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Wagon Train Episodes - Robert Horton - Robert Fuller

SEASON FOUR 1960-1961

Wednesdays 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM on NBC

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United States

October 1960 – April 1961
 1. Gunsmoke
2. Wagon Train
3. Have Gun Will Travel
4. The Andy Griffith Show
5. The Real McCoys
6. Rawhide
7. Candid Camera
8. The Untouchables
9. The Price is Right
10. The Jack Benny Show
11. Dennis the Menace
12. The Danny Thomas Show
13. My Three Sons
14. 77 Sunset Strip
15. The Ed Sullivan Show
16. Perry Mason
17. Bonanza
18. The Flintstones
19. The Red Skelton Show
20. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
21. Celebrity Talent Scouts
22. General Electric Theatre
23. Checkmate
24. What’s My Line
25. Many Lives of Dobie Gillis

Episode Guide – Season 4

Wagons Ho!
(ep. #4.1)
Before leaving San Francisco to go back to Missouri, Flint finds the book written by passenger Sam Evans, which tells the tale of a greenhorn on Major Adam’s wagon train. Mickey Rooney as Samuel T. Evans
Ellen Corby as Aunt Em
Olive Sturgess as Melanie Evans
Henry Corden as Black Feather
Carlos Romero as Indian #1
Peter Mamakos as Chief
Robert HortonA delightful episode in which Mickey Rooney reprises his role from Greenhorn Story (ep. #3.2)
Horace Best Story
(ep. #4.2)
While preparing for a new trip West, Adams is confronted by a young man who says he is his distant cousin and who wants to be a wagonmaster. The Major is in for lots for trouble when he takes him under his wing. George Gobel as Horace Best
Ken Curtis as Pappy Lightfoot
Mary Field as Mrs. Gillespie
Allen Jenkins as Mr. Gillespie
Joe Flynn as Edwin Crook
Otto Waldis as Osterloh
Robert HortonKen Curtis would go on to play Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke (1964-75)
Albert Farnsworth Story
(ep. #4.3)
A British Army surgeon traveling with the train is convinced that the British way of life is the only way. Charles Laughton as Colonel Albert Farnsworth
Robert Brown as Tim O’Toole
Terence de Marney as Mike O’Toole
James Fairfax as Jeremy Oakes
Jan Arvan, Gina Gillespie, Kathleen O’Malley, Orville Sherman, Quintin Sondergaard
Ward Bond
Allison Justis Story (ep. #4.4)
Flint finds out that the horse thief that he shot was a highly respected mayor and the husband of a childhood friend of McCullough’s. Suspicious of the situation and the victim’s brother, Flint sets out to find the truth. Gloria De Haven as Allison Justice
Michael Burns as Billy Justis
Gregg Stewart as Bert Justis
Kenn Hooker as Ira
Dan Tobin as Sheriff
Edward G. Robinson Jr. as Deputy
A strong Robert Horton episodeMichael Burns would later join the cast as Barnaby West
Jose Morales Story
(ep. #4.5)
Leading three wagons into Sioux territory, Hawks is captured by a Mexican bandito and his henchman who are determined to pirate the wagons. Things get complicated when the Indians attack. Lee Marvin as Jose Morales
Lon Chaney Jr. as Louis RoqueSteve Darrell as Dr. Stern
Charles Herbert as Joseph
Clark Howat as Aaron Oliver
Gregg Palmer as Raleigh
Aline Towne as Patience
Terry Wilson
Princess of a Lost Tribe
(ep. #4.6)
In search of a man’s father Flint McCullough and three men become virtual prisoners in a hidden Aztec city ruled by Montezuma IX. Flint falls in love with the ruler’s daughter, who is about to be sacrificed to a god. Raymond Massey as Montezuma IX
Linda Lawson as Lia
Raymond Greenleaf as Jerald
Frank Jenks as Dutch Anders
Edward Mallory as Mike Kelly
Chet Stratton as John Miller
An odd story starring Robert HortonRaymond Massey would go on to play Dr. Leonard Gillespie in Dr. Kildare (1961-66)
Cathy Eckhart Story
(ep. #4.7)
When Major Adams is warned by a cavalryman to avoid a pass where trains have recently disappeared, he investigates the theory that a white renegade has been turning them over to the Indians and in doing so, he solves the murder of a a young woman passenger. Susan Oliver as Cathy Eckhardt
Martin Landau as Preacher
Ron Hayes as Whitey
John Larch as Ben Harness
Gregory Walcott as Jeff Miller
Brad Johnson as Lt.
