Assignment: Underwater

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Vol. 1 (1960)
Vol. 2 (1961)
The Complete Series (1960-61)

Assignment: Underwater

September 9, 1960 – June 2, 1961
(39) one half hour episodes (one season)
in B&W on NTA Film Network (syndication)
Produced by: Frank De Felitta


  • Bill Williams … Bill Greer
  • Diane Mountford … Patty Greer

Opening Theme

By: Herman Stein


If you were a fan of Sea Hunt then you would have liked Assignment: Underwater as well. Bill Greer (Bill Williams) was an ex-marine who made his living by renting out his professional diving services and his boat The Lively Lady. To add adventure and intrigue he often worked for various government agencies including the local police department solving crimes that involved a splash into the Pacific.

He was a single father (widowed) raising a delightful young daughter Patty played by Diane Mountford. She helps her Father through moral conflicts as well as getting into dangerous situations herself from which Dad has to come rescue her. Caught in dilemmas between work and parenting Bill manages to stay the unwavering hero who never goes astray. The family aspects of the show help to keep it balanced and allow the main character to show more depth in the role.

The series packed a lot of excellent writing and fine acting into its only season. Diane Mountford, only 12 at the time, often stole the show from a wide range of talented co-stars. Location shoots from exotic spots like Alaska, Hawaii and Cuba also gave this show a sense of credibility. Why it didn’t last, is anyone’s guess.

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Bill Williams died in 1992 of a brain tumor, he was 771960s tv

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1960s diving program - Assignment: Underwater

60s action show1960s television1960s scuba diving show - Assignment: Underwater

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