1960s Swimsuits

1960s Swimsuits

1960s Swimsuits – Suits of today are far more risque than those of the 1960s. In spite of the mod look and miniskirts, women didn’t show nearly as much flesh as they would now but the bold prints and exotic designs made them seem very risque.

This bikini is typical. Falling just below the navel at the hip, but in a bold pattern.


Sears 1968
Two piece hip rider swimsuit in smooth fitting stretch nylon knit.Smashing in black and white geometric look print. $12.97

These three styles from 1965.

Montgomery Ward 1965
Left – Take a fashion plunge in a one-piece mio. Antron nylon mylast , spandex. Nylon mesh bra. Front tie. $18.97
Middle – Ye Ye bikini. Antron nylon mylast spandex. Nylon mesh bra. $16.97
Right – One-piece bikini mio with illusion leno midriff. Top and pants of acetate, cotton, rubber. Nylon mesh bra. $14.97

Swimsuits with coverups. Hip riding bikinis with the baby doll look so popular in the Sixties.

Left & Right
Montgomery Ward 1969
A delicously dolled up way to hit the beach! In 3-piecers you come as you feel…demurely baby doll or daringly 2-piece. Crisp polyester, cotton voile blend.


Ruffles on ruffles – romantic charmer all done up in dots. Modified bikini pants. Set $15.94
Showers of flowers drift down in delicate white flocking. Modified bikini pants. Set $13.94

Bonus Pictures

Michael Rich :