1950s Cars – Plymouth

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1950 Plymouth car1950 Plymouth DeLuxe Convertible

With a 97hp engine and styling only it’s Mother could love,
the Plymouth line was not a priority for Chrysler at this time

Cost: $1,980.00 1951 Plymouth Auto1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere

New model for this year, geared more for the man,
but with “plenty of room to take the family along”

Cost: $2,114.00 1952 Plymouth1952 Plymouth Belvedere

Most of the changes for this year were under the hood,
new shocks and springs, better brakes, easier shifting
and a new two-tone paint affect which was a Plymouth exclusive

Cost: $2,190.00 (with two-tone paint)1953 Plymouth1953 Plymouth Belvedere

TV host Art Linkletter is seen pitching a new Plymouth,
this one had the optional wire wheels but still looked a little stubby

Cost: $2,187.00 1954 Plymouth car1954 Plymouth Plaza

Plaza was Plymouth’s new budget priced model
the four-door sedan (shown) cost only $1750.00
these cars were stripped down but still had good sales

Cost: $1,756.00 1955 Plymouth Car1955 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe

Still marketed as low priced, new Sportone body trim
and racing style two-tone paint gave this model a fresh image

Cost: $2,088.00 1956 Plymouth automobile1956 Plymouth Fury

With the mid-season launch of the Fury
styling had finally arrived at Plymouth
with a 240hp engine it was also the beefiest one in the lineup

Cost: $2,866.00 1957 Plymouth Fury1957 Plymouth Fury

Eggshell white with gold anodized accents was the color of the Fury for the second year
the grill got a meaner look and the “shark” fins grew several inches

Cost: $2,900.00 1958 plymouth car1958 Plymouth Fury

Sportone trim and anodized aluminum give it a sporty look,
the four-door Belvedere Sedan was the best seller in the line

Trivia Note:
The 1983 John Carpenter movie “Christine” was about a ’58 Plymouth Fury
but in fact several Belvederes and Savoys were used as well
in this horror flick based on a Stephen King novel
by the same name about a possessed car

Cost: $3,032.00 1959 Plymouth Fury car1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

A dash plaque on this model read “Made Expressly For …”
notice the styling change with the simulated spare tire

Cost: $2,997.00 50s cars- ad

1950s cars - advertisement

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    • No, a 1956 Plymouth V8 Power Flight would not be a Fury. The Plymouth Fury was a specific model introduced by Plymouth in 1956, but it was distinct from the standard Plymouth models of that year. If you had a 1956 Plymouth V8 Power Flight, it would likely be a Plymouth with a V8 engine and an automatic transmission (Power Flight), but it wouldn’t be the Fury model unless it was specifically labeled and marketed as such.


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