50s Girl’s Clothes

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 6, 2023

1950s Teen Clothes

1950s Girl’s ClothesFifties teens

1950s Girls’s Clothes –  The teen pictured above in dungarees (we didn’t call them “jeans” yet) reflects how we lounged around the house or played outside. This most casual look was only acceptable in limited circumstances. The rest of the time – we dressed.

As astonishing as it may be to modern teens, the dresses at left were “school clothes” for the 1950s. We wore dresses everyday. Neither pants nor, heaven forbid, shorts were permitted. Moreover, the dress had to come to at least mid-knee and usually covered the whole knee.1950s Fashions

Most girls and teens owned at least one jumper whose look could be altered by varying the blouse underneath.1950s teenagers clothes girls-dresses2

The sailor look was big. I actually wore things like this, although it pains me now to admit so publicly.

In honor of my peers who suffered along with me, please note that even little girls had to wear the starchy petticoats. And when dressed up for church, we wore our little white gloves. Just try to stay clean enough to please Mom when dressed like that!Fifties dress1950s party dresses

Party dresses were just lovely. Fanciful and romantic, they allowed a girl to feel like princess.

Though never enough, parents did try to schedule events, dances and the like which would allow their little darlings to act like the ladies and gentleman they were expected to be.50s clothing


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