1960s Fashion – Teen Hair Styles

1960s Fashion – Teen Hair Styles

In addition to all those hairdos seen on the Hair Style page, there were some styles more popular and more likely worn by teens. They are pictured here.

Long hair was swept to one side and secured with a band or a ribbon. (See ribbons and bows) Note – no scrunchies. It will be a couple of decades before those appear.


A teen was more likely to wear her hair loose and long than her older contemporaries. Straight hair was the most popular and so were straighteners and relaxers.

You could sweep your hair back, or adopt the Twiggy look.
Or maybe a Beatles look?

And yes, pigtails and braids were still popular.

Real Teens – From the Class of 1968

The Homecoming Queen
Cheerleading Captain

The Prom Queen
Best All Around

Best Looking


Most Dependable

1960s Fashion – Teen Hair Styles

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