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by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

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1950s cars

1950 Studebaker Champion

Studebaker is only auto company to actually make a “new” 1950 model
two series are debuted, the Champion with three trim levels
and the pricier Commander which had a longer wheelbase
only the Starlight Coupe (shown) had this drastic a wrap around rear window

Cost: $1,419.00 1950s Cars - Studebaker

1950 Studebaker Champion Regal DeLuxe

To differentiate itself from other car manufacturers
Studebaker designers come up with the “new look” bullet nose

Cost: $2,287.00
1950s Studebakers
Studebaker showroom unveils new models

1950s Cars - Studebaker champion

1951 Studebaker Champion

Champion’s were the economy model of the lineup
the Commanders and Land Cruisers however got V-8’s
and adopted Champion’s shorter 115 inch wheelbase
they also won impressive gas mileage awards at the Mobilgas Run

Cost: $1,680.00 50s classic cars

1952 Studebaker Commander

Making vehicles for the war effort
created a slowdown for the entire industry but Studebaker held unto 9th place
a complete facelift added a much needed hardtop coupe (shown) to the lineup
the wrap around rear window continued to be popular

Cost: $2,220.00

50s vintage cars

1952 Studebaker Commander State Starliner

The public liked it, critics hated it
and evidently the top brass feared it
because gone was the very stylized bullet nose
replaced by a wrap around split grill design

Cost: $2,488.00 50s vintage cars

1953 Studebaker Commander Starlight

The whole line receives a top to bottom redesign
the Starlight and Starliner Coupes are the most show stopping
dramatically low and long the public couldn’t get enough of them
demand outstripped production and Stude loses sales because of it

Cost: $2,233.00 50s American cars1953 Starlight’s European style interior

fifties cars

1954 Studebaker Commander Starlight

Although this Coupe was the “signature” Studebaker
the Land Cruiser four door sedan was the top seller
advertisements still pushed the ties to stylist Raymond Loewy
who was responsible for the drastic redesign last year

Cost: $2,411.00 fifties classic cars1954 Studebaker Commander Interior

Studebaker was the first car company to utilize a new product
called nylon mixed with standard vinyl for it’s upholstery
two tone interiors (shown) were offered as a no cost option
fifties vintage cars

1955 Studebaker President Speedster

The Speedster was added at mid-year to an enthusiastic public
first showing up at auto shows as a concept car it was released in limited production,
standard two tone paint came in wild color choices like pink/black or lemon/lime
with matching hand stitched quilted leather interiors

Cost: $3,250.00 1950's Classic Cars

1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Born from the 1953 – ’55 Sport Coupe
this new edition packed the punch that it’s predecessor lacked
with a 275hp V-8 borrowed from Packard this Stude was race ready
other Hawk models included Sky Hawk, Power Hawk and Flight Hawk

Cost: $3,061.00 1950's Vintage Cars
1957 Studebaker President

Studebaker sedans were offered in three trim levels
the President (shown) was on top with Commander next and Champion rounding out the line unlike the Hawks the Sedans didn’t receive tail fins this year

Cost: $2,560.00 1950's Studebakers

1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk

The Hawk received air conditioning and 14″ wheels
but little else was changed this year,
production of the Golden Hawk dips to an all time low of 900 cars
while the lowest priced Scotsman has a good sales year
the Packard Division closes its doors mid-season signaling the end of an era

Cost: $2,728.00 1950's Automobiles

1959 Studebaker Lark

The Lark is introduced at exactly the right time
as the nation slides into a recession demand for compact economy cars peaks
the Lark helps to increase Studebaker production by 150% and sales double
it comes in two or four door sedans, a two door hardtop and a station wagon model

Cost: $2,275.00

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