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1960s fashion

1960s Fashions

Pants, Shorts, Culottes

1960s fashion pants

1960s Fashion Pants  what’s old is new. Many of these 1960s fashions are worn today. Capri pants are popular again, bell bottoms never went out of fashion and hippie clothes are a 1960s fashion must have.
In the first few years of the 1960s fashions and mores were conservative. Women still primarily wore dresses. Casual clothes were reserved for casual occasions. 1964 brings a music revolution from England and with it is possibly the biggest and most sudden fashion revolution in history.



Example of 1960s bell bottom pants

1960s fashion pants

New fabrics that were previously reserved for fine evening gowns found their way into casual clothing.

These hip-hugger flared pants were made out of velvet.

1960s suede pants

The pair of pants pictured here were considered capri length, which tended to be longer than the capri pants of modern times.

capri pants of the 1960s

Capri pants were also called pedal pushers but this term seemed to work it’s way out of the fashion vocabulary by the mid 1960’s.

The pair featured here are from the 1968 Sears Catalog

1968 capri pants

As women started embracing the freedom that wearing pants gave them they wanted more options in styles, designs and colors. The design houses even woke up and began design pants for the more sophisticated woman.


These outfits showed off the newly widened bell bottom slacks

1960s fashion - pants designer

1960s pants were either hip hugger or high-waisted. Dress pants were usually high-waisted  with more casual pants and jeans being hip huggers.

matching 1960s pants and skirt



This woman is showing off a pair of white hip hugger jeans.

1960s pants - hip huggers


Jeans became a staple of most young peoples wardrobe. Unlike the 1950’s jeans were now acceptable in most casual situations.

This pic is from a magazine ad for Wrangler Jeans, a popular brand in the 1960’s.

1960s fashion pants and jeans



The outfit at right retains the feminine touch in the blouse, while the pants scream Sixties.



Montgomery Ward 1969
Pants – A smashingly bold print in cotton $5.97 Shirt goes to a bilowy full long sleeve with button cuffs in crisp Fortel polyester and cotton. Shadow striped, semi-sheer and dandified with ruffle front. $4.97

Bell bottom pants


Nothing was more 1960s than the beginning of the space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. and the fashions kept pace. With that in mind designers started selling space age clothes.


This is a space age pants outfit by Pierre Cardin.

1960s style fashion pants

Another trend in pants in the 1960’s was the culotte. Although not original to this decade after years of wearing only dresses or skirts it was a very welcome change. The style started conservatively with mid shin lengths but by the end of the 60’s culottes had morphed into gaucho and a little later in the 70’s palazzo pants

1960s fashion trends - culottes



Here is an example of a pair of silk designer culottes. Notice how they’re a little longer and wider than the earlier 1960s culottes above.

1960s fashion culottes in silk



Another popular style in the 1960s was referred to as skorts or a scooter skirt.
These were short (abover the knee) skirts with clever matching shorts hidden under the front flap of the skirt. This style of skort was perfect for occasions where a skirt was more appropriate but you didn’t want to deal with all of the inconveniences of a short skirt. It was also very practical for roller skating and appropriately also know as a skater skirt.

1960s fashion culottes and skorts


The 1960s gave women the freedom to wear shorts a lot more and in situations that wouldn’t have been possible in the 50’s. In the beginning of the decade the shorts were longer and more conservative but as the ‘anything goes’ movement swept through the fashion world shorts got much shorter.


Shown here are shorts from a 1963 Sears Catalog

1960s fashion shorts



This girl on the bike combines a checked pattern with a pair of soft pink shorts. Notice that they are have a high waist which lengthens the look of the short.


It was also popular to wear pantyhose with your shorts. Pantyhose was possibly one of the biggest 1960s innovations that helped to liberate women.

pink 1960s shorts



Shorts in the 1960s became such an everyday fashion choice that designers chose to cash in on the trend by making dressier and pricier short outfits.



Here is a designer jacket and short outfit in a pale pink silk.

1960s fashion shorts



Colleen Corby was a popular 1960s model. Here she is wearing short shorts and a ruffled crop top. This is an actual ad from the JC Penney Catalog, showing you just how mainstream these hot pants type of shorts were.

short shorts from the 60's

These were called hostess pajamas or culottes. Considered the ideal outfit for entertaining, they were usually loose, flowing, gown type outfits.


McCall’s 1967
Spectacular hostess pajamas are of waterfall printed silk in shades of red, pink and taupe. Fabric designed by Julian Tomchin. Pajamas by Donald Brook.

1960s hostess pants




Penney’s 1968
Stylish hostess culotte in a brilliant print – perfect for entertaining. Lavishly colored full-legged culotte lets you entertain or lounge in style. Luxurious Avril rayon and cotton soften fabric, gives off a soft glow and is so soft to the touch. Fitted bodice and scooped neckline for a flattering look. Shirred waist gives an added flare tot he culotte as it flows to the floor. $7.94

1960s fashion - pants, culottes, shorts



Pictured here you have two huge stars from the 1960’s. Both Mary Tyler Moore (left) and Audrey Hepburn (right) are wearing what were called ‘cigarette pants’. They were stretchy, tight and very popular. Black seemed to be the favorite color but they could be purchased in an array of solid colors.

1960s fashion pants60s fashion cigarette pants

Last but not least is the blue jean. It gained popularity in the 1960s specially with young people. If you were an adult however you probably only wore jeans if you were going to an outdoor event where you might get messy or soiled. If you were under 20 you wore them all of the time (except at school).


Shown here is another popular screen star Grace Kelly who later married the Prince of Monaco and became the Princess of Monaco.

1960s pants - blue jeans