1950s Cars – Dodge

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

Welcome to 1950s Cars – Dodge

50s cars1950 Dodge Meadowbrook

Priced a mere $75.00 less than the Coronet it was considered economy,
the interior boasted that it had enough head room to not knock your hat off

Cost: $1,811.00 1951 Dodge1950 Dodge Wayfarer Convertible

Dodge relied on Chrysler’s engineering excellence to sell its cars,
heralding such virtues as smooth ride and Safety-Rim wheels

Cost: $1,925.00

Keep your classic car looking good with Dodge indoor and outdoor covers50s American auto1951 Dodge Wayfarer Sportabout

America’s lowest priced full sized completely convertible open car,
it sounded good but just over a thousand were sold
and it turned out to be the models last year

Cost: $1,730.00 (base)1952 Dodge car1952 Dodge Meadowbrook

Little was changed in this model year for Dodge or Chrysler,
they were busy making military vehicles for use in Korea

Cost: $2,240.00 (base model)1953 Dodge automobile1953 Dodge Coronet

This Club Coupe was equipped with the new Red Ram V-8
it also was the first Dodge to decorate the hood with the now iconic Ram’s head ornament

Cost: $2,198.00

1953 Dodge Ram car fifties american automobile1954 Dodge Royal

Another Spring special included this two-tone coral/white paint,
the outside spare tire swung to the side for trunk access

Cost:  $2,205.00 1955 Dodge Royal cars1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

The Royal lancer was the top of the line Dodge this year,
the three-tone paint didn’t last long but it was popular while they offered it fender skirts were an option on the Royal only

Cost: $2,395.00 1956 Dodge La Femme1956 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer
“La Femme”

Dodge just didn’t get it when it came to marketing to women,
this attempt had soft tone exterior colors,
a matching umbrella, rose leather shoulder bag and gold flaked pink upholstery

Cost: $2,877.00 1957 Dodge car1957 Dodge Coronet Lancer

This very popular model was the first Dodge to join the tail fin craze,
equipped with pushbutton TorqueFlite selector,
dash mounted rearview mirror and a Scope-Sight speedometer

Cost: $2,335.00 1958 Dodge automobile1958 Dodge Sierra Wagon

Dodge’s most popular wagon at a time when wagons sold well,
this particular one was a “Spring Swept-Wing” edition featuring special colors and interiors

Cost: $2,733.00 1959 Dodge Royal automobile1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

The hardtop coupe (shown) started at $3200.00
a comparable Coronet which sold for about $500.00 less out sold the Royal three to one

Cost: $3,312.00 (with a V-8)

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