1950s Pants & Shorts


1950s Pants & Shorts 

1950s Pants & Shorts  – The Basics. Represented by these next two pictures are everyday casual pants and shorts.

However, women did not go about dressed casually very often. The Fifties were a more formal time. These outfits would probably be worn at a barbecue or picnic. Girls had a bit more latitude, but not much.

You did not pop over to the market in shorts like those at right. Let alone show up in a sweat suit, or tee shirt.

Yes, young women wore jeans, only we called them dungarees. And we wore them to play outside.

In the Fifties, no one ever went anywhere looking sloppy. Period.


Causal pants & shorts. Good for an outdoor event like a  barbecue.

The sailor look at right was popular. Although culottes would gain wider appeal in the Sixties, you could have worn the blue outfit anywhere.

The capri outfit at right conforms to what many people now associate with a Fifties look, my Mother wore them alot. But me, I wouldn’t have been let out of the house in that get-up. The sailor suits at left, sure, but nothing as sexy as the pink would ever grace my body under Mom’s watchful eye.

Just a tad shorter than the capri was the pedal pusher sometimes called clam diggers. Their slightly shorter length translated into a more casual look. Pedal pushers were more popular with teens.

These coveralls or shorts and blouse could be worn for any causal occasion.

This very preppy outfit would also go well at causal occasions.

These sleek sets feature a very tapered leg. Like the pencil skirt, this accentuated the hourglass figure.

Swimwear was tame. And very ladylike. And again, even the skimpiest two piece suit covered the belly button.

The wild floral at right reflects America’s 1950s fascination with Hawaii, which would become a state in 1959.

Technically, any two piece suit is a bikini. But do you know where the name comes from? Originally created by Parisian designer Louis Reard in 1946, he named it after the Bikini Atoll, where the atomic bomb was tested!

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