Wagon Train – Season 2 (1958-1959) Episode Guide

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Wagon Train Episodes - Robert Horton - Robert Fuller

SEASON TWO 1958-1959

Wednesdays 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM on NBC

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United States

October 1958 – April 1959
 1. Gunsmoke
2. Wagon Train
3. Have Gun Will Travel
4. The Rifleman
5. The Danny Thomas Show
6. Maverick
7. Tales of Wells Fargo
8. The Real McCoys
9. I’ve Got A Secret
10. The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
11. The Price Is Right
12. The Red Skelton Show
13. Zane Grey Theatre
14. Father Knows Best
15. The Texan
16. Wanted: Dead or Alive
17. Peter Gunn
18. Cheyenne
19. Perry Mason
20. The Ford Show
21. Sugarfoot
22. The Ann Sothern Show
23. The Perry Como Show
24. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
25. Name That Tune

United Kingdom

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Figures show the number of homes in millions who watched

 1. Wagon Train – 6.13
2. Take Your Pick – 5.98
3. Sunday Palladium-5.95
4. The Army Game – 5.72
5. Double Your Money – 5.60
6. Concentration – quiz – 5.59
7. Emergency Ward Ten – 5.51
8. Dotto – 5.50
9. Arthur Haynes Show – variety/comedy – 5.39
10. Armchair Theatre – 5.38
11. Play of the Week – 5.30
12. Knight Errant – weekly drama/modern day adventure – 5.25
13. Probation Officer – weekly drama/crime – 5.19
14. No Hiding Place – weekly drama/police 5.16
15. Saturday Spectacular – variety – 5.07
16 TV Playhouse – anthology – 5.03
17. Hippodrome – variety – 4.94
18. Spot the Tune – 4.92
19. The Larkins – sitcom – 4.87
20. Blackpool Circus – variety – 4.86

