Cimarron Strip

9/7/1967 – 9/19/1968 CBS
Also rerun: 7/1971 – 9/1971
Color – 90 minutes
23 episodes

Sept. 1967-Sept. 1968
Thursday 7:30-9:00

July 1971-Sept. 1971
Tuesday 8:30-10:00

Cimarron Strip Cast

Stuart Whitman as Marshal Jim Crown
Percy Herbert as Mac Gregor
Randy Boone as Francis Wilde
Jill Townsend as Dulcey Coopersmith

Cimarron Strip Theme Song

“Cimarron Strip Theme” by Maurice Jarre

Cimarron Strip Tidbits

Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) patrolled the Oklahoma panhandle area known as the Cimarron Strip in the last 1880s. Francis Wilde (Randy Boone) was a photographer who often helped out the Marshal. Dulcey Coopersmith (Jill Townsend) ran, what else, the Wayfarer’s Inn.

A 90 minute attempt to duplicate the success of the Virginian, a series Randy Boone had just left.

Stuart Whitman
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Stuart Whitman
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Jill Townsend. Randy Boone and Stuart Whitman
From the Doug Abbott Collection

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