1950s Swimsuits

by Candace RichComment — Updated September 11, 2023

1950s Teen Clothes

1950s Swimsuits1950s Swimsuits

1950s Swimsuits were still fairly conservative. Most of the pictures shown below are of fashion models and pin-up girls. The swimwear is not necessarily what you would have found the average woman wearing to the beach or out in public.

Swimwear was tame. And very ladylike. And again, even the skimpiest two piece suit covered the belly button.

1950s causal clothes

The wild floral reflects America’s 1950s fascination with Hawaii, which would become a state in 1959.


Technically, any two piece suit is a bikini. But do you know where the name comes from? Originally created by Parisian designer Louis Reard in 1946, he named it after the Bikini Atoll, where the atomic bomb was tested!

Two piece suits were becoming the norm but the belly button was generally covered. Lower suit bottoms were hitting the market from France and younger girls in particular were beginning to show their courage in wearing them.

American designers were slow to catch up to the trend so fashion models were forced to improvise. Bunny Yeager a model turned fashion photographer often made her own suits for her models to wear giving her a leg up on her all male competition. Many of the photos below were taken by her.

1950s fashion

circa late 40s/50s
Credits circa late 40s/50s

More 1950s Swimwear

1950s fashion swim suits

1950s swim suits

swimwear 1950s fashion
Popular actress Ava Gardner

1950s swimsuits

1950s fashion swimwear

swimsuit from 1950s fashion styles

1950s swim
Matching hair caps were very popular

50s swimsuits

50s fashion swimwear
Couturier swimwear

woman sitting on mat reading book

Models in 1950s Swimsuits

Some of these models names you will easily recognize, others could have been found gracing the pages of the Men’s Magazines of the day.

1950s fashion swimsuits Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly

50s Fashion swimming
1950s swimsuits
Esther Williams had her own swimsuit line

1950s celebrity swimsuits
Betty Grable

1950s bathing suits
Debbie Reynolds

50s bathing suits
Debbie Reynolds was Carrie Fisher’s Mom

1950s Swimsuits
Bridgette Bardo
50s bathingsuits
Gigi Reynolds
Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
Julie Newmar
Julie Newmar
fifties swimwear
Julie Padillo
Julie Padillo
Julie Padillo
Kim Novak 1956
Kim Novak 1956
Kim Novak in a swimsuit
Kim Novak 1957
50s swim wear
Lana Basham
1950s swim suits
Lillian Bell
50s pin-up girls
Marcia Villabus
fifties bikinis
Pat Stanford

1950s mens swim suits

Men's Swimsuits
Men’s Swimsuits
Mens swimsuits
Men’s swimwear by McGregor
1950s men's swim trunks
Men wore coordinated swim trunks and shirt

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