Highway Patrol

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The Complete First Season (1955)
The Complete Second Season (1956)
The Complete Third Season (1957)
The Complete Fourth Season (1958)

Highway Patrol

1955-1959 Syndicated 30 minutes
Black & White – 156 total episodes


Highway Patrol Cast

Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Mathews
William Boyett as Sergeant Ken Williams (1959)/Officer Johnson (1955-1958)
Guy Williams as Officer Hanson
Art Gilmore as Narrator

Highway Patrol Theme Song

“Highway Patrol” by Ray Llewellyn

Highway Patrol Tidbits

A police show which featured Borderick Crawford as Captain Dan Matthews. For an officer of his rank, he spent a lot of time in patrol car barking “10-4 10-4.” Highway Patrol had a great appeal for young guys as it had great car chases.


Broderick Crawford died in 1986.

Highway Patrol - Broderick Crawford
Broderick Crawford

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