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Wagon Train Episodes - Robert Horton - Robert Fuller

SEASON ONE 1957-1958

Wednesdays 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM on NBC

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United States

October 1957 – April 1958
 1. Gunsmoke
2. The Danny Thomas Show
3. Tales of Wells Fargo
4. Have Gun Will Travel
5. I’ve Got A Secret
6. The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
7. General Electric Theatre
8. The Restless Gun
9. December Bride
10. You Bet Your Life
11. The Perry Como Show
12. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
13. Cheyenne
14. The Ford Show
15. The Red Skelton Show
16. The Gale Storm Show
17. The Millionaire
18. The Lineup
19. This Is Your Life
20. The $64,000 Question
21. Zane Grey Theatre
22. Lassie
23. Wagon Train
24. Sugarfoot
25. Father Knows Best

United Kingdom

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Figures show the number of homes in millions who watched

 1. Dotto – quiz – 4.90
2. Wagon Train – weekly drama/western – 4.76
3. Sunday Palladium – variety – 4.83
4. The Army Game – sitcom – 4.65
5. TV Playhouse – anthology – 4.57
6. Twenty One – quiz – 4.56
7. Spot the Tune – quiz – 4.56
8. Take Your Pick – quiz – 4.49
9. Double Your Money – quiz – 4.49
10. Murder Bag – weekly drama/police – 4.23
11. Playhouse 90 – anthology – 4.11
12. Val Parnells Star Time – variety-4.00
13. Jack Hylton Presents – variety – 3.90
14. Professional Boxing – sports – 3.89
15. Saturday Spectacular – variety – 3.86
16. Play of the Week – anthology – 3.83
17. Emergency Ward Ten – weekly drama/hospital soap – 3.82
18. Armchair Theatre – anthology – 3.75
19.Women in Love – 3.74
20. Make Up Your Mind – quiz – 3.71

