Burma Shave – 4

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Burma Shave

This page of Burma Shave Slogans is wholly contributed by visitors to the Fifties Web. Many thanks to all of you!

The blackened forest
Smoulders yet
He flipped
A cigarette
Slow down, Pa
Sakes alive
Ma missed signs
Four And five
Grandpa knows
It ain’t too late
He’s gone
To git
Some widder bait
A trip
To Mars
For ten thousand
Empty jars
A Christmas hug
A birthday kiss
The woman
Who gives this
The big blue tube’s
Just like Louise
You get
A thrill
From every squeeze
The monkey took
One look at Jim
And threw the peanuts
Back at him
He needed
Can let you down
Than a
Strapless gown
For shaving comfort
A sting
That big blue tube
Has everything
6 million housewives
Can’t be wrong
Who keep
Their husbands
Right along in
Jar so big
Cost so small
Shave of all
Try a tube
Its cooling
Refreshes like
An April shower
One shave lasts
All day through
Face feels
Cool and
Smoother too
Within this vale
Of toil
And sin
Your head grows bald
But not your chin
Your life
Cattle crossing
Means go slow
That old bull
Is some
Cow’s beau
Does your husband
Grunt and grumble
Rant and rave?
Shoot the brute some
The draftee
Tried a tube
And purred
Well whaddya know
I’ve been defurred
Tho stiff
The beard
That Nature gave
It shaves
Like down with
His crop of
Needed reaping
That’s what kept
His Lena leaping
This cooling shave
Will never fail
To stamp
Its user
First class male
Drinking drivers–
Nothing worse
They put
The quart
Before the hearse
Said farmer Brown
Who’s bald
On top
Wish I could
Rotate the crop
With whiskers
‘Neath their noses
Oughta have to kiss
Like eskimoses
Try passing
On a slope
Unless you have
A periscope
Passing cars
When you can’t see
May get you
A glimpse
Of eternity
Don’t leave safety
To mere chance
That’s why
Belts are
Sold with pants
At a quiz
Pa ain’t
No whiz
But he knows how
To keep Ma his
Many a forest
Used to stand
Where a
Lighted match
Got out of hand
Baby your skin
Keep it fitter
Or “baby”
Will get
Another sitter
Use this cream
A day
Or two
Then don’t call her–
She’ll call you
If daisies
Are your
Favorite flower
Keep pushin’ up those
He lit a match
To check gas tank
That’s why
They call him
Skinless frank
The poorest guy
In the
Human race
Can have a
Million dollar face
The one who
Drives when
He’s been drinking
Depends on you
To do his thinking
Hardy men
Were the Caesars
Instead of razors
They used tweezers
Burma Shave
The midnight
Ride of Paul
For beer
Led to a warmer
Burma Shave
Henry VIII
Sure Had Trouble
Short Term Wives
Long Term Stubble
Burma Shave
Don’t stick your elbow
Out too far
Or it may
Go home
In another car!
Burma Shave
When passing
Through school zones
Please drive slow.
Let’s let our
Little shavers
Burma Shave
A Man A Miss
A Car A Curve
He kissed the Miss
And missed the Curve
Burma Shave
Prickley Pears
Are Picked for Pickles
But no Peach Picks
A Face that Prickles
Burma Shave
Listen birds
These signs cost money
You can rest awhile
But don’t get Funny
Burma Shave
Thirty days
Hath September
April, June,
an the Speed Offender.
Burma Shave.
Don’t lose your head
To save a minute
You need your head
Your brains are in it
Burma Shave
Statistics prove
Near and far
That folks who drive like crazy
Burma Shave
Round the curve
Beautiful car
Wasn’t it?
Burma Shave
Dim your lights
Behind a car
Let folks see
How bright you are
Burma Shave
The bearded lady
Tried a jar
Now she’s a famous
Movie star
Burma Shave
If you don’t know
Whose signs these are
You haven’t driven
Very far!
