Cimarron City

10/11/1958 – 9/26/1959 NBC
Black and White
60 minutes
26 episodes

Oct. 1958-Sept. 1959 NBC
Saturday 9:30-10:30

June 1960-Sept. 1960 NBC
Friday 7:30-8:30

Cimarron City Cast

George Montgomery as Matt Rockford
John Smith as Lane Temple
Audrey Totter as Beth Purcell
Stuart Randall as Art Sampson
Addison Richards as Martin Kingsley
Fred Sherman as Burt Purdy
Claire Carleton as Alice Purdy
Dan Blocker as Tiny Budinger

Cimarron City Theme Song

“Cimarron City”
Stanley J. Wilson and Frederick Herbert

Cimarron City Tidbits

This was a decent little Western with real bad luck. It was up against Have Gun Will Travel and Gunsmoke.

George Montgomery played Matt Rockford, the ex-mayor of Cimarron City, Oklahoma. John Smith was the blacksmith/sheriff. Audrey Totter was the proprietor of the boardinghouse.

Dan Blocker would leave this show and head straight fo the Ponderosa and Bonanza.


Dan Blocker died in 1972 after a surgery, John Smith in1995 of cirrhosis of the liver, and George Montgomery in 2000 of heart failure.

George Montgomery
From the Doug Abbott Collection

John Smith
From the Doug Abbott Collection

George Montgomery
From the Doug Abbott Collection

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