1950s Cars – Lincoln

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

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1950 Lincoln car1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

Sunken headlamps was a Lincoln exclusive
the trend didn’t catch on however,
in fact the only thing they did catch were bugs

Cost: $3,187.00 1950 Lincoln Limo1950 Lincoln “Stretch Limo” Cosmopolitan

This convertible had retractable running boards
it was custom built for President Harry Truman,
the White House continued using it until 1961
1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan was the mid-range model in the line,
this one has, what at the time was called, a “padded roof”

Cost: $3,350.00 1952 Lincoln Capri1952 Lincoln Capri

Lincoln’s were noted for their ride
which utilized a ball joint suspension
Capri being the most expensive Lincoln came with leather interior
and a Dual-Range Hydra-Matic transmission

Cost: $3,335.00 1953 Lincoln cars1953 Lincoln Capri

New styling gave the Capri a more aerodynamic feel
it still was not as popular as its closest competition the Cadillac

Cost: $3,550.00

1954 Lincoln1954 Lincoln Capri

The four door sedan (shown) was the best selling model
yet it still only ranked 15th among auto sales
higher bold chrome spears gave it a new look even though not much had changed

Cost: $3,711.00 1950s cars1954 Lincoln Advertising 1955 Lincoln car
1955 Lincoln Capri

An extensive redesign making the car a foot longer
still didn’t do much for Lincoln’s sales they lagged their competition, even being bested by Packard

Cost: $3,910.00 1956 American Car1956 Lincoln Premiere

Another redesign, but this one more successful
a wrap around windshield was added as well as dual exhausts
the exhaust actually vented through the two exhaust tips built into the bumper
sales nearly doubled for Lincoln

Cost: $4,605.00 50s American auto1956 Continental Mark II

This car started as a separate division of Ford but eventually melded into Lincoln
it was an attempt to recapture the high end market by making a luxurious carefully crafted car
the simulated spare tire bulge gave it a classic look from the 40’s

sales nearly doubled for Lincoln

Cost: $9,500.00 1957 Lincoln car1957 Lincoln Premiere

This model was offered with sumptuous colorful interiors
the twin headlights allowed for regular lamps and smaller road lamps
they were controlled by a separate switch

Cost: $5,150.00 1958 Lincoln Continental1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Were you wondering where it went,
a redesigned and much less sophisticated model rolled out of Lincoln’s factory
gone was the graceful European flair in was the heavily sculpted look of “heavy metal”

Cost: $6,075.00 1959 Lincoln car1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

The Continental by this time more resembled a Capri
it did have it’s own grill design and the reverse sloped retractable back window
was an exclusive to the Mark IV

Cost: $6,850.00

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