Episode Guide – Season 2

Around the Horn
(ep. #2.1)
Looking for a good time in San Francisco, Adams, Wooster and Hawks are shanghaied aboard a schooner headed for New Orleans – by way of South America! Meanwhile McCullough is riding back East, visiting along the way. William Bendix as Capt. Cobb
Ernest Borgnine as Willie Moran
Sandy Descher, Harold Fong, Angela Greene, Marc Lawrenc, Osa Massen, Gil Perkins, Ethel Shutta, Patrick Westwood
Ward Bond
Robert Horton
Believe it or not, there are sharks in this episode!
Ernest Borgnine reprises his role from the Willy Moran Story (ep. #1.1); He also appeared in the Estaban Zamora Story (ep. # 3.4); the Earl Packer Story (ep. # 4.15) and in the Indian Girl Story (ep. #8.24)
Juan Ortega Story
(ep. #2.2)
7/8/1959 (rerun)
Flint and the Major come across a Mexican youth in deep shock after seeing his father lynched by three strangers. Taking the young man with them, they find a victim of Indian torture along the route. The lad’s knowledge of herbal medicine saves the man but it is discovered he is one of the murderers. Dean Stockwell as Juan Ortega
Robert F. Simon as Jay Thorton
Robert Osterloh as Ransome Jarvis
Larry J. Blake, Lillian Bronson, Paul Langton, Vic Perrin,
Ward Bond
Robert HortonDean Stockwell would star as Al Calavicci in Quantum LeapStockwell also played in the Ruth Owens Story (ep. #1.4); the Rodney Lawrence Story (ep. #2.36); the Will Santee Story (ep. #4.31) and the Richard Bloodgood Story (ep. #8.10)
Jennifer Churchill Story,
(ep. #2.3)
7/22/1959 (rerun)
A beautiful woman flees her wealthy father and a planned wedding by joining the train. When Flint learns that a reward has been offered for her return, he tries to help her escape her bounty hunters. With a bit of romance thrown in! Rhonda Fleming as Jennifer Churchill
Andy Clyde as Fred
Eddy Waller as Ned
Paul Maxey as Mr. Churchill
Maurice Hugo as Palmer
A great Robert Horton episodeRhonda Fleming also appears in the Patience Miller Story (ep. #4.16) and in the Sandra Cummings Story (ep. #7.11)
Tobias Jones Story
(ep. #2.4)
8/5/1959 (rerun)
A young orphan appoints herself guardian of a homeless drifter, Tobias, and together they stow away on the train. Discovering them, the Major puts the to work to earn their passage, but the others distrust the drifter, especially after a man is found murdered with Tobias’ knife. Lou Costello as Tobias Jones
Beverely Washburn as Midge
Harry Van Zell as Nathaniel Ferguson
Jume Clayworth as Martha Folsom
Morris Ankrum as Michael Folsom
Peter Breck as Alf Meadows
“Burns and Allen” announcer Harry Van Zell wrote the script and appears as Nathaniel Ferguson
Liam Fitzmorgan Story
(ep. #2.5)
Ordered by Ireland’s Freedom Fighters to find the traitor who caused the execution of several of their followers, Liam joins the train. A group of Irish settlers already with the train become very distrustful of him. Cliff Robertson as Liam Fitzmorgan
Audrey Dalton as Laura Grady
Rhys Williams as James Grady
David Leland, as Michael Dermoth
Terrence De Marney, Sean Meany, Michael Rye
Robert Horton
Doctor Willoughby Story
(ep. #2.6)
8/19/1959 (rerun)
A woman doctor joins the train to carry out an assignment to practice medicine in a Western town. On the trip a badly injured Indian chief is brought for help and the Indians threaten to attack the wagons if she doesn’t save him. Jane Wyman as Dr. Carol Willoughby
Alan Marshal as Bart Grover
Orville Sherman as Hank Simmons
Tony Rock as Dying Man
Ethel Shutta, Dick Wilson
“Burns and Allen” announcer Harry Van Zell wrote the script
Bije Wilcox Story
(ep. #2.7)
A man joins the train looking for his missing brother. He has received a letter from a man telling him he knows where the brother is and is to meet up with him. Chill Wills as Bije Wilcox
Lawrence Dobkin as Medicine Mark
Onslow Stevens as Mason
Abraham Sofaer as Bull Man
Richard Evans, Chuck Roberson
Millie Davis Story
(ep. #2.8)
Passing thru a town ahead of the train, Flint sees an old friend who is afraid her adopted daughter will be taken from her by the girl’s elderly maternal grandmother. So Millie tells her that Flint and she are the parents. Nancy Gates as Millie Davis
Evelyn Rudie as Penny
Eleanor Audley as Mrs. Winston
