Wagon Train – Season 3 (1959-1960) Episode Guide

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Wagon Train Episodes - Robert Horton - Robert Fuller

SEASON THREE 1959-1960

Wednesdays 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM on NBC

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United States

October 1959 – April 1960
 1. Gunsmoke
 2. Wagon Train
3. Have Gun Will Travel
4. The Danny Thomas Show
5. The Red Skelton Show
6. Father Knows Best
7. 77 Sunset Strip
8. The Price Is Right
9. Wanted: Dead Or Alive
10. Perry Mason
11. The Real McCoys
12. The Ed Sullivan Show
13. The Bing Cosby Show
14. The Rifleman
15. The Ford Show
16. The Lawman
17. Dennis The Menace
18. Cheyenne
19. Rawhide
20. Maverick
21. The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
22. Mr. Lucky
23. Zane Grey Theatre
24. General Electric Theatre
25. The Ann Sothern Show

United Kingdom

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Figures show the number of homes in millions who watched

 1. Royal Variety Show – one off variety charity special – 8.06
2. Armchair Theatre – 7.70
3. Take Your Pick – 7.46
4. No Hiding Place – 7.18
 5. Wagon Train – 7.18
6. The Army Game – 7.15
7. Bootsie and Snudge – sitcom spin-off from Army Game – 7.12
8. Sunday Palladium – 7.04
9. The Larkins – 6.99
10. Arthur Haynes Show – 6.89
11. Bernard Delfont Show – variety – 6.81
12. Knight Errant – 6.58
13. Double Your Money – 6.51
14. TV Playhouse – 6.40
15. Emergency Ward Ten – 6.37
16. Hippodrome – 6.37
17. Dickie Henderson Show – sitcom – 6.18
18. Concentration – 6.17
19. Candid Camera – comedy – 6.17
20. Moscow State Circus – one off variety – 6.08

