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August 28, 1979 – March 21, 1981
16 one hour episodes (1 1/2 seasons)
in color
Created by: Rick Rosner
Produced by: Filmways Television and Rosner Television


  • John Bennett Perry   —   Deputy Theodore Roosevelt “Trap” Applegate III
  • Mark Harmon    —   Deputy Dwayne “Thib” Thibideaux
  • Joanna Cassidy   —-   Deputy Morgan Wainwright
  • Season 2
  • Stephen W. Burns   —   Deputy Brett Cueva (replaced Harmon)
  • Pamela Hensley   —   Deputy Sandy Harper (replaced Cassidy)


This rescue genre show was unique in that it used actual rescue missions of the Los Angles Sheriff Department’s (LASD) Emergency Services Detail. Rick Rosner the shows producer had numerous contacts within the (LASD) having also produced the TV series “CHIPS” and managed not only use actual mission histories but also have (LASD)personnel on set.

The series utilized all of the rescue gear which were actually used including a helicopter, scuba equipment, rock climbing gear, rescue boat, and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Unfortunately Mark Harmon and Joanna Cassidy decided to leave the show after their first years contracts were up. The studio replaced them with Stephen Burns and Pamela Hensley but low ratings and an actors strike doomed the series after just three additional episodes.

Video Clip of 240-Robert


Stephen W. Burns died of AIDS in 1990


Matthew Perry of “Friends” fame is the only son of John Bennett Perry. In 1998 the elder Perry appeared in one episode of “Friends” portraying the father of Rachel’s boyfriend.old TV    action / adventure 1970s tv1970s television 240-Robert70s tv240-Robert Photo   retro 70's TVold dramas from the 1970s

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