9/17/1957 – 7/3/1961 ABC
Black and White
60 minutes – 69 episodes
Sept. 1957-Sept. 1960 ABC Tuesday 7:30-8:30
Oct. 1960-July 1961 ABC Monday 7:30-8:30

Produced as Warner Brothers Presents

Sugarfoot Cast

Will Hutchins as Tom “Sugarfoot” Brewster
Jack Elam as Toothy Thompson

Sugarfoot Theme Song

Original theme by Max Steiner, adapted by Ray John Heindorf and lyrics by Paul Francis Webster

Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, easy lopin’, cattle ropin’ Sugarfoot,
Carefree as the tumbleweeds, a joggin’ along with a heart full of song
And a rifle and a volume of the law.

Sugarfoot Tidbits

Tom Brewster (Will Hutchins) was a naive, sarsaparilla drinking Easterner who came West seeking to become a lawyer via correspondence school.

At one point, Warner Bros., which produced the show, had the idea to add footage from some the Western movies they had already made. Supposedly, this would make the show look more expensive, although of course, this was the cheap way to achieve that.

Also known as Tenderfoot. This show alternated with Cheyenne and Bronco Layne as part of Warmer Brothers Presents. See below.

Will Hutchins
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Will Hutchins

Will Hutchins
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Will Hutchins
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Will Hutchins
From the William Sasser Collection
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