Wagon Episode Guide – Season 3

Stagecoach Story
(ep. #3.1)
6/29/1960 (rerun)Click for Pictures
In no condition to run into an old acquaintance after a gala night in San Francisco, Adams, Hawks and Wooster are dismayed to find that McCullough is driving the stage they’re taking to St. Louis. But theur spirits are brightened by the appearance of a lovely Mexican dancer. Debra Paget as Angela DeVarga
Clu Gulager as Caleb Jamison
Henry Darrow (billed as Henry Delgado) as Benito DeVarga
Lalo Rios as Juan
Abraham Sofaer as Antonio
Robert Horton
Ward BondHenry Darrow would go on to become Manolito Montoya on High Chaparral.
Greenhorn Story
(ep. #3.2)
7/6/1960 (rerun)
The Major is at first amused by the naivete of an Easterner on the train, but he become alarmed at all the trouble the “greenhorn’ can get into. Mickey Rooney as Samuel T. Evans
Byron Foulger as Humphrey Pumpret
Daria Massey as Melanie Pumpret
Ellen Corby as Aunt Em
James Burke, Ronnie Dapo
Ward Bond
Robert HortonMickey Rooney would reprise this role in Wagons Ho! (ep. 4.1)
C.L. Harding Story
(ep. #3.3)
A woman newspaper reporter assigned to the train begins a suffragette movement among the wives. Claire Trevor as C.L. Harding
Theodore Newton as Buzz
Amzie Strickland as Arletta
Jean Ingram as Estrabella
Johnny Cash as Hoag
John Holland as Ellington
Estaban Zamora Story
(ep. #3.4)
7/20/1960 (rerun)
A Basque is on the train to join his three sons who work for a sheep farmer. He swears revenge when he finds one of his sons has ben murdered. Ernest Borgnine as Estaban Zamora
David McMahon as Raoul Zamora
Stuart Randall as Sheriff Hixon
Leonard Nimoy as Bernabe Zamora
Phillip Pine as Manuel
Robert Armstrong as Roy Daniels
Jeanne Bates as Mrs. Woodhope
James Griffith as Luke Stone
A strong Robert Horton episodeLeonard Nimoy plays a Basque shepherd. (Fascinating)Ernest Borgnine also appears in the Willy Moran Story (ep. 1.1); Around the Horn (ep. #2.1); the Earl Packer Story (ep. # 4.15) and in the Indian Girl Story (ep. #8.24)
Elizabeth McQueeny Story
(ep. #3.5)
10/28/1959Click for Pictures
An impresario with twelve beautiful young women schooled in music, dance and the theatre joins the train, maintaining that she is opening a finishing school. The women on the train distrust and diskike her, but when McQueeny’s girls tend to spotted fever victims, some opinions change. Bette Davis as Elizabeth McQueeny
Maggie Pierce as Roxanne
Robert Strauss as the Count
Danielle Aubry as Maxine
Joseph Mell as Storekeeper
Marjorie Bennett as Woman
Phil Arnold, Lynette Bernay, Meg Wyllie
Ward BondAllen H. Miner also directed Davis in the Ella Lindstrom Story (ep. 2.18); Davis also appears in the Bettina May Story (ep. #5.12)
Martha Barham Story
(ep. #3.6)
9/7/1960 (rerun)
When Flint arrives at an Army post with a Sioux friend, the commander’s daughter accuses him of being a renegade. When her fiance is captured, Flint is asked to help rescue him. Ann Blyth as Martha Barham
Dayton Lummis as Major Barham
Reed Morgan as Curly Horse
Mike Road as Capt. Wade Forrest
Warren Oates as Silas Carpenter
Larry J. Blake as White Cloud
Henry Brandon as Black Panther
John Damler as Orderly
A fairly typical
Robert Horton episode where the girl ends up crazy about him after he has saved the day with his bravery.
Cappy Darrin Story
(ep. #3.7) 11/11/1959
An elderly river boat captain and his grandson join the train, but as they near their destination they strike out on their own. Ed Wynn as Cappy Darrin
Tommy Nolan as Tuck
Tyler McVey as Mason Hardy
Robert Burton, Bill Coontz, Rodd Redwing
Felizia Kingdom Story
(ep. #3.8)
Flint asks permission from a strong-willed woman for the train to cross her land. Although he disarms a ranch hand holding a gun on him, but is taken captive by the woman. Dame Judith Anderson as Felizia Kingdom
Larry Peron as Snare
Jean Allison as Angela
A good Robert Horton episode
Jess MacAbbee Story
(ep. #3.9)
