Wagon Train – Season 6 (1962-1963) Episode Guide

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SEASON SIX 1962-1963

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United States

October 1962 – April 1963
 1. The Beverly Hillbillies
2. Candid Camera
3. The Red Skelton Show
4. Bonanza
5. The Lucy Show
6. The Andy Griffith Show
7. Ben Casey
8. The Danny Thomas Show
9. The Dick Van Dyke Show
10. Gunsmoke
11. Dr. Kildare
12. The Jack Benny Show
13. What’s My Line
14. The Ed Sullivan Show
15. Hazel
16. I’ve Got a Secret
17. The Jackie Gleason Show
18. The Defenders
19. The Garry Moore Show
20. To Tell the Truth
21. Lassie
22. Rawhide
23. Perry Mason
24. Walt Disney’s
Wonderful World of Color
25. Wagon Train

Episode Guide – Season 6

Wagon Train Mutiny
(ep. #6.1)
7/24/1963 (rerun)
A couple incites the other travelers to rebel against Hale’s authority after they come upon a wagon party devasted by Comancheros. Hale is told by a wounded renegade that they plan to attack his train as well. Dan Duryea as Amos
Jane Wyman as Hannah
Dick Jones as John Hunter
Jose De Vega as Renaldo
Peter Helm as Leland
John Rodney as Major
Dan Duryea also appears in the Cliff Grundy Story (ep. #1.15); the Sacramento Story (ep. # 1.39); the Last Man (ep. #2.19); the Bleymier Story (ep. #4.8) and the Race Town Story (ep. #8.4)
Caroline Casteel Story
(ep. #6.2)
7/31/1963 (rerun)
A man long ago gave up hope that his wife is alive after her capture by Indians is told by another man that he’s managed to trade her away from Indians and reunites her with her husband and son. Barbara Stanwyck as Caroline Casteel
Charles Drake as Frank Casteel
Roger Mobley as Jamie Casteel
Richard H. Cutting as Adam Stryker
Alice Frost as Abigail Stryker
Dennis Rush as Ham Stryker
Robert F. Simon as Scofield
Barbara Stanwyck also appeared in the Maud Frazer Story (ep. #5.3); the Molly Kincaid Story (ep. #7.1) and Kate Crawley Story (ep. #7.19)
Madame Sagittarius Story
(ep. #6.3)
6/12/1963 (rerun)
The other passengers snub a woman who’s a palmist, astrologer, medicine peddler, phrenologist and all around con artist, but Charlie’s heart is captured by her and they soon become very close. Thelma Ritter as Madame Sagittarius
Doug Lambert as Dennie Hallock
Murvyn Vye as Jeb Morgan
Gail Bonney as Mrs. Hallock
Zeme North as Tessie Morgan
Perry Lopez, Robert Ryan
Frank McGrath
Martin Gatsby Story
(ep. #6.4)
A wealthy merchant, impatient to reach California, wants to get the wagons moving, demanding that Hale leave behind an impoverished family who are causing delays. Fred Clark as Martin Gatsby
Virginia Christine as Elaine Gatsby
Harry Carey Jr. as Jeb
Jocelyn Brando as Grace Lefton
James McCallion as Caleb Leftone
John Augustus Story
(ep. #6.5)
When a gambler plays cards with a Chinese merchant, he’s astonished to find that he’s won a Chinese girl in the poker game. Joseph Cotten as John Augustus
Nobu McCarthy as Mayleen
Allen Jung as Din Pau Yee
Meg Wyllie as Matilda
Joseph Cotten also appears in the Captain Dan Brady Story (ep. #5.1)
Mavis Grant Story
(ep. #6.6)
The train, in desperate need of water, comes up against a hard-as-nails woman who wants to strip the passengers of their money and possessions before she’ll give water to them from her well. Ann Sheridan as Mavis Grant
Parley Baer as Maitland
Anna Karen as Mrs. Maitland
Mary Jane Saunders as Sally Maitland
Lisa Raincloud Story
(ep. #6.7)
7/17/1963 (rerun)
Hawks is badly wounded and captured by the Indians, who plan to execute him after he recovers, but during his convalescence he and an Indian princess fall in love. Dana Wynter as Lisa Raincloud
George Keymas as Grey Wolf
Gregg Barton as Tabor
Dal McKennon as Jethro
Ken Mayer
Terry Wilson
Shiloh Degnan Story
(ep. #6.8)
7/3/1963 (rerun)
The train comes upon a dying Army major, who accuses his commander, a national hero, of murder by sending him to certain death in a battle with Indians. This scandal could ruin the hero’s glorious career. Lorence Kerr as Shiloh Degnan
Russell Johnson as Maj. Dan Marriott
Nancy Gates as Mrs. Marriott
James Gavin as McClellan
R.G. Armstrong as Gen. Kirby
Barry Morse as Fogarty
Peter Whitney as Galloway
Russell Johnson would end up stranded as “The Professor” on Gilligan’s Island and also appears in the Cliff Grundy Story (ep. #1.15) and the Beauty Jamison Story (ep. #2.11).Barry Morse would hound David Janssen as Lt. Gerard in the Fugitive.
