Yancy Derringer

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10/2/1958 – 9/24/1959
Black and White
30 minutes – 34 episodes
Oct. 1958- Sept. 1959 Thursday 8:30-9:00

Yancy Derringer Cast

Jock Mahoney as Yancy Derringer
X- Brands as Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah
Kevin Hagen as John Colton
Julie Adams as Amanda Eaton
Frances Bergen as Madame Francine
Lisa Liu as Miss Mandarin
Richard Devon as Jody Barker
Bill Walker as Obadiah
Robert McCord III as Capt. Fry

Yancy Derringer Theme Song

“Yancy Derringer” music by Henry Russell and with lyrics by Don Quinn
They sing of Yancy Derringer
On every danger trail,
On riverboat, in manor house

And now and then in jail.
They say that Yancy Derringer
Had ruffles at his wrists,
Brocade and silver buckles
And iron in his fists.

Yancy, Yancy Derringer,
Yancy, Yancy Derringer
In every tale of derring do
They tell of Yancy D.

Yancy Derringer Tidbits

Yancy Derringer (Jock Mahoney) was suave lady’s man and card player who carried his derringer in his hat. He worked quietly for Colton (Kevin Hagen), the city administrator of New Orleans. In the years right after the Civil War, New Orleans was a wild town which needed Derringer’s skills.

Bet you didn’t know this! Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah means “wolf who stands in water” in Pawnee! He carried a knife in his headdress.


Mahoney died in 1989 of a stroke and X Brands in 2000.

Jock Mahoney Trivia
During the filming of Range Rider, Mahoney met and marrried an actress, Maggie Field, a divorced woman with a daughter, Sally.Yes, THAT Sally Field, was Jock Mahoney’s stepdaughter.

Jock Mahoney in Yancy Derringer
Jock Mahoney
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Yancy Derringer with Jock Mahoney and X-Brands
Jock Mahoney and X-Brands
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Jock Mahoney and X-Brands in Yancy Derringer
Jock Mahoney and X-Brands
From the Doug Abbott Collection

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