dudeeach generation defined it a little different, in the 60’s it was a guy friend
Duh!a sarcastic exclamation in response to an obvious statement


Easy Ridera film about the 1960s counter culture (thanks to Cheri Jones)
Egg Heada very intelligent or studious person, sometimes used sarcastically (thanks to Giorgos Kakoutis)
Electricused as an adjective to describe something that was psychedelic
Establishmentparents and anyone who was part of the status quo (thanks to Cheri Jones)
Exactamundoexactly with a Latin ending for emphasis
ExperienceJimi Hendrix took this word to a whole new level in 1967


Fabsomething that’s good or great (thanks to Peter Proscia for this)
Fab Foura term for “The Beatles” (thanks to Caitlyn P for this)
Far Outvery popular phrase meaning wonderful, amazing or just simple approval (used much more frequently than in the 50s)
Fatsignifies something good or best
Fat Cityflush, plenty of money (courtesy of John Lynch)
Fickle Finger of Fatefrom Rowan and Martin ‘s Laugh-in
Finger (verb)to betray or turn someone in to the authorities
Five Omeans police or law enforcement (from the 1968 TV show Hawaii Five-O)
FlakeSomeone who’s quirky, phony, or weird (thank you Ron Greene)
Flip Flopsthongs or zories (thank you Caitlyn P)
Flippinsomething that is fun or cool (thanks to Sophia Shupe for this one)
Flip Outto loose your cool, getting over emotional
Flippinsomething that is fun or cool (thanks to Sophia Shupe for this one)
Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Beea phrase by Muhammad Ali to intimidate his boxing opponents
Flower Childa hippie
Flower Powerthe power of peaceful, natural and free lifestyle
Fragginga Vietnam War term involving a fragmentation hand grenade
Freaked Outscared or crazy
Fred’s Outphew, someone farted (thanks again to Jo Diamond for this)
Free Lovemaking love (sex) freely – whenever, wherever and with whom one wishes
Frigginused as an adjective in front of almost everything in the sixties
Full of Itsomeone who is incorrect or outright lying
Fuzzthe police (thanks to Quinn Adams and Phil for this one)


Gasseddrunk, high or generally out of it
Geargood or great (Beatles term) (courtesy of Peter Proscia)
Generation Gapalthough not new it was much more acute during the 1960’s
Get a Gripto take control of your emotions
Get Realget serious, don’t fool yourself
Gimme me a break!Lay off me for awhile or “cool it” (courtesy of Ellen Robertson)
Gnarlydifficult or big (courtesy of Caitlyn P)
Go Apeto do something crazy or out of the ordinary
Go-Godancing, nightclubs and perceived decadence
Granny Glassesround or octagonal either wire rimmed or rimless
Greasernot as common as the 1950s but greased hair and a motorcycle (thanks to Arsitotle Hackbush)
Grokto understand something intuitively
Groovygood, pleasing, pleasant – something that is right
Grottygross, disgusting or tasteless (thanks to Kerrimoon for this one)


Hackerexceptional computer programmer, the first hackers were good guys
Haight-Ashburyan intersection in San Francisco associated with the hippie movement
Hair – the Musicala Broadway play about the 1960’s hippie culture
Hairydifficult or out of control (courtesy Caitlyn P)
Hairy eyeballA look you give by lowering your brow and squinting slightly when suspicious (courtesy Kerrimoon)
Hang Outspending time with someone, or at a place (courtesy of Cheri Jones)
Hanoi Janename given to Jane Fonda after visiting N. Vietnam
Happy TrailsSee you, or Have a good trip, from The Roy Rogers TV show (thank you Kerrimoon for this)
Hassleto bother, disturb or persecute someone
Have a Nice Daya satirical way to indicate mindless thoughts
Heada person who does drugs
Head Rushthe first feelings of perceived pleasure after doing whatever drugs (Thanks to Leslie Williams for this one also)
Head Shopstore that sold drug paraphernalia and counter culture items
Heatrefers to the police or any law enforcement
Heavyserious, profound or thought provoking
“Hell no, we won’t go”the most used anti-war chant and slogan
“Here come the Judge”comical line from TV show “Laugh In(thanks to Jim Yurkovich)
Hempterm for marijuana (thanks to Monique Brown for the clarification)
Heplike hip, “I’m hep” (thanks to Jaime Gracia)
Highone could feel euphoria through experiencing life or by using drugs
Hipto be in the know, to be cool, good, with it, happening
Hippiemembers of the counter culture who were thrust into the spotlight primarily because of their anti-war activism
Hita drag off of a marijuana cigarette
Hit the Rackgo to bed (courtesy of Kerrimoon)


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