Vivi Janiss as Sarah Harness
Claire Carleton
Ward BondClick for Trivia Info
Bleymier Story
(ep. #4.8)
Flint and a small party of settlers on their way to Dakota homesteads are bogged down by torrential rains, and one man fears that the raging skies are an omen of catastrophe. Dan Duryea as Samuel Bleymier
James Drury as Justin Claiborne
Ellen Willard as Belle
Juney Ellis, John McLiam, David McMahon
Robert HortonJames Drury, who also starred in the Cole Crawford Story (ep. #5.28) would go on to become the Virginian (1962-71)Dan Duryea also appears in the Cliff Grundy Story (ep. #1.15); the Sacramento Story (ep. # 1.39); the Last Man (ep. #2.19); Joshua Gillam (ep. #3.25); the Wagon Train Mutiny (ep. #6.1); and the Race Town Story (ep. #8.4)
Colter Craven Story
(ep. #4.9)
11/23/1960Click for Pictures
When their wagon is disabled, a former Army doctor and his wife join the train in exchange for the doctor’s services. But when he’s needed for surgery, he admits to the Major that since the Civil War he has been unable to pick up a scalpel. This prompts the Major to recount his own personal war story, and of another drinker, Ulysses S. Grant. John Wayne as Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman ( credit as Michael Morris)
Carleton Young as Colter Craven
Anna Lee as Mrs. Craven
Paul Birch as Sam Grant
Annelle Hayes as Mrs. Grant
Willis Bouchey as Jesse
Mae Marsh as Mrs. Jesse Grant
Ken Curtis as Kyle
Cliff Lyons as Creel
Jack Pennick as Drill Sgt.
John Carradine as Park Cleatus
Charles Seel as Mort
Hank Worden as Shelley
Chuck Robertson as Junior
Richard Cutting as Col. Lollier
Dennis Rush as Jamie
Ward BondDirected by John Ford and perhaps the most famous WT of them all.Click for Trivia InfoBy some miracle, does anyone have the cut 15 minutes?
Jane Hawkins Story
(ep. #4.10)
Flint gives sanctuary to a girl wounded by the hired gun of a feared town dictator, who believes the girl killed his son. But the girl is innocent and Flint sets out to learn the truth and crush the tyrant’s empire. Myrna Fahey as Jane Hawkins
Whit Bissell as Doc Hicks
Kathie Browne as Laura Mattox
Edgar Buchanan as Ben Mattox
Nestor Paiva as Bartender
Sherwood Price as Jesse
Kay Stewart as Evy
Robert Horton
Candy O’Hara Story
(ep. #4.11)
A widower with a young son is anxious to find a new wife, and he sets his sights on a woman Adams has known in the past and who’s not exactly the wife and mother type. Joan O’Brien as Candy O’Hara
Jim Davis as Gabe Henry
Teddy Rooney as Luther
Lane Bradford as Marshal
Richard H. Cutting as Parson
Edith Evanson as Granny
Robert Lowery as Marty
Fred Sherman as Proprietor
Connie Van as Annabelle
Robert Lowery as Marty
Craig Duncan as Miner
Ward BondJim Davis would become Jock Ewing on Dallas from 1978 until his death in 1981.Davis also appears in the Eve Newhope Story (ep. #6.12) and the Melanie Craig Story (ep. #7.22)
River Crossing
(ep. #4.12)
On a storm threatened dusk, the wagons are forced to wait until morning to cross a dangerously swollen river, but Flint finds that the Comanches are on the warpath and will attack the wagons at dawn. Robert J. Wilke as Jabez Moore
Claudia Bryar as Mrs. Moore
Charles Aidman as Col. Buckner
Ron Harper as Lt. Beyins
X. Brands as Pawnee Scout
Colette Jackson as Gray Sparrow
Allen Jaffe as Black Forest
Michael Keep as Dark Eagle
Marshall Reed as Tom
Dennis McCarthy as Hawkins
A good Robert Horton episode
Roger Bigelow Story
(ep. #4.13)
A young clergyman on his way to California with his bride and his life savings, intent on establishing a new church, offers refuge to a wounded bandit, against the Major’s warnings that he’s a dangerous criminal Robert Vaughn as Roger Bigelow