Episode Guide – Season 1

Willy Moran Story
(ep. #1.1)
Adams rescues his old Civil War commander from a street brawl and offers the hard drinking man a job on the wagon train if he will stay sober. Ernest Borgnine as Willy Moran
Andrew Duggan as Brady
Richard Hale as Palmer
Marjorie Lord as Mary Palmer
John Harmon as Fabor
Donald Randolph as Robinson
Beverly Washburn as Susan
Kevvin Hagen as Lansing
Michael Winkleman as Ben
Ward BondErnest Borgnine also appears in Around the Horn (ep. #2.1); the Estaban Zamora Story (ep. # 3.4); the Earl Packer Story (ep. # 4.15) and in the Indian Girl Story (ep. #8.24)
Jean LeBec Story
(ep. #1.2)
A sensitive young New Orleans aristocrat who is escorting a young girl to San Francisco on the wagon train inadvertently arouses the fury of a town’s dictator Ricardo Montalban as Jean LeBec
Joanna Moore as Mary
William Phipps, Grant Withers
According to Horton, this was originally intended to be the first episode.Robert Horton begins to develop the Flint characterMontalban would become Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island (1978-84)
John Cameron Story
(ep. #1.3)
A man and his pretty young wife join the train in hopes of beginning a new life. The woman has promised to settle down and give up her flirtatious ways, but she starts trouble when she continues her flirting. Michael Rennie as John Cameron
Carolyn Jones as Julie Cameron
Claude Akins as Rich Hacker
William Boyett as Frank Hacker
Francis McDonald as Trapper
Henry Wills
Ward Bond
Robert HortonE. Jack Neuman wrote the script and later worked with Robert Horton on A Man Called Shenandoah
Ruth Owens Story
(ep. #1.4)
A woman, her new husband and her daughter are passengers on the train. In search of her, the woman’s brother overtakes the train. When he hears a derogatory remark about her, he kills the man who made it, only to discover the remark was true. Shelley Winters as Ruth Owens
Dean Stockwell as Jimmy Owens
Kent Smith as Paul
Ward BondDean Stockwell would be best known for his his role as Al Calavicci in Quantum LeapStockwell also played in the Juan Ortega Story (ep. #2.2); the Rodney Lawrence Story (ep. #2.36); the Will Santee Story (ep. #4.31) and the Richard Bloodgood Story (ep. #8.10)
Les Rand Story
(ep. #1.5)
7/9/58 (rerun)
After serving seven years for murder, a man returns to his small Midwest home town to avenge the death of his Indian bride. He believes that his father, the town’s only doctor, is responsible. His arrival coincides witht that of Flint McCullough, who has come to fetch the doctor to the train. Sterling Hayden as Les Rand
Eduard Franz as Dr. Rand
Sallie Brophy as Evie
A strong episode for Robert Horton
Nels Stack Story
(ep. #1.6)
7/16/58 (rerun)
The travelers think that a quiet, unassuming man is a coward and he antagonizes them further by befriending an elderly Indian. Mark Stevens as Nels Stack
Kevin Hagen as Jeff Claymore
John Day as Cory
Joanne Dru as Laura Collins
Irene Corlett, Charles Stevens
Ward Bond
Robert Horton
Emily Rossiter Story
(ep. #1.7)
7/30/58 (rerun)
When her husband is killed on the way to California, a woman remarries to provide a home for her daughter. However, her second husband is a ruthless leader of bandits who robs the wagon train of a California land deed. Mercedes McCambridge as Emily Rossiter
Susan Oliver as Judy Rossiter
John Dehner as Ned Rossiter
Robert McQueeney, William Phipps as Hank
A strong episode for Robert HortonSusan Oliver also appeared in the Maggie Hamilton Story (ep. #3.26); Cathy Eckardt Story (ep. #4.7); and the Lily Legend Story, (ep. #6.21)
John Darro Story
(ep. #1.8)
A couple on their way West is trying to keep a part of the husband’s past from their son, but a tramp who knew him during an Indian attack threatens to expose the secret to the boy. Eddie Albert as John Darro
Margo as Aline Darro
Don Durant, Edgar Buchanan, Kim Charney,
Ward BondDon Durant would go on to star as Johnny Ringo
Charles Avery Story
(ep. #1.9)
8/20/58 (rerun)
A Union Army officer is assigned to deliver a peace treaty to a once hostile Indian chief. Accompanying him are the chief’s daughter and Flint, who the Major has sent to assure the safety of the treaty. McCullough suspects that the officer has a hidden agenda. Farley Granger as Charles Avery
Chuck Connors as Private John Sumter
Bing Russell as Private Cullen
Nico Minardos as Black Cloud
Henry Brandon, Abel Fernández, Susan Kohner, Mack Williams
A good Robert Horton episodeIn 1958 Chuck Connors became the Rifleman (1958-1963)Scriptwriter was Aaron Spelling
Mary Halstead Story
(ep. #1.10)
