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1950s Accessories – GLOVES  A lady wore gloves in the Fifties. She was not seen as properly dressed without them. They came in many lengths and all colors. Short white gloves were most commonly worn and women always had several pairs. Why? Because they were the very devil to keep clean!

Fifties Gloves


Much can be done with a scarf. Drape it as a belt; wrap it as a halter top; tie it about your head, babushka style. The later also served well on bad hair days or between trips to the beauty palor. Scarves were a useful and convenient accessory in the Fifties.

Most popularly, a short, brightly colored chiffon scarf secured many a ponytail!

Fifties Scarves


No discussion of the Fifties Fashions would be complete without a look at the wild bathing caps of the day. The louder the cap, the better.

Let it never be said the Fifties were dull!

Another type of cap which was worn but never seen was the shower cap. Let’s face it, your hair took overnight to dry and set you certainly weren’t going to get it wet again.

Fifties Swim caps, bathing cap