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I ended up with some extra space on the server and thought you would enjoy these.

Sadly, the old video tape just doesn’t do well when reduced to slow connections. People become one big blob. So some of the video clips are for high (fast) speed connections only.

But the audio clips are for all connections!

Both audio and video clips are streamed for Windows Media Player.

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Video Clips

Opening Sequence
Benjamin Burns
Opening Sequence
Benjamin Burns
Opening Sequence
Sacramento Story
Opening Sequence
Sacramento Story
Countess Baranof Story
(Robert Horton and Taina Elg)
Countess Baranof Story
Robert Horton and Taina Elg
Benjamin Burns Story
(Robert Horton and James Franciscus)
Rex Montana Story
(Ward Bond, Robert Horton, Frank McGraff)

Audio Clips – all connections

Ward Bond From The Rex Montana Story
The Major is telling a writer about the importance of heroes in our lives.
Ward Bond and John Wayne From the Colter Craven Story
This clip is the battlefield promotion of then Lt. Adams and includes the famous cameo of John Wayne.
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Ward Bond and Robert Horton From The Rex Montana Story
The Major and Flint discuss Salt Lake City being settled.
Ward Bond, Robert Horton and Frank McGraff From The Rex Montana Story
Charlie and Flint teasing the Major
Robert Horton From the Allison Justis Story
Flints tells Michael Burns that once a bullet is fired you can never get it back.
Robert Horton and Scott Marlowe From the Gabe Carswell Story
Flint tells a bitter young Native American about the Western migration. This speech is a classic Wagon Train theme.
Robert Horton and Linda Darnell From The Dora Gray Story
Includes the Flint line “mean what I say…”
Robert Horton and Rhonda Fleming From The Jennifer Churchill Story
Wanna hear Flint say “I Love You?”
Wagon Train Theme

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