Claude Akins as Wes Varney
Audrey Dalton as Nancy Bigelow
Ronnie Rondell Jr. as Henry Tate
Ward BondRobert Vaughn also appears in the John Wilbot Story (ep. #1.37)Vaughn became Napoleon Solo on the Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964-68)
Jeremy Dow Story
(ep. #4.14)
6/28/1961 (rerun)
Hired to drive a couple’s wagon, a drifter strikes up a friendship with their son and grows uneasy when the boy starts telling him about his real father, who died a hero. Leslie Nielsen as Jeremy Dow/Jeff Durant
Mari Aldon as Hester Millikan
Michael Burns as Bruce Millikan
Jimmy Lydon as Clete Millikan
Dal McKennon as Clerk
John War Eagle as Iron Hand
Morgan Woodward as Jubal
David Garcia as Brave
Robert HortonMichael Burns would later join the cast as Barnaby West
Earl Packer Story
(ep. #4.15)
A sheriff, well-known as a fearless, heroic lawman, ask Flint’s help in eluding a bounty hunter who’s been after him since he was framed by gamblers. But face to face to the bounty hunter accuses im of slaying a lady. Ernest Borgnine as Earl Packer
Ed Binns as Sheriff Bill Strode
Jane Burgess as Girl
Rex Holman as Harry
Robert HortonErnest Borgnine also appears in the Willy Moran Story (ep. #1.1); Around the Horn (ep. #2.1); the Estaban Zamora Story (ep. # 3.4); and in the Indian Girl Story (ep. #8.24)
Patience Miller Story
(ep. #4.16)
A Quaker missionary lady, widowed by an Indian attack, carries on her husbands work, holding school for Indian children. She becomes involved in a war between the Comanches and he Arapahos. Rhonda Fleming as Patience Miller
Michael Ansara as North Star
Terry Burnham as Prudence
E.J. André as Mr. Wise
Henry Brandon as Dark Eagle
Bart Braverman, Jason Robards Sr. as White Hawk
Morgan Woodward as Spotted Horse
Bart Bradley as Evening Star
Tammy Windsor as Brown Robin
Robert Bice as Windy Hill
Charlotte Fletcher as Morning Song
Rhonda Fleming also appears in the Jennifer Churchill Story (ep. #2.3) and in the Sandra Cummings Story (ep. #7.11)Michael Ansara would star in Broken Arrow (1956-60)
Sam Elder Story
(ep. #4.17)
7/5/1961 (rerun)
Hawks allows a retired Army captain and his group of orphaned boys to join the train, but the man is met by animosity from one traveler, who suspects his Civil War conduct caused the death of the man’s son. Everett Sloane as Sam Elder
Ray Stricklyn as Sgt. Perks
Roberta Shore as Millie Allen
Adrienne Marden as Lila Allen
Walter Coy as Ben Allen Roger Mobley as Tod
Terry Wilson
Weight of Command
(ep. #4.18)
After he and two travelers are attacked in an adobe hut, Hawks makes his way back to the train for help. But Adams refuses fearing an uprising that would kill far more people and he insists on moving on. Dan Riss as George Gentry
Jeanne Bates as Hester Gentry
Tommy Rettig as Billy Gentry
Henry Wills as Indian Leader
Richard Crane as Dan Foster
Nancy Rennick as Judith Foster
Jan Arvan as Charlie
Clancy Cooper as Henry
Dana Dillaway as Prudence
Wilton Graff as ColonelDenny Miller as Duke Shannon
Terry WilsonDenny Miller would appear in this story before his character was formally introduced in The Duke Shannon Story (#4.30)
Prairie Story
(ep. #4.19)
7/12/1961 (rerun)
Beset by dust, disease and Indians of the prairies, the train’s women grow fearful and restless. One woman, a pillar of strength, keeps up morale but ultimately is worn down by the prairie. Beulah Bondi as Grandma
Jan Clayton as Charity Kirby
Virginia Christine as Clara
Ilana Dowding as Patience
Diane Jergens as Sally
John Archer as Matt
Jack Buetel as Jack
Mickey Sholdar as Garth
William Herrin as Tom
A good Robert Horton episodeThis is a good story depicting life on the wagon trains as it must have really existed.
