Casey Jones

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

1958 Syndicated
30 minutes
Black and White
32 episodes
Jan. 1965 – Sept. 1966
Sunday 8:30-9:00

Casey Jones Cast

Alan Hale Jr. as Casey Jones
Eddy Waller as Red Rock
Bobby Clark as Casey Jr
Mary Laurence as Alice Jones
Dub Taylor as Wallie Sims

Casey Jones Theme Song

“Casey Jones” folk song
Burl Ives sang the show theme

Casey Jones Tidbits

Loosley based on the life of John Luther “Casey” Jones, a real-life train engineer. The Midwest and Central Railroad line during the late 1800s ran from from Chicago to New Orleans.

This was a warm-hearted show geared toward kids. Starring the affable Alan Hale, before he was marooned on that island with Gilligan. The story centered around the Cannonball Express steam engine.


Alan Hale died in 1990 of cancer of the thymus. Eddy Waller in 1977 of a stroke. Dub Taylor died in 1994 of congestive heart failure.TV Western - Casey Jones - Alan Hale Jr
Alan Hale Jr. and Bobby Clark
From the Doug Abbott Collection

TV Western - Casey Jones - Alan Hale Jr
From the Doug Abbott Collection

For More Alan Hale Jr:
See Gilligan’s Island

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