Adventures of Kit Carson

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

1951-1955 Syndicated
30 minutes
Black and White
104 episodes

Revue Studios

Adventures of Kit Carson Cast

Billy Williams as Kit Carson
Don Diamond as El Toro

Adventures of Kit Carson Tidbits

Another Western from Revue Studios (which was later sold to Universal). This one didn’t have much in common with it’s namesake as they got fairly loose with actual history.

The real Kit Carson was part of the Fremont Expedition into Wyoming, Colorado and California before 1850. This show pretty much stole the name and invented a character.

Trivia Moment! Bill Williams (real name Herman Katt) was married to Barbara Hale (Della Street on Perry Mason) and is the father of William Katt (Greatest American Hero).


Billy Williams died in 1992 of a brain tumor.

TV Western - Kit Carson - Billy Williams
Billy Williams
From the Doug Abbott Collection

TV Western - Kit Carson
Billy Williams and Don Diamond
From the Doug Abbott Collection

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