7/23/58 (rerun)
Prodded by a guilty conscience, a woman joins the train to search for the son she deserted years before. On its way West the train picks up a wounded young man who killed an outlaw leader in a scuffle with bandits. Agnes Moorehead as Mary Halstead
Walter Coy as Tracey
Jack Lambert as Creegar
Tom Laughlin as Laramie KidGregg Palmer as Groton
Tom Pittman as Tom
Vaughn Taylor as James Ferguson
Robert Patten as Kermit
Ward Bond
Zeke Thomas Story
(ep. #1.11)
A man and his wife are heading West when the train becomes stranded in a small town and the man is confronted with a startling problem. He sees his first wife, whom he presumed to be dead. Gary Merrill as Zeke Thomas
Janice Rule as Maggie Thomas
K.T. Stevens as Violet
Robert Horton
Riley Gratton Story
(ep. #1.12)
8/6/58 (rerun)
A handsome young con man sells worthless land to the people on the train, then slips out of camp. When Adams realizes what’s happened, he sets out to recover the money Guy Madison as Riley Gratton
Malcolm Atterbury as Bixby
Jeannie Carson as Dance Hall girl
Gregg Palmer as Paul Dawson
Karen Steele as Sarah Dawson
Gregory Walcott as John Dawson
James Westerfield as McSorley
Guy Madison had just completed his starring role as Wild Bill Hickok (1951-56)
Clara Beauchamp Story
(ep. #1.13)
9/10/58 (rerun)
A Calvary officer’s wife, longing to be back with her Eastern friends, plans to start a war by insulting an Indian chief whom her husband has invited to the fort in an effort to avert a battle. She hopes her husband will be sent back East for a promotion after winning triumphantly. Nina Foch as Clara Beauchamp
Shepperd Strudwick as Col. Beauchamp
Monte Blue as Indian Chief
John Merrick as Sgt.
Robert Swan as Corporal
Richard Garland as Pearson
Irene Windust as Mrs. Hawks
Ellen Hardies as Mrs. Bixby
Robert Roark as Orderly
Will White and Mike Ragan as Soldiers
A good Robert Horton episode
Julia Gage Story
(ep. #1.14)
8/13/58 (rerun)
When a strong willed woman won’t admit she needs a man’s help to drive her wagon, Adams persuades a reluctant young man to volunteer. Anne Jeffreys as Julia Gage
Robert Sterling as tobe Cannon
Esther Dale as Grandma
James Komack as Buck
Don Megowan as Jeff
Ward BondAnne Jeffreys also starred in the Mary Beckett Story (ep. #5.32) is best known as Marion Kirby in Topper (1953)
Cliff Grundy Story
(ep. #1.15)
When a Flint’s friend Cliff is trampled in a buffalo stampede and believed mortally wounded, Flint offers to stay behind with the man. Another traveler volunteers to stay behind too, but to find the location a goldmine Dan Duryea as Cliff Grundy
Russell Johnson as Craig
Harry Harvey Jr. as Millard
A great Robert Horton episode which further develops the characterRussell Johnson who wound up stranded on Gilligan’s Island, also appeara in the Beauty Jamison Story (ep. #2.11) and the Shiloh Degnan Story (ep.6.8)
Luke O’Malley Story
(ep. #1.16)
8/27/58 (rerun)
A gambler fleeing froma notorious Mexican bandit disguises himself as a parson and joins train, but the other travelers aren’t fooled forever. Keenan Wynn as Luke O’Malley
Mary Murphy as Martha
Carlos Romero as Dan
Reba Waters
Ward Bond
Robert Horton
Jessie Cowan Story
(ep. #1.17)
9/3/58 (rerun)
A Civil War veteran rides out after the train to seek vengeance on the people he holds responsible fort he death of his parents. George Montgomery as Jesse Cowan
Olive Carey as Dorcas Beal
Malcolm Atterbury as Bixby
James Burke as Ansel Dale
Clarence Straight
Click for Trivia Info
Gabe Carswell Story
(ep. #1.18)
1/15/1958Click for Pictures
An old Indian scout who has known McCullough since he was a boy is devoted to his half-Indian son. But the son is a bitter young man who hates all white men. Carswell faces a difficult decision when his son wants to lead hostile Indians against the train. James Whitmore as Gabe Carswell
Scott Marlowe as Jess Carswell
Thomas Browne Henry as Chief Yellow BearNorman Willis as Wilkes
Sondra Rodgers
A great Robert Horton epsiode
Honorable Don Charlie Story
(ep. #1.19)
During a stopover in Dobe Flats, the Major suspects trouble when a local lothario focuses his attention on a lady passenger Cesar Romero as Don Charlie
Virginia Crane as Tottie Crane
Diane Brewster as Julie Wharton
Lela Bliss as Aunt Molly
Hal Baylor as Sgt. Muldey
Ken Christy, Ray Kellogg, Jack Lomas
Dora Gray Story
(ep. #1.20)
Flint runs across the ruins of a farmhouse which has been attacked by Indians using guns, not arrows. Later he finds the gun runner who supplied them. And accompanying that gun runner is the estimable Dora Gray. Linda Darnell as Dora Gray
