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by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

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1950s cars1950 Oldsmobile 76

This Club Coupe was the least expenssive in the lineup
the hierarchy was the 98 then the 88 and finally the 76
Oldsmobile had the hottest engine out
but they focused on their quality not on the speed

Cost: $1,719.00 1950s Cars - Oldsmobile

Interior of a Oldsmobile EightyEight1950s automobiles1951 Oldsmobile Super 88

This two-door sedan sold far fewer than its four-door brother
the 88’s were a totally different body style than the plushier 98’s
and wouldn’t be available in a convertible yet

Cost: $2,265.00 1950s Cars - Oldsmobile 981951 Oldsmobile 98

Rear side moulding’s portrayed a stainless steel spear
the 98 was longer and lower than its contemporaries and
sought to attract a near luxury market

Cost: $2,728.00 50s cars1952 Oldsmobile Super 88

Most popular Old’s was this Super 88
as usual the four-doors out sold the two-doors by almost double
they featured the “Rocket 8 big V-8 and even displayed a rocket ship in their ads

Cost: $2,589.00 50s Oldsmobiles

1953 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

The Rocket V-8 stilled ruled the road for speed
prompting Old’s to still use the Rocket-8 slogan
and the rocket ship likeness in ads

Cost: $2,771.00

50s vintage cars1953 Ad for AC Spark Plugs featuring a new Oldsmobile Starfire

1950s classic cars

1954 Oldsmobile Holiday Ninety-Eight

The Ninety-eight got a whole new body this year declaring it
the “best looking car of the decade”
Oldsmobile’s changed more than they had in six years
special two-tone paint applications showcased the new arrivals

Cost: $2,570.00

1950s classic Olds1955 Oldsmobile Special 88

The residents of Newark, NJ felt a little safer
knowing that the Fire Chief drove an Old’s 88 with it’s 185hp engine.
Not just to Fire Departments the 88 four-door was the best selling model

Cost: $2,362.00 (base)fifties cars1956 Oldsmobile Holiday 88

A minor facelift including a new grill and trim
were good for sales but what was under the hood is what people wanted
the Rocket V-8 was blown up to an impressive 230hp from 185hp the year before

Cost: $2,808.00
1950s American Cars1957 Oldsmobile F-88 Showcar

What would you get if a Thunderbird married a Corvette and had a baby?
An F-88 Showcar from Oldsmobile ,of course

50s classic Oldsmobile
1957 Oldsmobile Starfire Ninety-Eight

Upper tier Old’s got a new name, the Starfire
with another makeover and an even bigger engine, the Rocket J-2
it developed 300hp using triple carburetors
they hoped that startling colors like this would attract customers

Cost: $3,740.00 1950s GM cars

1958 Oldsmobile Holiday 88

No Oldsmobile sold better than this four-door sedan
the Super series was also available in a convertible and a two-door hardtop
Oldsmobile built it’s six millionth car in November of this year

Cost: $3,260.00 1959 Oldsmobile

1959 Oldsmobile Super 88

This Scenicoupe offered a Vista-Panoramic windshield and larger rear window
thru which “you can travel America while enjoying the view”
the overall length grew by ten inches and the floor was lowered giving more head room

Cost: $3,325.00

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