Path of the Serpent
(ep. #4.20)
A young passenger on her way to see her Army sergeant father, learns he’s dying after a Ute attack. A mountain man is sent to bring her to her father quickly through a risky mountain trail. Jay Silverheels as the Serpent
Noah Beery Jr. as Ruddy Blaine
Melinda Plowman as Penelope
Paul Birch as Sgt. Huntington
Robert Harland as Cpl. Clay Taylor
Paul Burke
Terry Wilson
Robert HortonYes, Jay Silverheels was Tonto (1949-1957)Did you know that Robert Horton did a Lone Ranger episode with Silverheels?
Odyssey of Flint McCullough
(ep. #4.21)
On his way for supplies, Flint encounters the sad survivors of an Indian attack, an old man, and his grandchildren. As he leads them to safety, he encounters more lost children until eventually he is responsible for a rag-tag group of a baby, a bunch of kids and the grandfather. Henry Hull as Gideon
Michael Burns as Homer
Suzi Carnell as Kathy
Dana Dillaway as Cassie
Laurie Mains Priest
Tony Maxwell as Sweeney
Clay Randolph as Kenny
Bryan Russell as Timmy
Milan Smith as Indian Scout
A strong Robert Horton episodeThis is a fun, light-hearted episodeMichael Burns would later join the cast as Barnaby West
Beth Pearson Story
(ep. #4.22)
Major Adams is shaken by the resemblance of a widow to Raine Webster, the woman he once loved. He falls for the woman, but she wnats him tio be sure that it is she, and not a ghost he’s fallen in love with. Virginia Grey as Beth Pearson
Johnny Washbrook as Ron Pearson
Del Moore as Johnson
Ward BondThis is the last episode taped by Bond. He was never written out of the show. According to Terry Wilson, we were supposed to assume he left of a broken heart after this story.
Jed Polke Story
(ep. #4.23)
8/2/61 (rerun)
A woman and her son are brought to the train from a damaged wagon. When her husband who had gone for help is found, a doctor and his three friends want to kill the man to avenge a wrong done at Andersonville. John Lasell as Jed Polk
Joyce Meadows as Rheba Polke
Willard Waterman as Dr. Day
Morgan Woodward as Keene
Dennis Holmes as Cotton
Juney Ellis as Kate
Frank Gerstle as Otto
Ron Hayes as Ross
Perry Lopez as Jeff
Robert Horton
Nancy Palmer Story
(ep. #4.24)
A woman’s kindnesses endear her to the other travelers and offsets her husband’s surly nature. After a bank robbery they flee with stolen water and horses, and the travelers know they were deceived. Audrey Meadows as Nancy Palmer
Jack Cassidy as Mr. Palmer
Jeanne Bates as Mrs. MacGregor
Bern Hoffman as MacGregor
Elisha Cook Jr. as Lem Salters
Med Flory as Sheriff Gile
Vivi Janiss as Madge
Harry Lauter as Will Davidson
Roger Mobley as Freddie
Rory Stevens as Billy
Laurie Perreau as Doreen
Robert HortonAudrey Meadows would become Alice Kramden in the Honeymooners
Christopher Hale Story
(ep. #4.25)
Flint meets a retired wagonmaster who’s overcome with grief after the massacre of his family by Indians. Meanwhile the company who owns the train has hired a new wagonmaster, who arrives to put things in order with the help of four gun-toting associates. John McIntire as Christopher Hale
Lee Marvin as Jud Benedict
Charles Horvath as Muerto
L.Q. Jones as Lenny
Wesley Lau as Lenny
Claire Carleton as Mrs. Hennessey
Boyd ‘Red’ Morgan, Nancy Rennick
Robert Horton
John McIntireThis episode introduces the new wagonmaster, Chris HaleDoes anyone have a copy of this episode? Please contact me.