Burma Shave
Ben met Anna
Made a hit
Neglected beard
Ben-Anna split.
Burma Shave
Around the corner
Beautiful car
Wasn’t it?
Burma Shave
They missed the turn
The car went whizzin’
The fault was hern
The FUNERAL hisn
Burma Shave
A nut at the wheel
A peach on his right
A curve in the road
Fruit salad that night
Burma Shave
Angels who guard you
When you drive
Usually retire
At sixty-five
Burma Shave
He had the ring,
He had the flat,
She felt his chin,
And that was that.
Burma Shave
Ben met Anna,
Made a hit.
She felt his chin.
Ben – Anna split.
Burma Shave
Shaving brush,
Was like old Rover.
When he died,
He died all over.
Burma Shave
For painting cowshed,
Barn or fence,
Shaving brush
Is just immense.
Burma Shave
Pity all the mighty Caesars.
They pulled each whisker
Out with tweezers.
Burma Shave
He played the sax,
Had no B.O.
But his whiskers scratched,
So she let him go.
Burma Shave
Snake rail fences
And old log houses
Both were built,
To keep out the cowses
Burma Shave
Bristly beard or silky fuzz,
Shave ’em back,
To where they was
Burma Shave
Pink toothbrush
Is a curse.
Pink shaving brush
Is a darn sight worse.
Burma Shave
College boys,
Your courage muster.
Shave off that fuzz
And cookie duster.
Burma Shave
Farewell O verse,
Along the road.
How sad to see,
You’re out of mode.
Burma Shave
You can drive
A mile a minute
But there is no
Future in it.
Burma Shave
Free !
Free !
A trip to Mars
For 500 empty jars
Car in ditch
Man in tree
Moon was full
So was he!
Burma Shave
Dinah doesn’t
Treat him right
But if he’d shave
Burma Shave
Will let you down
Quicker than
A strapless gown
Burma Shave
Don’t take
A curve at
Sixty per
We hate to lose
A customer
In this vale
Of toil and sin
Your head grows bald
But not your chin.
Burma Shave
If hugging on Highways
Is your sport
Trade in your car
For a davenport.
Burma Shave
My cheek
Said she
Is smooth as satin
Ha Ha Said he
That’s mine your’re pattin’
Burma Shave
She kissed the hairbrush
By mistake;
She thought it was
Her husband, Jake
Burma Shave
Don’t put your arm out
Quite so far;
It might go home
In another car
Burma Shave
Proper distance
To him was bunk
He ended up
In some guy’s trunk.
Burma Shave.
A man who passes
On hills and curves
Is not a man of iron nerves
He’s crazy
Burma Shave
Famous words
About lights that shine
If he won’t dim his
I won’t dim mine
Burma Shave
Are your whiskers
When you wake
Tougher than
A two bit steak?
Burma Shave
This shave
Is like
A parachute
There isn’t
Any substitute
Burma Shave
The salesman
Taught the
Farmer’s daughter
To plant
Her tu-lips
Where she otter
Burma Shave
Be a Noble
Not a Knave
Caesar Uses
Burma Shave
Henry the 8th
Sure had trouble
Short term wives
Long term stubble
Burma Shave
If you must test
Her pucker paint
Be sure to drive
Where traffic ain’t
Burma Shave
To shave it dry
You shouldn’t risk it
Use Burma Shave
On your wiska
Burma Shave
The Midnight Ride
Of Paul for beer
Led to a warmer
Burma Shave
His tenor voice
She thought divine
‘Til whiskers scratched
Sweet Adeline
Burma Shave
He’s the guy
The girls forgot
Tho’ he was smooth
His face was not
Burma Shave
If You Wake In Haste
Then Brush Your Teeth With Paste
You’ll Get
A Funny Taste
Burma Shave
A peach
Looks Good
With lots of fuzz
Man’s no peach
And never was
Burma Shave
The Sun Does Riz
The Sun Done Set
And We Ain’t Out
Of Texas Yet
Burma Shave
The Spring Has Sprung
The Grass Has Riz
Where Last Years
Care Less Driver Is
Burma Shave
I proposed to Ida
Ida refused
I’da won my Ida
If I’da used
Burma Shave
If your mad pull over
Or you’ll be even madder
When they lay you out
On a marble platter
Burma Shave
In This Time
Of Toil and Sin
Your Head Grows Bald
But Not Your Chin
Burma Shave
A Man Who Drives
When He’s Drunk
Should Haul His Coffin
In His Trunk
Burma Shave
The Queen of Hearts
Now Loves the Knave
The King Ran Out Of
Burma Shave
We’ve Made Grandpa
Look So Youthful
That His Draftboard
Thinks He’s Untruthful
Burma Shave
To Get Away
From Hairy Apes
Ladies Jump
From Fire Escapes
Burma Shave
Use our shave
And we betcha
The girls won’t wait
They’ll come and getcha
Burma Shave
Remember this
If you’d be spared
Trains don’t whistle
Because they’re scared!
