Annie Oakley

1952-1956 Syndicated
30 minutes
Black and White – 83 episodes

Produced by
Gene Autry’s Flying A Productions

Annie Oakley Cast

Gail Davis as Annie
Jimmy Hawkins as brother, Tagg
Brad Johnson as Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig
Fess Parker as Tom Conrad
Shelley Fabares as Trudy

Horses: Target – Annie’s horse

Annie Oakley Tidbits

The story took place in Diablo and Oakley (Gail Davis) was a gun-toting, hard ridin’ rancher. And she was a woman! For a female to have a lead in any series, let alone a Western was rare.

The show was aimed at children and it worked. Many women who now are called “Grandma” recall Annie Oakley as a model for what women can do.

Gail Davis was a crack shot and skilled rider and so did most of her own stunts.


Brad Johnson died in 1981 and Gail Davis in died 1997 of cancer.

From the William Sasser collection
Gail Davis
1989 Knoxville Film Festival

Gail Davis
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Gail Davis


Gail Davis
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Brad Johnson, Gail Davis and Jimmy Hawkins
From the Neil KutzenCollection

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