Tiburcio Mendez Story
(ep. #4.26)
7/26/61 (rerun)
As Hawks leads four wagons to Los Angeles, he’s halted by a band of renegades devoted to keeping “gringos” out of California. A judge on the border wants to act as intermediary. Nehemiah Persoff as Tiburcio Mendez
Leonard Nimoy as Joaquin Delgado
Russell Collins as Judge Alfred Black
David Garcia as Providencio Garcia
Orville Sherman as Smathers
Lisa Gaye as Alma
Lane Bradford as Cross
Terry WilsonLeonard Nimoy also boldly goes in the Estaban Zamora Story (ep. #3.4) and the Maggie Hamilton Story (ep. # 3.26)
Nellie Jefferson Story
(ep. #4.27)
8/9/1961 (rerun)
Chris and Flint are perturbed by the prima dona behavior of a famous actress on the train, but Wooster is enthralled with her and waits on her hand and foot. Janis Paige as Nellie Jefferson
Dennis Rush as Homer
Hank Worden as Trader
Don C. Harvey as Marshal
Don Megowan as Sean Hennesssey
Gail Bonney as Mrs. Schroeder
H.M. Wynant as Bart Haskell
Ralph Sanford as Manager
Vince Williams as Knight
Robert Horton
John McIntire
Saul Bevins Story
(ep. #4.28)
8/16/1961 (rerun)
A blind man must prove he’s capable of caring for his sister and his son during their planned trip to California. Turned down by several wagonmasters, he persuades Hale to give him a chance. Rod Steiger as Saul Bevins
Charles Herbert as Job
Vivi Janiss as Martha
I. Stanford Jolley as Jed
Willard Waterman as Andrew Harley
Rachel Ames as Jane Harley
Charles Carson as Lloyd
John McIntire
Joe Muharich Story
(ep. #4.29)
A Polish immigrant who recently lost his wife and son, befriends a rebellious youth, and later, in trying to help the boy when he lands in jail, ends up killing two men himself. Akim Tamiroff as Joe Muharich
Robert Blake as Johnny Kamen
Tristram Coffin as Whittaker
Susan Silo as Betty Whitaker
Kelton Garwood as Claude
Stacy Harris as Sheriff
Doodles Weaver as Efen
Ken Mayer as Jones
Ken Hooker as Ed
Robert Blake would go on to play Det. Tony Baretta (1975-78)
Duke Shannon Story
(ep. #4.30)
Duke Shannon joins up with the train as scout. His grandfather, a prospector, has map for a lost gold mine and he talks Wooster into helping him find the treasure. Three shady characters overhear this and attempt to foil them. Frank McHugh as Henry Shannon
James Griffith as Sterkel
John L. Cason as Jeff
Leonard P. Geer as Clay
Maudie Prickett as Ethel
Denny MillerThis episode introduces the character of Duke Shannon
Will Santee Story
(ep. #4.31)
9/13/1961 (rerun)
A young man with his mother and sister join the train. His conscience is bothering him and he confides in Hale that they’re using an alias because his brother was involved in a scandal. Dean Stockwell as Will Sheridan/Santee
Virginia Christine as Amanda
Millie Perkins as Jessie McDermott
Jocelyn Brando as Agnes McDermott
Harry Von Zell as Fred McDermott
Barbara Beaird as Wendy
John Crawford as Stranger
Dal McKennon as Lee
Dean Stockwell would star as Al Calavicci in Quantum LeapStockwell also played in the Ruth Owens Story (ep. #1.4); the Juan Ortega Story (ep. #2.2); the Rodney Lawrence Story (ep. #2.36); and the Richard Bloodgood Story (ep. #8.10)
Jim Bridger Story
(ep. #4.32)
In temporary charge of the wagons, Flint McCullough meets his foster father who along with an Army general, orders him to take the train back to hostile Ute territory to help rescue a trapped Cavalry garrison. Karl Swenson as Jim Bridger
John Doucette as Gen. Jameson
Hank Brandt as Gray Beddoe
Jackie Russell as Mavis Beddoe
Brian Hutton as Clark
Gary Hunley as Tony
Francis De Sales as Mark
Nestor Paiva as Sgt. Hoag
Barbara Woodell as Millie
Glen Strange as Capt. Fox
Robert HortonDoes anyone have a copy of this episode? Please contact me.
