1950s Cars – Kaiser-Frazer

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

Welcome to 1950s Cars – Kaiser-Frazer
1950s cars1950 Kaiser DeLuxe Vagabond

1950 Kaiser’s were leftover ’49 models, new
redesigned cars were to debut mid-year but unsold inventory forced a delay
the Vagabond had a tailgate like trunk opening and fold down rear seats
which formed a deck much like a station wagon

Cost: $2,228.00 1950s Cars - Kaiser-Frazer

1950 Frazer Manhattan

Frazer made the higher end models for Kaiser-Frazer Corp.
Joseph Frazer retires from the company in 1949
leaving only the Kaiser family to run things
sales are not very good
mostly because of a lack of new models being released this year

Cost: $3,295.00 1950s vintage cars

1951 Frazer Manhattan Convertible

Frazer boasted a major redesign this year
but they were only remodeled 1949/1950 Kaiser’s with the Frazer badge
this would be the last year for Frazer
1950s Cars - Kaiser-Frazer automobile

1951 Frazer advertisement 50s classic cars1952 Kaiser-Frazer Allstate

Allstate was marketed exclusively through Sears & Roebuck
it was limited to stores in the southern states who also carried auto products
this infuriated Kaiser-Frazer dealers who had to sell a similar model,
(the Henry J) for more money and less standard equipment

Trivia note: Sear’s hung on to this name and later sold Insurance under it

Cost: $1,459.00 50s vintage cars

1952 Allstate

A rear view of the Sears Allstate
With so much conflict surrounding this car
Kaiser redesigns the Henry J and renames it a Corsair
Sears continues to sell the old style under the Allstate name

Cost: $1,395.00
50s old cars

1953 Kaiser Dragon

This Dragon came with gold plated badges and trim,
a padded roof and a wild interior of Bambu vinyl and Laguna pattern cloth
making it possibly the ritziest ’53 on the market

Cost: $2,319.00 1954 Kaiser cars

1954 Kaiser Special

Although teetering on the brink itself
Kaiser makes a bold move and purchases Willys Motors
the newly formed company is called Kaiser-Willys but it is short lived
Kaiser once again sells left over inventory from ’53 as new models,
a practice which is not popular with the public
Dragon and Travelers models are dropped from the lineup

Cost: $2,390.00 fifties cars1955 Willys Bermuda

Kaiser had purchased Willys to gain a foothold
in the low end economy market, the Bermuda was billed as America’s cheapest hardtop
they gave it two-tone paint and flashy upholstery but only 2200 were sold
all manufacturing was moved to Buenos Aires for sales to the Latin American market
the new venture is co-owned by Kaiser and the Argentine Government

Cost: $1,895.00 1950s American Cars1955 Kaiser Manhattan

Kaiser had good intentions with this model
but it wasn’t meant to be, out of over a thousand built
only a couple of hundred are actually bought in America
the rest are shipped to Argentina along with the manufacturing
Kaiser-Willys is gone from North America

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