Irving Bacon, Whit Bissell, James Coburn, Harry Hines, Chubby Johnson, , Amzie Strickland
Robert Horton
Sakae Ito Story
(ep. #2.9)
9/2/1959 (rerun)
The Major encounters a Samurai warrior and his servant on their way to San Francisco carrying a large urn. Suspecting that the urn contains gold, three men steal it and run off. Sessue Hayakawa as Sakae Ito
James Griffith as Sailor Blaine
Robert Kino as Matsu
Jack Lambert as Tom Revere
Henry Rowland as Burl Miching
Dennis Moore, Steven Ritch
Sessue Hayakawa won an Oscar nomination for his role in Bridge on the River Kwai
Tent City Story
(ep. #2.10)
After arguing with the Major over his punishment of a passenger who shot a buffalo on Indian hunting grounds, Flint quits the train and becomes marshal of Tent City. Wayne Morris as Will Hardesty
Audrey Totter as Goldie
Slim Pickens as Rafe
Peter Coe, Juney Ellis, Earl Hansen, Carol Henry, William Henry, Dennis McCarthy
A strong Robert Horton story which includes Ward Bond
Beauty Jamison Story
(ep. #2.11)
8/26/1959 (rerun)
A woman rancher owns the largest land area in the territory and wants even more. She refuses Flint permission for the wagons to cross her land as he is friendly with the neighboring smaller ranches with which she is in conflict. Virginia Mayo as Beauty Jamison
Russell Johnson as Steve Marshall
Phil Chambers as Luke Carter
Frank Gerstle as Chris Grimes
Ken Mayer as Judge Bascombe
Charles Tannen as Ralph Jessup
Jim Bannon, May Lee
A good Robert Horton episodeRussell Johnson would end up stranded as “The Professor” on Gilligan’s Island and also appears in the Cliff Grundy Story (ep. #1.15) and the Shiloh Degnan Story (ep. #6.8).
Mary Ellen Thomas Story
(ep. #2.12)
An orphan girl, traveling West to join some relatives is rejected by the other passengers because of her unhappy disposition. Patty McCormack as Mary Ellen Thomas
Claudia Bryar, Richard H. Cutting, Jenny Hecht, Barbara Pepper, Vernon Rich
Robert Horton
Dick Richardson Story
(ep. #2.13)
After sending two men to buy horses with the Emergency Fund, Adams is wondering if they will return, especially after one horse returns riderless. John Ericson as Dick Richardson
Betty Lynn as Molly Jeanne Bates, Dennis Holmes, Jack Lomas, Ethel Shutta, Lyle Talbot, Aline Towne, Dan White
Ward Bond
Kitty Angel Story
(ep. #2.14)
A woman of questionable character is ostracized by the indignant wives of the men travelers, but she is the only one with the compasion to care for an orphaned Indian baby. When the baby contracts smallpox, the Major is pressured to leave her and the baby behind. Anne Baxter as Kitty Angel
Henry Hull as Obediah Finch
Ben Morris as Ben Holden
Vivi Janiss as Cassie Holden
Kathleen Freeman as Sairy Hogg
Abel Fernández, David Leland, Ethel Shutta, Steve Warren
Robert Horton
Flint McCullough Story
(ep. #2.15)
Flint encounters an old enemy at Fort Bridger, which is home to McCullough. Everett Sloane as Jase Taylor
Joel Ashley, Charles Cooper, Logan Field, Milton Frome, Buzz Martin, Theodore Newton, Rebecca Welles
A great Robert Horton episode which further develops the character
Hunter Malloy Story
(ep. #2.16)
8/12/59 (rerun)
Two men traveling on the train, about to rob a young couple of their life savings, discover gold along the trail. Adams is warning his passengers that they must move on before they’re trapped by snow, but no one will heed his warning Lloyd Nolan as Hunter Malloy
Terence de Marney as Whitey Burke
Troy Donahue as Ted Garner
Luana Patten as Natalie Garner
Joe Abdullah as Radford
Bill Erwin as Clegg
Theodore Newton as Darly Grant
A young Troy Donahue right before his success
Ben Courtney Story
(ep. #2.17)
Flint escorts two families from the train to a settlement in Bitter Springs. But the townspeople refuse to let one couple stay unless they give up their adopted Black son. Stephen McNally as Ben Courtney
John Larch, as John Ramsey
Kay Stewart as Leona Ramsey
Darryl Glenn as Daniel
Judith Ames, Richard Hale, Tom McKee, Roger Mobley, Phillip Pine, Arthur Space
A strong Robert Horton episode
Ella Lindstrom Story
(ep. #2.18)
A woman’s husband dies, leaving her to are for their seven children, one of whom is a deaf mute. Bette Davis as Ella Lindstrom
Robert Fuller as Fitzpatrick
Bobby Buntrock as Bo
Harold Daye as Stig
Alex Gerry as Dr. Monroe