Eleanor Culhane Story
(ep. #4.33)
Flint goes to visit an old girlfriend and finds she’s now the widow of a notorious gunman. His love for her begins to return, but so does her supposedly dead husband. Felicia Farr as Eleanor Culhane
John Lasell as Riker Culhane
Renata Vanni as Inez
Hank Patterson as Old Man
Orville Sherman as Bartender
Russell Thorson as Harris
An unusual and odd Robert Horton episode.Culhane lives in the house used in Psycho. ‘Nuff said.
The Chalice
(ep. #4.34)
A family going to California to plant a vineyard needs help transporting water to keep the young plants alive. Two men offer the use of their wagon, but their motives are not altruistic. Lon Chaney Jr. as Carstairs
Richard Jaeckel as Barker
Argentina Brunetti as Lisa Canevari
Harold Heifetz as Marcello Canevari
Edward Colmans as Padre
Richard Jaeckel would later appear in the movie Green Slime with Robert Horton
Janet Hale Story
(ep. #4.35)
Flashbacks to Chris Hale’s past tell the story of how his duties as wagonmaster kept him away from his prairie home. He thought that his truce with an Indian chief would keep his family safe during his absences. Jeanette Nolan as Janet Hale
Charles Aidman, Claudia Bryar, Richard H. Cutting, Bobby Hyatt, Bethel Leslie
John McIntireThis story develops the character of Chris Hale by telling some of his history. The episode stars McIntire’s re-life wife, Jeanette Nolan.
Wagon to Fort Anderson
(ep. #4.36)
Flint McCullough takes on a deaf girl, her sister and two soldiers who’ve survived an Indian attack. One man, who secretly plans to desert the Army makes the dangerous trip back unpleasant with his surly attitude. Don Rickles as Joe Carder
Albert Salmi as George Carder
Charles Drake as Sam Livingston
Carol Eve Rossen, as Fay Ellison
Candy Moore as Sue Ellison
Hal Needham as Warrior
Lou Webb as Broken Nose
Robert HortonAlbert Salmi later played Yadkin on Daniel Boone (1964-65)
Ah Chong Story
(ep. #4.37)
When Wooster develops a “take it or leave it” attitude about his cooking, Hale promotes his Chinese helper to chief cook. Arnold Stang as Ah Chong
Frank Ferguson as Sheriff
Jess Kirkpatrick as Proprietor
This episode written by Terry WilsonClick for Trivia Info
Don Alvarado Story
(ep. #4.38)
In response to a promise made to a dying man, Flint poses as Don Alvarado in order to claim the dead man’s family rights to California land. But there is trouble as many do not want to honor the old Spanish land grants. Vladimir Sokoloff as Felipe
Andra Martin as Teresa Gervado
Minerva Urecal as Maria
Michael Forest as Julio
David Faulkner as Rudolfo
Ed Nelson as Donovan
Ken Terrell as Hayes
Armand Alzamora
A different and dashing Robert Horton story

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