Mike Connors as Lt. Miles Borden
Dan Blocker as Sgt. Broderick
John Carradine as Doc Lockridge
A great Robert Horton episodeConnors would become Mannix (1967-75) and Blocker would go on to Bonanza.
Annie MacGregor Story
(ep. #1.21)
9/17/58 (rerun)
A band of Scottish settlers join the train and arouse conflict by playing their bagpipes and practicing their country’s customs. Things deteriorate when the the clan chief’s daughter falls for an American passenger. Jeannie Carson as Annie MacGregor
Tudor Owen as Angus MacGregor
Richard Long as Jason
Kevin Hagen as Claymore
Chet Stratton as Hamish
Isaac Jones as Indian
Thurl Ravenscroft, Maxwell Smith
Ward BondIn 1965 Richard Long became Jarrod Barkley on the Big Valley
Bill Tawnee Story
(ep. #1.22)
A Sioux Indian who fought in the Civil War is traveling with the train but the other pasengers fear him. When the Major defends him, the passengers begin agitating to get a new wagonmaster MacDonald Carey as Bill Tawnee
Frank Cady as George Barry
Dee Pollock as Steve Barry
Edith Evanson as Mrs. Kirk
John Mitchum as Norden
Joy Page as Leeana
Morgan Woodward as Laverty
William Fawcett as Tucker
Malcolm Atterbury as Bixby
Ward Bond
Mark Hanford Story
(ep. #1.23)
A young man rides out to meet the train which is carrying the his father’s intended bride. Bitter at his father’s betrayal of his dead Indian mother, the youth plans revenge. Tom Tryon as Mark Hanford
Onslow Stevens as Jack Hanford
Kathleen Crowley as Ann Jamison
I. Stanford Jolley as Martin
Paul Fix, Perry Ivins, Steven Ritch
Good Robert Horton episode
Bernal Sierra Story
(ep. #1.24)
A follower of Juarez joins the train on his way West to search for two thieves who murdered a guard and stole a large cache of gold. Gilbert Roland as Bernal Sierra
Charlita Regis as Perdita
Louis Jean Heydt as Casey
Dorothy Adams, Lane Bradford, James Dobson,
This episode was written by star Gilbert Roland.
Marie Dupree Story
(ep. #1.25)
A pretty girl traveling with the train flirts with several of the men, and when she turns her attention to a young Sicilian immigrant, a tragedy seems imminent. Debra Paget as Marie Dupree
Nick Adams as Tonio
Robert Lowery as Bill Howard
Dorothy Provine as Susie
Nicky Blair, Raymond Greenleaf, Grazia Narciso
Nick Adams would become Johnny Yuma on the Rebel (1959-1961)
A Man Called Horse
(ep. #1.26)
Major Adams is puzzled by a white man he encounters who gives the name Horse. The man then tells his remarkable story. Ralph Meeker as Horse
Michael Pate as Yellow Robe
Celia Lovsky as “Mother”
Joan Taylor as Bright Star
Owen Cunningham, Anthony Numkena, Jorie Wyler
Ward Bond
Robert HortonIn 1970, this story was adapted into the movie, A Man Called Horse, starring Richard HarrisCelia Lovsky lived long and prospered – she played Vulcan T’Pau in Star Trek – the woman who officiates at Spocks “wedding” in Amok Time.
Sarah Drummond Story
(ep. #1.27)
Flint seeks lodging in the home of a couple and becomes involved in a bitter feud between them and their bigoted neighbor. June Lockhart as Sarah Drummond
Claudia Drake as Squaw
Debbie Hengen as Molly Archer
William Talman as Walt Archer
Gene Evans
A good Robert Horton episode.
Sally Potter Story
(ep. #1.28)
A pretty newcomer to the train causes a stir among the men and a bitter rivalry between a passenger and his nephew ensues. Vanessa Brown as Sally Potter
Lyle Bettger as Joe Trumbell
Martin Milner as Matt Trumbell
Jocelyn Brando, John Crawford, Brad Dexter, King Donovan, Larry Thor
In 1958 Johnny Crawford became Luke McCain on the Rifleman. While Martin Milner would ride Route 66 from 1960-64.
Daniel Barrister Story
(ep. #1.29)
When his wife is critically injured in an accident, a passenger refuses to allow any treatment except prayer. When the woman asks for a doctor, McCullough rides out to find one. Charles Bickford as Daniel Barrister
Roger Smith as Dr. Peter Culver
Peg Hillias, Allan Lane, Anthony Lawrence, Sarah Selby, Arthur Space
Ward Bond
Robert Horton
Major Adams Story:
Part One”
(ep. #1.30)
4/23/1958Click for Pictures
After many years the Major meets his former sweetheart, who had married another man when she thought that Adams had been killed in the Civil War. Virginia Grey as Ranie Douglas
Douglas Kennedy as Col. Hillary
Irene Windust as Mrs. Hawks
Bob Bryant, Craig Duncan, Renny McEvoy, Ben Morris, Kay Stewart,
Ward Bond
These episodes tells the story fo the early years for the major, Bill and Charlie.
Major Adams Story:
Part Two”
(ep. #1.31)
4/30/1958Click for Pictures
