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9/17/1960 – 9/19/1962
CBS 60 minutes
Black and White

Checkmate Cast

Anthony George as Don Corey
Doug McClure as Jed Sills
Sebastian Cabot as Carl Hyatt

Checkmate Tidbits

This was a slick, upscale detective agency named Checkmate, Inc., located in San Francisco. Their focus was on preventing crime, especially on saving the lives of those in danger. They were assisted by British criminologist, Dr. Hyatt (Sebastian Cabot).

The snazzy theme was an early effort by John Williams who would go on to fame composing for Star Wars, Jaws, E.T., Supreman and many others.


Sebastian Cabot died in 1977 of a stroke, Doug McClure in 1995 of lung cancer and Anthony George in 2005 of pulmonary disease, he was 84.Checkmate - Doug McClure
Doug McClure

Checkmate - Doug McClure, Anthony George
Anthony George

Checkmate - Doug McClure, Anthony George
Anthony George

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