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60s Fashion

1960s hair style

SHort hair style

Contrary to what you may believe, the 1960s hair style was just that – styled. Whether “long, straight, curly, fuzzy” a great deal of attention was paid to getting just the right look.

Although there was more flexibility in length and cut than before, hair styles were controlled. Only Janis Joplin looked like, well, Janis Joplin.

Curls were all the rage. Big deep ones, small tight ones and even spit curls.

Hippies, of course, prided themsleves on the defiance of style, but they are covered elsewhere on this site.

Take the look at left, top with actress Susan Blakely. You don’t just fall out the shower looking like that. The hair has to be set on curlers and dryed. (See How to Set Hair)
Oh, and did I mention? No blow dryers!

The picture at left, top was taken from an ad for Born Blonde and was described as “…a tumble of pale blonde tendrils… Dizzying swirls of color.”

Below that is a very fussy hair style. Lots of work went into that ‘do. Described as “… pale champagne streaks in ash blonde hair reflect the flattering look of soft shading. Hair falls freely in a deep tumble of waves.”

The long hair style at left is more what you were expecting to see. That’s because you have seen a few episdoes of the Mod Squad. But it was not the norm. Only young people could wear the longer straight styles.

At right you have a more common style for long hair. It came with the advice, “Natural girl look of today has long, soft, and free swinging hair. To provide extra shape and swing, any below the shoulder hair should have a good blunt cut. ”

Below Center – a common look was to sweep the hair straight back at the crown.

long Hair styleSixties long hairLong hair style

Short hair styles

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The British domination of 1960s fashions extended into hair styles as well. Twiggyand Vidal Sassoon each had a profound influence on short hair styles. Although they are covered elsewhere on this site, (See Mod Fashion) they were the stimulus for a whole new view of hair styling.Named the “The Face of 1966” supermodel Twiggy sported an ultrashort hairdo which was compatible with her boyish figure. Sassoon created angular cuts to compliment the designs of Mary Quant. Like most of his styles, the one at right required straight hair.Vidal Sassoon

And then, of course there were the four moptops from Liverpool. Beatles shaggy hair was the first novel haircut of the 60s.

The model at the right represents the more mainstream short hair style, while the one at left below reflects the British influence.Short hair styles


Hiar bobLeft
Shorter hair, brushed across from a side part, dips gently over one eye, curls in a charming poof.

Medium length hair styles

Bouffant is the word that describes all the poofy hair styles. The big hair of the Sixties required that hair expanded out from the head. This was accomplished by setting with rollers the size of Coke cans. (See How to Set Hair)

Short hair styleMid length hair stylehairdo

The chignon was back, but like the decade, had become a bit showy.

Left, below
Beautifully sleek in front, fuller in back. Two inexpensive dynel switches are twisted to form a very wide figure eight. A long twirly tendril in front of the ear creates a classic Spanish profile.

Center, below
Long, loose curls cascade down from the back crown. A black ribbon is woven into the hair and streams down for accent.

Right, below
Hair is pulled tightly back from the face, which is then softened by many tight curls which frame the eyes and cheeks.