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February 8, 1979 – September 4, 1980
(36) one half hour episodes (2 seasons)
in color
Created by: Garry Marshall and Dale McRaven
Produced by: Bob Ellison, Dale McRaven and Leonora Thuna


  • Donna Pescow
  • Robert Hays
  • Doris Roberts
  • Debralee Scott
  • Diane Robin
  • Tammy Lauren
  • Sharon Spelman
  • John Randolph
  • Emory Bass
  • Angelina “Angie” Falco
  • Dr. Bradley Benson
  • Theresa Falco
  • Marie Falco
  • Diedre “DiDi” Malloy
  • Hillary Benson
  • Joyce Benson
  • Randall Benson
  • Phipps

Opening Theme

“Different Worlds”, written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox
performed by Maureen McGovern


Angie (Donna Pescow) is a waitress from a middle class Italian family. She meets and falls in love with Brad (Robert Hays) a customer at the diner where she works. It turns out that Brad is not the starving student that she thought he was but in fact he’s a Doctor and from a wealthy upper crust family to boot.

The young couple don’t have any problems with their vast social and cultural differences but when their families are forced to interact with each other is when the fun begins.

Parents and siblings of the couple make up most of the cast. On Angie’s side are Mom – Theresa Falcon (Doris Roberts), and her younger sister – Marie (Debralee Scott). Brad’s family consists of Dad – Randall Benson (John Randolph), older sister – Joyce (Sharon Spelman) and niece – Hillary (Tammy Lauren). Rounding out the cast is the Benson’s butler – Phipps (Emory Bass) and “DiDi” Malloy (Diane Robin).

Video Clip of Angie


Debralee Scott died in 2005 apparently of cirrhosis, she was only 52
John Randolph passed in 2004 he was 88

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