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9/24/1957 – 9/10/1959 NBC 30 minutes
Black and White – 69 episodes

Sept. 1957-March 1959
NBC Tuesday 10:00-10:30

April 1959-June 1959
NBC Tuesday 9:00-9:30

July 1959-Aug. 1959
NBC Thursday 7:30-8:00

Californians Cast

Adam Kennedy as Dion Patrick (1957-1958)
Sean McClory as Jack McGivern (1957-58)
Nan Leslie as Martha McGivern (1957-1958)
Herbert Rudley as Sam Brennan (1957-1958)
Richard Coogan as Matthew Wayne
Howard Caine as Schaab (1957-1958)
Carole Mathews as Wilma Fansler (1958-1959)
Art Fleming as Jeremy Pitt (1958-1959)

Californians Theme Song

“(I’ve Come To) California” by Harry Warren and Harold Adamson

Californians Tidbits

This show had a complete upheaval in casting. Originally, Adam Kennedy played an Irish imigrant who headed West looking for gold but ended up in San Francisco as a vigilante. As did Sean McClory, who played a general store owner. But by mid-season the sponsors got nervous about the vigilante angle, so Kennedy was out and Coogan was in as a saloon owner and the town marshal. McClory made it thru the year but no further.

And yes, that Art Fleming you see listed would go on to host Jeopardy.


Kennedy died in 1997, Leslie in 2000, Caine in 1993 and Fleming in 1995.Californians
From the Doug Abbott Collection

From the Doug Abbott Collection

From the Doug Abbott Collection

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