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by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

Welcome to 1950s Cars – DeSoto
1950 DeSotos

50.dodge.desotoShown in the DeLuxe 4 door sedan(top)
the DeLuxe also came in a Club Coupe and Carry-All Sedan,
Eight passenger Custom sedan (center)
which was usually used as a limo or commercially
A two door Custom convertible (bottom)

Cost: $2,174.00 (sedan/ top)
$2,578.00 (convertible/ bottom)
50.desoto1950 DeSoto Custom

This car was being used as a limousine they were also purchased for taxis
the wheel base was stretched to 139.5 inches for this model51.desoto51.desoto.sport1951 DeSoto Sportsman Custom

No other car rides like a DeSoto
was Chrysler’s marketing theme for this line in ’51

Cost: $2,319.00 52.desoto1952 DeSoto Sportsman Wagon

The all steel construction made this wagon sturdy
it was priced between the Sedan and the Convertible

Cost: $3,635.00 53.desoto1953 DeSoto FireDome Convertible

More brightwork was added this year making the grill resemble a shark with braces
the newly designedV-8 sold far more than the V-6

Cost: $3,115.00 54.desoto1954 DeSoto FireDome Sedan

This four-door model was hands down DeSoto’s best seller,
this year featured two-tone door panels with matching seat colors

Cost: $2,923.00 (base)55.desoto1955 DeSoto Coronado Fireflite

A huge sweepspear separated the bright colors on DeSoto’s this year
this combination (shown on left) was a spring special featuring white/ turquoise/ black colors with a special interior

Cost: $3,151.00 papermate.adPapermate pens came “car” colors56.desoto1956 DeSoto Adventurer

Sticking with success colorful two-tone models dominated the lineup
this one with gold anodized trim was another mid-year promotion, even the wheels matched

Cost: $3,683.00 57.desoto-11957 DeSoto Firesweep

The Firesweep was a new less expensive model of DeSoto
it was basically a Dodge Royal with different trim

Cost: $2,835.00 58.desoto1958 DeSoto Adventurer

No drastic changes for this model year, the grill received a honeycomb effect
and the contrasting strip on the side was called color sweep

Cost: $4,070.00 59.desoto1959 DeSoto Adventurer

This model was limited in production but led the line in forward styling,
most of the production went to family type sedans,they were even being marketing to women

Cost: $3,945.00

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