8/17/1960 (rerun)
Flint McCullough comes across the ranch home of a man with five beautiful daughters and who appears to have a secret. Andy Devine as Jess MacAbbee
Glenda Farrell as Belle
Carol Byron as Lilly Belle
Karen Green as Anna Belle
Tammy Marihugh as Cora Belle
Terry Burnham as Mary Belle
Bill St. John as Jim Culpepper
Ray Teal as Jed Culpepper
A wonderfully quirky Robert Horton episode
Danny Benedict Story
(ep. #3.10)
8/10/1960 (rerun)
Major Adams finds a teenager camped on the trail in hostile Indian territory. The youth who is running away from his father who beat him in public and the military school planned for him, refuses a ride on the train Brandon De Wilde as Danny Benedict
Onslow Stevens as Col. Benedict
Herbert Lytton as Doctor
Melinda Plowman as Prissy
Walter Reed as Harrison
Audrey Swanson as Nurse
Ward Bond
Vittorio Bottecelli Story
(ep. #3.11)
When an Italian duke tries to charm some of the train’s married women, Major Adams warns him to stop his romancing before there is trouble. Gustavo Rojo as Duke Vittorio Bottecelli
Elizabeth Montgomery as Julie Carson
Edgar Barrier as Count
Anthony Caruso as Josef
Lyn Thomas as Ella
James Lydon as Tod
Ward BondElizabeth Montgomery would go on to play Samantha Stevens in Bewitched (1964-1972)
St. Nicholas Story
(ep. #3.12)
On Christmas Eve the train stops to make camp. A young boy wanders off to find St. Nicholas and meets an Indian boy. Johnny Bangert as Jimmy Sherman
Edward Vargas as Little Eagle
Robert Emhardt as Papa Kling
Elizabeth Frazier as Mama Kling
Henry Brandon, Richard H. Cutting, J.M. Kerrigan, Fintan Meyler, Sue Randall, Vito Scotti, Kay Stewart
A Christmas story run on Christmas Eve
Ruth Marshall Story
(ep. #3.13)
Flint searches for and finds a woman believed to be held by the Indians. Luana Patten as Ruth Marshall
Mike Keene as Amos Marshall
Sam Capuano, Fred Sherman
A good Robert Horton episode
Lita Foladaire Story
(ep. #3.14)
Major Adams find a woman on the trail who’s unconscious and near death. He discovers she’s the wife of a friend, and when she dies he sets out to hunt down who’s responsible. Diane Brewster as Lita Foladaire
Richard Crane as Clay Foladaire
Kent Smith as Jeff Foladaire
Paul Birch as Dan
Evelyn Brent as Mrs. Simmons
Tom Drake as Dr. Cannon
Jay Novello as Carlotti
Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Willoughby
Ward Bond
Colonel Harris Story
(ep. #3.15)
On his way to Fort Harris, Flint eagerly awaits visiting his old pals. Arriving he finds his two friends on the verge of a senseless war. John Howard as Col. Harris
James Best as Bowman Lewis
Ken Mayer as Shegan
Nestor Paiva as Sgt. Boeher
Jacqueline deWit as Princess
Irene Windust
Robert Horton
Maidie Brant Story
(ep. #3.16)
A passenger tries to learn why a beautiful widow distrusts all men and has taught her teenage son to hold the weak and helpless in contempt. Jean Hagen as Maidie Brant
Richard Eyer as Matthew
Edward Platt as Orbio de Costa
Larry Hanify Story
(ep. #3.17)
8/24/1960 (rerun)
A dying man ask Flint to care for his son. Flint agrees though he is warned that the young man is a liar and a thief. Tommy Sands as Larry Hanify
Orville Sherman as Joe Hanify
Wally Moon as Sheriff Kelleher
Cindy Robbins as Aggie Donovan
Gene Roth as Callahan
Edith Evanson, Joseph Mell, Dan Riss, Olan Soule
A strong Robert Horton episodeWally Moon was a baseball star who had just left the St. Louis Cardinals for the LA Dodgers (1959)Tommy Sands also stars in the Davey Baxter Story (ep. #6.17); the Gus Morgan Story (ep. #7.3) and the Bob Stuart Story (ep. #8.1)
Clayton Tucker Story
(ep. #3.18)
A small party of travelers are making their way through the desert to rendevous with the train. When their guide dies of snake bite, they must rely on their own group to find the trail. Jeff Morrow as Clayton Tucker
Dorothy Green as Sabrina Tucker
James Best as Art Bernard
Aline Towne as Susan Bernard