In flashback – the Major upon hearing that his girlfriend Ranie has married someone else, became a wagonmaster. Now that she is widowed the Major wants to rekindle the romance, but the lady is reluctant Virginia Grey as Ranie Douglas
Douglas Kennedy as Col. Hillary
Irene Windust as Mrs. Hawks
Bob Bryant, Craig Duncan, Renny McEvoy, Ben Morris, Kay Stewart,
Ward Bond
Charles Maury Story
(ep. #1.32)
Worried about a possible attack from Maury’s Raiders, a band of renegade Confederates who prey on unprotected wagon trains, Adams accepts the offer of Union soldiers to accompany the train. But he becomes suspicious when the leader becomes overly friendly with a woman passenger who claims to hate Yankees. Charles Drake as Charles Maury
Wanda Hendrix as Juliette Creston
House Peters Jr. as Matt Goslett
George Keymas as Luke Goslett
Frieda Inescort as Antoinette
Steve Rowland as Tom Rainey
Suzette Harbin as Lu-Sam
Orville Sherman as Prisoner
Ward Bond
Dan Hogan Story
(ep. #1.33)
The train stops in the town of Sweet Sabbath and Adams is reunited with a prizefighter he once managed. He has just turned down a job as deputy sheriff because he refuses to wear a gun, but he later has his life threatened by a bully he knocks down in a barroom brawl. Jock Mahoney as Dan Hogan
Tom Greenway as Marshal
Richard H. Cutting as George
John Larch as Hyman Ranse
Judith Ames, Buddy Bear
Ward BondClick for Trivia Info
Ruttledge Munroe Story
(ep. #1.34)
The Major takes a youth into the train when he learns that the boy lost his horse. After the boy shoots down two men trying to rob the train, he offers protection to a passenger and her baby. But the woman is afraid of him. John Drew Barrymore as Ruttledge Munroe
Mala Powers as Ruth Hadley
George Eldredge as Mr. Mitchell
Helen Brown as Mrs. Mitchell
Jack Grinnage as Guard
Tom Monroe as Henshaw
William Tannen as Masters
Ward Bond
Rex Montana Story
(ep. #1.35)
A western hero and his Wild West Show join the train. The man has a reputation for bravery, but Adams and McCullough soon have reason to suspect that he is a fraud. Forrest Tucker as Rex Montana
James Dunn as Clyde Winslow
Peter Whitney as Rodney Miller
Myron Healey as Griff
Kristine Miller as Milly
Maggie Mahoney as Loaitha
Butch Bernard, Margaret Field, Rodd Redwing, Ralph Reed, Frank J. Scannell, Joseph Vitale
Ward Bond (mostly)
Robert HortonTerry Wilson doubled for Forrest Tucker in the movie Montana Belle
Cassie Tanner Story
(ep. #1.36)
A tough outspoken woman heading West alone is saved by Flint from an Indian attack and accepts his offer to join the train. Once she sees the Major, she decides that he is the man for her. Marjorie Main as Cassie Tanner
George Chandler as Clee McMasters
Harry Hines as Obie Harper
Ward Bond
Robert HortonSome light comedy in this one
John Wilbot Story
(ep. #1.37)
To settle an argument about who works harder, Flint and the major temporarily switch jobs. During the trip Flint has to appease some passengers when an ardent abolitionist violently accuses a lame school teacher of being Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Dane Clark as John Wilbot
Robert Vaughn as Roy Pelham
Orville Sherman as Arthur Pelham
Roy Engel as Broxton
Virginia Aldridge as Amy Broxton
Tharon Crigler as Henrietta Broxton
Audrey Dalton as Harriet Field
Tyler McVey
Robert HortonRobert Vaughn also appears in the Roger Bigelow Story (ep. # 4.13)Vaughn became the dashing Napoleon Solo on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964-68)
Monty Britton Story
(ep. #1.38)
With the water supply diminishing rapidly, Adams sends McCullough ahead to find a water hole. But when the Major catches up to him, he finds Flint delirious from a poisoned water hole. The Major then asks a man the directions to the nearby Army camp, but the man refuses to help. Ray Danton as Monty Britton
Mona Freeman as Betty Britton
John Hoyt as Rev. Sumpter
Ward Bond
Robert Horton
Sacramento Story
(ep. #1.39)
9/24/58 (rerun)
The train reaches Sacramento, their final destination. Flint discovers that the fertile land passenger Revere and his daughter have traveled to farm is now a swamp. So he seeks restitution from the man responsible for destroying Revere’s land. Linda Darnell as Dora Grey
Dan Duryea as Cliff Grundy
Marjorie Main as Cassie Tanner
Roscoe Ates as Old Timer Placer Pete
Reed Hadley as Mort Galvin
Margaret O’Brien as Julie Revere
Harry Stevens as Maxwell Revere
George Chandler as Clee McMasters
Robert Keys, Betty Uttey
Ward Bond
Robert HortonA wonderful end of trail story. Dan Duryea, Linda Darnell and Majorie Main reprise earlier roles.

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