1950s Cars – Chrysler 1955-59

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

1955-59Welcome to 1950s Cars – Chrysler 1955-59
55.chrysler.3001955 Chrysler 300

The most powerful production car built at that time
it dominates stock car racing with 37 NASCAR wins

Cost: $4,110.00 (Loaded)55.chrysler.falcon1955 Chrysler Windsor

This paint was a “spring special package” called Blue Heron
there was another special paint job called Green Falcon

Special Paint Option Cost: $65.0055.chrysler.ny1955 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe

Contrasting color full body side moulding’s mark the DeLuxe
but with the hemi engine increased to 250hp they were hardly noticed

Cost: $3,925.00 (Convertible)56.chrysler.windsor1956 Chrysler Windsor

Billed as “PowerStyle” this combined Chrysler’s renowned engines
with a new sense of styling

Cost: $2,870.00 (Base)56.chrysler.stregistwo-tone paint on a New Yorker St Regis

Cost: $3,995.0057.chrysler.300c1957 Chrysler 300C

This was a bold new look billed as Forward Look and Flight Sweep styling
notice the airplane like lines

Cost: $5,350.00 (Convertible)57.chrysler.newyorker1957 Chrysler Saratoga

This mid line model came back to the line up
priced between the Windsor and the New Yorker
the new styling included flamboyant fins

Cost: $4,200.0058.chrysler.ny.1958 Chrysler New Yorker

As sales are slumping Chrysler starts turning away from
its Hemi V-8s in favor of smaller and cheaper wedge-head configuration

Cost: $4,295.00

58.chrysler.windsor1958 Chrysler Windsor

Neither the Saratoga or the sleek Windsor model could help sales
Chrysler Division fell to 11th place in the industry

Cost: $3,215.0059.chrysler.wind1959 Chrysler Windsor

This model came in an optional two-tone top and
sported a swivel bucket type seat for the driver

Cost: $3,230.0059.chrysler.windsor.conv1959 Chrysler Windsor Convertible

Convertibles had only been available in the New Yorker line
adding them to the Windsor overcame some price obstacles in that genre

Cost: $3,625.00

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