Louis Jean Heydt, Dwight Marfield, Terry Ann Ross
Ward Bond
Robert Horton
Benjamin Burns Story
(ep. #3.19)
9/14/1960 (rerun)Click for Pictures
A dried up river leaves a shortage of water, so Flint McCullough takes a party to search for a legendary spring. Flint gets bit by a snake and upon their return to the train, he is accused of having murdered the mountaineer guide. J. Carrol Naish as Benjamin Burns
James Franciscus as John Colter
Jack Lambert as frank Owen
Olive Sturgess as Kathy Burns
A great Robert Horton episode and one of the best remembered storiesCo-written by Gene L. Coon Click for Trivia InfoJ. Carroll Naish also appeared in the Old Man Charvanaugh Story (ep. #2.20)
Ricky and Laurie Bell Story
(ep. #3.20)
A man moving West with his family to seek a new life is obviously jealous of the attention his wife showers on their infant son. James Gregory as Ricky Bell
June Lockhart as Laura Bell
Ann Doran, Theodore Newton
Same trip as Elizabeth McQueeney who is mentioned but never seen
Tom Tuckett Story
(ep. #3.21)
9/21/1960 (rerun)
A hunted traitor risks capture to see a youth who once helped him escape. Ben Cooper as Tom Tuckett
Robert Middleton as Nat Burkett
Josephine Hutchinson as Miss Stevenson
Louise Fletcher as Elizabeth
Frank DeKova, Don Keefer, Ralph Moody, Frank Wilcox
Ward Bond
Robert HortonA delightful story written by Jean Holloway and based on Dickens’ Great Expectations
Tracy Sadler Story
(ep. #3.22)
After her release from prison a woman learns that her son who was taken from her after his birth may be with the wagon train Elaine Stritch as Tracy Sadler
Eugene Martin as Arthur
Elisha Cook Jr. as Cadge Waldo
Butch Hengen, Ted Mapes, Carl Benton Reid
Robert Horton
Alexander Portlass Story
(ep. #3.23)
8/30/1960 (rerun)
An English archaeologist searching for Aztec treasure teams with an outlaw gang. Needing a guide through the desert, they kidnap Flint. Peter Lorre as Alexander Portlass
Bern Hoffman as Bruto
Sherwood Price as Latigo Kid
Morgan Woodward as Jupe
Henry Corden as Phelan
Robert Horton
Christine Elliot Story
(ep. #3.24)
Slated for an orphanage, a dozen boys run of from a state agency to join the train. A woman helps them escape with an agency man in close pursuit. Phyllis Thaxter as Christine Elliot
Kathryn Card as Abigail
Henry Daniell as Mr. Snipple
Don Grady as George
Donald Woods as Phillip Ayers
Todd Farrell, Harry Harvey,Tony Maxwell, Scotty Morrow
Ward BondDon Grady would go on to play Robbie Douglas in My Three Sons (1960-1970)
Joshua Gilliam Story
(ep. #3.25)
On the trail Adams find a man who has been beaten and left for dead. The man, a con artist, offers to teach school for passage West. Dan Duryea as Joshua Gilliam
Pitt Herbert as Miller
Bethel Leslie asGreta Halstadt
Irene Tedrow as Freda
Betsy Brooks as Sharon
Ward Bond
Dan Duryea also appears in the Cliff Grundy Story (ep. #1.15); the Sacramento Story (ep. # 1.39); the Last Man (ep. #2.19); the Bleymier Story (ep. #4.8); the Wagon Train Mutiny (ep. #6.1); and the Race Town Story (ep. #8.4)
Maggie Hamilton Story
(ep. #3.26)
4/6/1960Click for Pictures
A spoiled young lady on the train rides off and hides and the nearby hills, planning to sulk until someone finds her. But she is captured by outlaws and must be rescued by Flint, whom she then proceeds to give a hard time. Susan Oliver as Maggie Hamilton
Les Tremayne as Horace Hamilton
Leonard Nimoy as Cherokee Ned
Sylvia Marriott as Mary Louise Hamilton
Orville Sherman, Frank Wolf
A great Robert Horton episode and a fan favoriteLeonard Nimoy plays an Indian with a drinking problem. (Illogical)Susan Oliver also appeared in the Emily Rossiter Story (ep. #1.7); Cathy Eckardt Story (ep. #4.7); and the Lily Legend Story, (ep. #6.21)
Jonas Murdock Story
(ep. #3.27)
A rabbit hunting mountain man gets the travelers in trouble by defying the No Hunting edict of a local Indian chief. Noah Beery Jr. as Jonas Murdock