Burma Shave
The most dangerous part,
Of an automobile
Is the one Loose Nut
Behind the wheel!
Burma Shave
Do not pass
On curve or hill.
If the cops don’t get you,
The mortician will.
Burma Shave
Angels who guard you
When you drive
Usually retire
at sixty-five
Burma Shave
Suzy made her car
go faster
Suzy’s headed
for disaster
Burma Shave
Red light flashing for all to find
Driver very color blind
Thought the light was blinking green
Never more will he be seen
Burma Shave
Electric razors
Marked the grave
Of our beloved
Burma Shave
O loverboy
Your picture came
But your beard’s too wide
To fit the frame
Burma Shave
A car, A kiss
A Miss, A curve
He kissed the Miss
But missed the curve
Burma Shave
If harmony
Is what
You crave
Then buy a tub of
Burma Shave
Into the curve,
they both came whizzin’
fault was hers,
funeral hizzin’
Burma Shave
Thunder roared
Lightning flashed
A tree fell down
A frog got smashed
Burma Shave
For faces
That go places
Burma Shave
This will never come to pass
A backseat driver
Out of gas
Burma Shave
He saw the train
and tried to duck it
Kicked first the gas
and then the bucket
Burma Shave
Keep cool
Be Brave
Grab your pants and
Burma Shave
If harmony
Is what you crave
Then try a tuba
Burma Shave
Guys whose eyes
Are in their backs
Get halos crossing
Railroad tracks
Burma Shave
Cattle crossing
Means go slow
That old bull
Is some cow’s beau
Burma Shave
Are like a girdle
They find some jobs
They just can’t hurdle
Burma Shave
My man won’t shave
Says Hazel Huz
But I should worry
Dora’s does
Henry the Eighth
Prince of Friskers
Lost five wives
But kept his whiskers
Rip a fender
Off your car
Send it in
For a half pound jar
Past schoolhouses
Take it slow
Let the little
Shavers grow
Every shaver
Now can snore
Six more minutes
Than before
Down the road
Look at him go
Around the curve lickety split
Beautiful car wasn’t it!
Burma Shave
If daisies are
Your favorite flower
Keep pushing up
Those miles per hour
Burma Shave
High-powered car
Drunken caper
Long sad story
In the paper
The cannoneers
With hairy ears
Used tin shears
Until they found
The place to pass
On curves you know
Is only at
A beauty show
Burma Shave
If daisies are
Your favorite flower
Keep on pushin’ up
Those miles per hour
Burma Shave
Around the curve
Beautiful Car
Wasn’t it
Burma Shave
Ma loved Pa
Pa loved women
Till ma caught Pa
With Women Swimmin
Burma Shave
Would be more fun
To go by air
If we could put
Our signs up there
Burma Shave
Thank you from my heart
To all of you
Who upon this page
contributed their art
Burma Shave / Webmaster

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