Denny Miller

Big, affable Duke Shannon joined the Wagon Train in 1961 and rode the trail until 1964.

Billed on Wagon Train as Scott Miller but better known to fans as Denny Miller, the former UCLA basketball star played Duke.

Denny Miller - Scott Miller

Denny Miller - Scott Miller
From the Megan Herring Collection

For reasons that are not clear, the producers originally under utilized Miller, often relegating him to pointing “thataway” or answering in monosyllabic utterances. In later seasons he was given more dynamic scripts, which made fans happy.

Why? Because the ladies had sure noticed the tall blond. And sent him plenty of fan mail as well!

Denny Miller - Scott Miller
From the Megan Herring Collection

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Denny Miller - portrait
From the Denny Miller Collection

Denny Miller is still working and lives in California

For many years you have seen him as the Gorton’s Fisherman. He was replaced in 2004.
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Sadly Denny passed away in 2014. he finally lost his struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)