Gail Bonney as Mrs. Jameson
Lyle Talbot as Jameson
Bernadette Withers as Alma Hardy
Joe Bassett as Red Hawk
Terry Wilson
Amos Gibbon Story
(ep. #3.28)
A band of slave traders captures Flint and he tries to talk his fellow prisoners into escaping. Charles Aidman as Amos Gibbon
Francis McDonald as Tom Duncan
Arthur Shields as Judge Tremayne
Bob Hopkins as Hank Morton
John Ashley, Darlene Fields, Mickey Finn, William Schallert
Robert Horton
Trial for Murder:
Part One”
(ep. #3.29)
A member of the wagon train has been clubbed to death and the overwhelming evidence points to a surly, friendless drunkard. Marshall Thompson as Mason
Henry Hull as Mark Applewhite
Henry Daniell as Sir Alexander Drew
Ward Bond
Trial for Murder:
Part Two”
(ep. #3.30)
Major Adams breaks up a lynch mob, insisting on a trial. Conviction seems certain when the accused blurts out a confession and the defense brings in a surprise witness – the dead man’s wife. SAME AS ABOVE PLUS:
Dianne Foster as Leslie Ivers
Del Moore as Charles Ivers
Connie Gilchrist as Molly Cassidy
John Alderman as Richard Cassidy
William Schallert as Eliott Drake
Murvyn Vye as Miller
Dennis Rush as David
Della Sharmon as lily Rossmore
John Locke, Melinda Plowman, Ethel Shutta, Marshall Thompson
Ward Bond
Countess Baranof Story
(ep. #3.31)
In a hurry to reach Alaska before it’s rumored sale to the U.S., a countess urges Flint to desert the train guide her over a faster route. And she uses all her wiles to persuade him. Taina Elg as Countess Baranof
Simon Oakland as Col. Vasily
Ann B. Davis as Mrs. Foster
Peter Leeds as Alex Foster
Roy Engel, Ethel Shutta
A romantic Robert Horton story.
Dick Jarvis Story
(ep. #3.32)
The Major takes a kindly interest in a fatherless crippled boy, who feels their friendship threatened when a runaway orphan joins the train Tommy Nolan as Dick Jarvis
Bobby Diamond as Joey Henshaw
Vivi Janiss as Mrs. Jarvis
Richard Reeves as Sam Hulsey
Vaughan Meadows as Bully
Ward Bond
Dr. Swift Cloud Story
(ep. #3.33)
When Swift Cloud comes home from medical school, he discovers his tribesmen attacking the train. The travelers refuse his offer of medical aid and his own people think he is a traitor. Rafael Campos as Dr. Swift Cloud
Phillip Pine as Straight Arrow
Brad Morrow as Dabbs Hargrove
Henry Brandon, Dabbs Greer, Francis McDonald,
Luke Grant Story
(ep. #3.34)
A tribe of friendly Mojaves find a man dying of thirst and bring him to the train, where a passenger recognizes him as a minister she once knew and loved. Donald Woods as Luke Grant
Joan O’Brien as Victoria
James Bell, Kaye Elhardt, Rodd Redwing, Wende Wagner, Marlene Willis
Robert Horton
Charlene Brenton Story
(ep. #3.35)
A stagecoach arrives in Apache Flat. It’s only occupants are an infant girl and her dead mother. Raymond Bailey as Jim Brenton
Sean McClory as Casey
Douglas Jones as Boy
Harry Harvey as Sheriff
Jean Willes as Flo
Kathryn Card as Mrs. Mercer
Richard Reeves as Mr. Clure
In a 1985 interview, Terry Wilson said that he wrote this episode during a writers’ strike and it was stolen from him and someone else’s name put on it.
Sam Livingston Story
(ep. #3.36)
In Carson City, Major Adams meets a man who’s arrived with a pet pig, a fortune in gold, and a plot for revenge against the town banker who was once his partner in a mining claim. Charles Drake as Sam Livingston
Barbara Eiler as Abigail
Onslow Stevens as Cass Fleming
William Bakewell as Somers
Jimmy Lydon as Hotel Clerk
George Ramsey as Bartender
Ward Bond
Shad Bennington Story
(ep. #3.37)
On the last lap of a cross country trip, an itinerant medicine man joins the train with a remarkable traveling companion – a performing lion. David Wayne as Shad Bennington
Maggie Pierce as Jenny
Claire Carleton as Mrs. Teale
Steve Darrell as Robertson
Laurie Mitchell as princess Fatima
Charles Herbert as Winfrey
Henry Hunter

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