1950s Cars – Hudson

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

Welcome to 1950s Cars – Hudson
1950s cars1950 Hudson Commodore

The “step-down” design was so difficult to redesign
that Hudson stuck with it from 1948 until 1954
it was heralded for it’s safety and smooth highway ride,
the occupants were actually surrounded by steel girders on all sides

Cost: $2,257.00 1950s Cars - Hudson

1950 Ad for a Hudson Pacemaker1950s vintage cars1951 Hudson Hornet

The brand new Hornet had Hudson’s largest engine
it was the biggest L head 6 cylinder made at the time
Hornet was even available with optional racing parts to boost performance
it consistently won trophies on the stock car circuit and was considered invincible on the track

Cost: $2,410.00 (without automatic trans.)1950s classic cars1951 Hudson Hornet

The Hornet, as well as other Hudson’s
got a new more prominent grill this year
the side mirror was actually an option and not that common

Cost: $2,568.00 (well equipped)1950s autos1952 Hudson Hornet

Only a few changes in body trim and the grill
mark the new model year, a new face in the lineup
the Wasp is released to help fill the mid-priced section of the group

Cost: $2,769.00 1950s automobiles

1952 Ad for a Hudson Hornet

50s cars1953 Hudson Jet

New this year the Jet was an economy model
no it didn’t look like a Hudson, yes they claimed it rode like one,
no it didn’t sell and it didn’t last past next year
the market for compact cars still wasn’t there
the jet was priced higher than other econo-cars on the market

Cost: $1,858.00 (base)
1954 Hudson

1954 Hudson Hornet Hollywood

Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson merge and form
American Motors Corporation (AMC) with Nash being the senior company
Hudson’s get a makeover before the merger is completed
thus making these the last true Hudson models (and collectors items),
after 1954 they would simply be a Nash with the Hudson label

Cost: $2,980.00 50s classic cars1955 AMC / Hudson Hornet

Hudson manufacturing moves to Nash’s facilities
the “step down” styling enjoyed for so many years is gone
new Hudson’s share bodyshell with Nash
but subtle styling differences make them distinguishable
unique gaudy colors further help to tell them apart

Cost: $2,565.00
50s vintage cars
1956 Hudson Rambler

Rambler was a Nash line that they put the Hudson name on
except for badging and color choices they were identical
Rambler was the best selling of the AMC lineup and this Wagon did well
Rambler’s came in 7 models with 3 trim levels (DeLuxe, Super, Custom) all were four doors

Cost: $2,290.00 fifties cars1957 Hudson Hornet

This would be the last year for Hudson
Hornet is the only model left in the lineup, it comes in sedan and hardtop
at mid-year point AMC decides to drop both Hudson and Nash to focus on Rambler
Rambler becomes it’s own make and adds the super swift Rebel model with a 327-cid V-8

Cost: $2,845.00 fifties vintage cars1957 Metropolitan

As AMC was dropping Nash and Hudson names
they made Rambler and Metropolitan their own lines
this Metro ultra-compact still had its rear mounted spare tire
and was also available in a convertible model

Cost: $1,565.00 1950s AMC Rambler

1958 Rambler American

All models are now classified as Rambler (except Metropolitan)
this model only came in two door models and only in six cylinder engines
with it’s 100 inch wheelbase it was shorter than a regular Rambler
and considered the economy car of the line with 30 mpg’s

Cost: $1,875.00 1950s American Cars
1959 Rambler Rebel

The only difference in a regular Rambler
and a Rebel was the 215hp V-8 engine and the Rebel badge
Rambler jumps to 6th place in the auto industry
by almost doubling it’s output to 375,000 cars

Cost: $2,740.00

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