Bat Masterson

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10/8/1958 – 9/21/1961
NBC 30 minutes
Black and White – 108 episodes

Bat Masterson Cast

Gene Barry as William Bartley “Bat” Masterson

Bill Baldwin – Announcer

Horses: Stardust – Bat’s horse

Bat Masterson Theme Song

“Bat Masterson” by Havens Wray
Back when the west was very young,
There lived a man named Masterson.
He wore a cane and derby hat,
They called him Bat, Bat Masterson.

The trail that he traveled is still there,
No one has come yet to replace his name.
And those with too handy a trigger, forgot to figger
On his fighting cane.

A man of steel the stories say,
But women’s eyes all glanced his way.
A gambler’s game he always won,
They called him Bat, Bat Masterson.

Now in the legend of the west,
One name stands out of all the rest.
The man who had the fastest gun,
His name was Bat, Bat Masterson.

Bat Masterson Tidbits

Bat Masterson (Gene Barry) was a smooth talking, dapper enforcer of the law in the 1880s. He carried a gold-tipped cane which hid a sword. But natch, he also carried a gun, one that was custom built for him by the people of Dodge City during his service as sheriff.

However, the TV Bat Masterson would rather talk his way out of a fight than resort to violence.

In real life, William Bartley Masterson was a deputy of Wyatt Earp’s.Gene Barry
Gene Barry
From the Neil Kutzen Collection

Bat Masterson - Gene Barry
Gene Barry
From the Doug Abbott Collection

The Complete First Season (1958)
The Complete Second Season (1959)
The Complete Third Season (1960)
TV Western - Bat Masterson - Gene Barry
Gene Barry
From the Doug Abbott Collection

2 thoughts on “Bat Masterson”

  1. Just found your site as I was looking for “behind the scenes” info on the making of Bat Masterson, the TV series. One of my very favorite parts of watching old westerns is noticing how well Hollywood actors can (or not) ride horseback.
    Is there any information about how Gene Barry prepared for the role of Bat Masterson? Did he know how to rider before the Bat Masterson show or did he need lessons to prepare for it?
    Two of the best actors to sit a horse, in my opinion, are Pat Conway of Tombstone Territory and Robert Fuller of Laramie. Dale Robertson from Tales of Wells Fargo is very good too. Even Gene Hackmen surprised me in “Bite the Bullet”.

    • I’m glad you found our site! While I don’t have specific information about Gene Barry’s preparation for the role of Bat Masterson, it’s not uncommon for actors to receive horseback riding lessons or training for their roles. Some actors, like Pat Conway and Robert Fuller, are known for their skill in riding horses. It’s always interesting to see how actors adapt to different roles and their ability to ride horseback can definitely enhance their performances. Also check out our page about Hollywood horses which you might enjoy reading.


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