Susan Henning as Britt
Terry Kelman as Lennart
Norman Leavitt as Bartender
Cindy Robbins as Inga
Jamie Matt as Brigitte
Robert Fuller appears in this episode, before he became Coop SmithDirector Allen H. Milner also directed Davis in The Elizabeth McQueeny Story (ep. 3.5); Davis also appears in the Bettina May Story (ep. #5.12)
Last Man
(ep. #2.19)
Flint McCullough finds a bedraggled survivor of an ill-fated wagon train along the trail and a found diary indicates that his survival cost the other passengers their lives. Even so, he is befriended by Ellen whose fiancé was on that ill-fated train Dan Duryea as Stranger
Judi Meredith as Ellen Emerson
Damian O’Flynn as Mr. Emerson
Wilton Graff as Mr. Wentworth
Marx Hartman as Harris
Lenny Geer as Mr. Kenny
Valerie Mitchell as Mrs. Kenny
Robert HortonDan Duryea also appears in the Cliff Grundy Story (ep. #1.15); the Sacramento Story (ep. # 1.39); Joshua Gilliam Story (ep. #3.25); the Bleymier Story (ep. #4.8); the Wagon Train Mutiny (ep. #6.1); and the Race Town Story (ep. #8.4)
Old Man Charvanaugh Story
(ep. #2.20)
Escorting a family to a settlement, Flint is joined by a concertina playing wanderer who is really a ruthless bandit. McCullough and the family are left to wander without proper clothing or supplies. J. Carrol Naish as Charvanaugh
Dorothy Green as Helen Lerner
Bernadette Withers as Sybil Lerner
Ricky Klein as Duane Lerner
Jeff Daley, Mickey Finn, L.Q. Jones, Quintin Sondergaard
A great Robert Horton episodeJ. Carroll Naish also appeared in the Benjamin Burns Story (ep. # 3.19)
Annie Griffith Story
(ep. #2.21)
Looking for a pass on snow covered mountains, Flint McCullough is ambushed and badly wounded. A rugged unkempt woman finds him and nurses him back to health, hoping to trade him to the Indians Jan Sterling as Annie Griffith
Robert Anderson as Blade Griffith
Clem Bevans as Old Man
John Dehner as Cleve Colter
Michael Bachus as Mert Gunner
Good Robert Horton episodeJan Sterling also appears in the Selena Hartnell Story (ep. #5.4)
Jasper Cato Story
(ep. #2.22)
When a Bostonian joins the train, Adams is suspicious when he discovers that the stranger is anxious to find a small town newspaper editor. As this editor is a friend, the major sets out to get to the town first Brian Donlevy as Jasper Cato
Allen Case as Collins
Ward Bond
Vivian Carter Story
(ep. #2.23)
Flint escorts a woman to town to meet up with her fiance, who as it turns out, is already married. Luckily, a fellow traveler on the train loves her too Phyllis Thaxter as Vivian Carter
Lorne Greene as Christopher Webb
Patric Knowles as Bert Carter
Jane Darwell as Mrs. Anderson
Good Robert Horton episodeThis is right before Lorne Greene becomes Ben Cartwright (1959-1973)
Conchita Vasquez Story
(ep. #2.24)
Conchita, a Spanish American girl, lures Flint into a trap so that her people can capture him and hold him for ransom. But afterwards, she decides to help him. Anna Maria Alberghetti as Conchita Vasquez
John Goddard, William Lundmark, Joyce Meadows, Alan Reynolds, Carlos Romero
Robert Horton
Sister Rita Story
(ep. #2.25)
Flint leaves the train to guide three nuns to Nevada, where they plan to start an Indian mission school. Although the nuns find McCullough as strange as he finds them, a camaraderie develops Vera Miles as Sister Rita
Frances Bavier as Sr. Joseph
Sylvia Marriott as Sr. Monica
Lalo Rios
Great Robert Horton episode
Matthew Lowry Story
(ep. #2.26)
A one-armed Quaker, considered a coward by his younger brother, is constantly ridiculed by a fellow passenger. Richard Anderson as Matthew Lowry
Ronny Anton as Benjamin
John Pickard as Jed Otis
Cathleen Nesbitt, Dorothy Provine
Roy Rogers TV sidekick, Pat Brady, has a cameo as Lane Gunderson
Swift Cloud Story
(ep. #2.27)
The lame son of an Indian chief is captured when his father threatens to attack the train. Major Adams offers to spare his life and cure his leg, in exchange for the safe passage of the train. Rafael Campos as Swift Cloud
Henry Brandon as Fire Cloud
Alan Baxter as Jeb Harcourt
Edmund Hashim as Wamsutta
Otto Waldis as Amos Peeks
Johnny Washbrook as Tommy Peeks
Lee Pappell as Edouard Cadol
Ward Bond
Vincent Eaglewood Story
(ep. #2.28)
Hired as a school teacher for the train’s children, a meek man takes his job very seriously. Wally Cox as Vincent Eaglewood
