Cisco Kid

1950-1955 Syndicated

Color – 156 Episodes

Cisco Kid Cast

Duncan Renaldo as The Kid
Leo Carrillo as Pancho

Horses: Diablo and Loco

Cisco Kid Theme Song

“Cisco Kid Theme” by Albert Glasser

Cisco Kid Tidbits

These guys operated a lot like Robin Hood. Although the law regarded them as desperados, they defended the weak and helpless. One of the reasons for this show’s longevity in syndication was the early decision to film in color.

Their signature signoff was “Oh, Cisco” and “Oh, Pancho” as they rode off into the sunset.


Duncan Renaldo died in 1980 of lung cancer and Leo Carrillo in 1961 also of cancer


Duncan Renaldo
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo
From the Doug Abbott Collection


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Leo Carillo and Loco
From the Neil Kutzen Collection

Duncan Renaldo
From the Doug Abbott Collection

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