American Bandstand Fundraiser

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American BandstandThe Bandstand Fundraiser – 2009

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This gala fund raiser was the kick off event for the “Save the Bandstand Floor Campaign and was titled Dancing With the Bandstand Stars. It was held at The Enterprise Center at 4548 Market street in Philadelphia, PA. which is the original studio where American Bandstand was filmed. Attendees included Regulars as well as a host of Original Philly American Bandstand dancers. The event was a dance extravaganza and everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing each other again. The goal of the evening was to help raise $25,000. towards the $50,000. floor renovation costs.

Some of the Original Bandstand group
The group stopped dancing long enough to pose for this photo (7/15/2009)

* Some of the attendees in this group include,Front Row: Bunny Gibson, Nicky Blue, Jim Hudson, Marlyn Brown and Thom Cardwell; in second row: Bonnie Nadley, Len Natle, Jim Russo, Diane Iaquinto and Frank Levins; in back row: Eddie Kelly and David Frees
Ed Kelly at American Bandstand Fundraiser Bunny Gibson at American Bandstand Fundraiser
Ed Kelly and Bunny Gibson at the Fundraiser 2009
Ed Kelly and Bunny Gibson 1958
Ed Kelly and Bunny Gibson 1958


American Bandstand Mural at the Enterprise Center
Wall mural by Diane Keller depicting American Bandstand at the Enterprise Center

If you’d like to rent the original American Bandstand studio for your event or party or simply make a contribution please click here.

(To learn more about the Enterprise Center go to the bottom of this page and click on the YouTube video)
Diane Iaquinto at American Bandstand Fundraiser
Diane Iaquinto
Len Natale doing the Stroll
Len Natale & Bonnie Nadley
doing the Stroll
Marilyn Brown at American Bandstand Fundraiser
Marilyn Brown
concentrating on her steps
Joe Terry with Danny and the Juniors
Joe Terry sang with
Danny and the Juniors
Danny and the Juniors
Danny and the Juniors 1958

(Courtesy of George Manney and Bunny Gibson)

American Bandstand

Profound thanks to Bonnie Nadley and David Frees for the many pictures and help in creating this page.
David Frees and Bonnie Nadley
David and Bonnie
taking a short breather

Bill Kelly
Bill Kelly
addressing the group

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