Robert Eyer as Elwood Hennepin
Gail Kobe as Erika Hennepin
Mary Gregory as Mrs. Benadarsi
Felix Locher as Zona
Reed Morgan as Ben Denike
Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams as Bryngelson
William Riggs as Ket-Tam
Karen Sue Trent as Oma Jean
This episode was written by David Swift, creator of guest star Wally Cox’s Mr. Peepers series.
Clara Duncan Story
(ep. #2.29)
The fiancee and father of a missing artist are on their way West to find him. Flint finds one of his paintings and all believe the artist is in danger. Angie Dickinson as Clara Duncan
Eduardo Ciannelli as Sylvio Soriano
Robert Clarke, Robert Easton, Rusty Lane, William Reynolds
Robert Horton
Duke LeMay Story
(ep. #2.30)
An escaped convict joins the train, trailed by a deputy sheriff from East. Frightened when the sheriff catches up, the man shoots him and flees. Cameron Mitchell as Duke Lemay
Joan Evans as Sarah
Terry Kelman as Davey
Edward Platt as Matthew Sinclair
Cameron Mitchell would go on to play Buck Cannon in The High Chapparal
Kate Parker Story
(ep. #2.31)
When a young woman is seriously injured, Kate offers to stay with her and her husband while the train goes on to the next town for a doctor. After the wagons leave, Kate’s husband decides to kill the injured woman and her husband and steal their gold. Virginia Grey as Kate Parker
Robert Fuller as Chris
Royal Dano as Boone Caulder
Ruta Lee as Evie Findley
Warren Stevens as Jonas Parker
Robert Fuller gave a wonderful performance before he was a cast member
Steve Campden Story
(ep. #2.32)
A man and his son try to help Flint find a trail through the snow blocked mountain pass. During the storm they are forced to seek refuge in a cave. Ben Cooper as Steve Campden
Torin Thatcher as Steve
A good Robert Horton episodeThis is the story with the saber-toothed tiger!
Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster
(ep. #2.33)
After the train is halted by a raging blizzard, the Major, Flint and Bill all disappear mysteriously. Charlie takes charge of the train. Harry Carey Jr. as Wilkins
Jean Inness as Sarah Duncan
Douglas Kennedy as John Loring
Ward Bond
Robert HortonA delightful episode, especially for Frank McGrath fans
Jose Maria Moran Story
(ep. #2.34)
A Spanish-Irish renegade who’s lived with the Pawnees for some years is staked out and left to die in the desert by thr Shoshones. When Adams saves him, the Indians threaten to attack. Robert Loggia as Jose Maria Moran
Audrey Dalton as Mary Naughton
Tudor Owen as Tim Naughton
Kim Laughlin as Jocko Naughton
Anthony Caruso as Don Luis Salazar
Ward Bond
Andrew Hale Story
(ep. #2.35)
In a shooting accident, preacher Andrew Hale kills one of his church members. Dazed by the accident, Hale wanders into the desert where he is found by the wagon train. John McIntire as Andrew Hale
James Best as Garth English
Jane Darwell as Mrs. Anderson
Jack Buetel, Louise Fletcher, Clu Gulager, Fintan Meyler
John McIntire appears before he joins the cast as Chris Hale
Rodney Lawrence Story
(ep. #2.36)
The train comes upon a band of wandering Indians, among them a young white man whom they’ve raised from childhood and whose father wants him to return to his own people on the train. Dean Stockwell as Rodney Lawrence
Frank DeKova as Ocheo
Cindy Robbins as Mandy McCrea
Robert HortonDean Stockwell would star as Al Calavicci in Quantum LeapStockwell also played in the Ruth Owens Story (ep. #1.4); theJuan Ortega Story (ep. #2.2); the Will Santee Story (ep. #4.31) and the Richard Bloodgood Story (ep. #8.10)
Steele Family
(ep. #2.37)
A woman joins the train to find husbands for her four daughters. She talks the Major into pointing out some prospects. Barbara Eiler as Faith
Penny Edwards as Hope
Lori Nelson as Charity
Diane Jergens as Prudence
Lee Patrick as Mrs. Steele
Dan Tobin
Ward Bond
A cute, comic episode
Jenny Tannen Story
(ep. #2.38)
A young woman joins the train to locate her mother in San Francisco. When an accident threatens her with blindness, the Major promises to help. Ann Blyth as Jenny/Phoebe Tannen
William Hunt as Rollie Malvin
Chuck Henderson as John Barclay
Howard Wright as Doctor
Jean Harvey
Ward Bond
7/1/1959- /23/1959

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