Boots and Saddles

1957 – 1959 Syndicated
Black and White – 39 episodes

Produced by
Canadian National Productions

Boots and Saddles Cast

John Pickard as Captain Shank Adams
Patrick McVey as Colonel Hays
Gardner McKay as Lieutenant Kelly
Dave Willock as Lieutenant Binning
John Alderson as Sergeant Bullock
Michael Hinn as Luke Cummings

Boots and Saddles Theme Song

“Boots and Saddles” by Fred Steiner

Boots and Saddles Tidbits

Set at Fort Lowell in the Arizona Territory in the 1880’s, this show was unique in that it portrayed life from the point of view of the Fifth Cavalry as they attempted to co-exist with the Apache.

Gardner McKay, who went on to do Adventures in Paradise, not only survives but is flourishing as an author.


John Pickard was killed by a bull at a family farm in 1993. McVey died in 1973, Hinn in 1988 and Willock in 1990 after a stroke.

TV Western - Boots and Saddles
From the Doug Abbott Collection