Levy-McGowan Story
(ep. #6.9)
A checker game sets off a feud between a Jew and an Irishman, which jeopardizes the romance of their children. Leo Fuchs as Simon Levy
Liam Redmond as Patrick McGowan
Lory Patrick as Rachel Levy
Gary Vinson as Sean McGowan
Nora Marlowe as Nancy McGowan
Kevin Brody as David Levy
John Bernard Story
(ep. #6.10)
(Originally scheduled for 10/3/62)
Indians kidnap a woman, leaving an Indian boy ill with leprosy in her place, promising to return her if they heal the boy. A priest is shocked to find he shares the other passengers fear and hatred toward the boy. Robert Ryan as John Bernard
Perry Lopez as Mitsina
Beau Bridges as Larry Gill
Cliff Osmond as Ben Gill
William Fawcett as Budgeon
Doris Kemper as Mrs. Budgeon
Herbert Lytton as Dr. Porter
Jack Grinnage
Terry Wilson
Kurt Davos Story
(ep. #6.11)
Afraid of dogs, a lady traveler avoids a fellow passenger and his bull dog, but it’s they who rescue her when she is charged by a wild bull. Eddie Albert as Kurt Davos
Frances Reid as Florence Hastings
Karl Lukas as Dr. Parnell
Arthur Space as Will Hershey
Amzie Strickland as Minnie Hershey
Eve Newhope Story
(ep. #6.12)
A man has come West to pay a surprise visit to his daughter, whom he thinks is a respectable married woman, but the surprise is on him when he finds that she is single and running a saloon in a mining town. Ann Blyth as Eve Newhope
Jim Davis as Dan Ryan
George Kane as Paul Leighton
Tudor Owen as patrick O’Shaughnessey
Slim Pickens, Richard Reeves
Davis, who also appears in the Candy O’Hara Story (ep. #4.11) and the Melanie Craig Story (ep. #7.22) would become Jock Ewing on Dallas from 1978 until his death in 1981.
Orly French Story
(ep. #6.13)
6/26/63 (rerun)
A former outlaw, now a deeply religious marshal, tries to lead a young bank robber along Peter Fonda as Orly French
John Doucette as Marshal Jason Hartman
Sharon Farrell as Judy
Robert Cornthwaite as Dr. Wilson
Gil Perkins as Bates
Donna Fuller Story
(ep. #6.14)
A temperance crusader and her female flock joint the train, causing an uproar with their zeal to weed out and destroy all liquor on hand. Trouble is, the crusader falls in love with a man who turns out to be a winemaker. Jeanne Cooper as Donna Fuller
Simon Oakland as Alonzo Galezio
Larry Blake as Prof. Widdam
Elvia Allman as Sabrina
Sandra Gould as as Edith
Barbara Ann Knudson as Dora
Kathleen Freeman as Dolly
Jeanne Cooper is best known as Kay Chancellor on The Young and the Restless.She also appeared in The Traitor (ep. #5.11); Kitty Pryer Story (ep. #7.10); The Whipping (ep. #7.27) and the Story of Hector Heatherington (ep. #8.13)
Sam Darland Story
(ep. #6.15)
8/21/1963 (rerun)
In arid, dangerous Indian country the train comes upon a man and his group of orphaned boys living in an abandoned ghost town. Art Linkletter as Sam Darland
Nancy Davis as Mrs. Baxter
X. Brands as Tulo
Bill Mumy as Toddy
Tommy Nolan as Billy
Steven Ritch as Red Cloud
Robert ‘Rusty’ Stevens as johnny
Danger! Warning Will Robinson! Billy Mummy would go on to Lost in Space and later, to play Lennier in Babylon 5.Nancy Davis is also known as Mrs. Ronald Reagan.
Abel Weatherly Story
(ep. #6.16)
Crossing the Nebraska plains the train comes upon the overturned wagon of a lone sea captain. Theygive aid to the injured man, then in the middle of the night, he tries to kill Hawks. J.D. Cannon asAbel Weatherly
John Ashley as Fratelli
William Fawcett as Drifter
Valerie Varda as Ilona
Terry Wilson
Davey Baxter Story
(ep. #6.17)
A fatherless boy loses his mother in a wagon accident which also badly mangles his arm. With the doctor away, Hale must make the decision as to whether the boy’s arm must be amputated in order to save the boy’s life. Tommy Sands as Davey Baxter
Jeannine Riley as Susan
Louise Arthur as Mrs. Forbes
Sam Edwards as Forbes
Charles Herbert as Walley
John McIntireTommy Sands also stars in the Larry Hanify Story (ep. #3.17); the Gus Morgan Story (ep. #7.3) and the Bob Stuart Story (ep. #8.1)
Johnny Masters Story
(ep. #6.18)
8/28/1963 (rerun)
On the way to get a military escort for the train through perilous country, Duke encounters the remains of an Indian raid and saves an Indian turned soldier from his comrades who detest him for his ancestry. Anthony George as Johnny Masters
Robert J. Wilke as Col. Stone
Harry Hickox as Capt. Sanborn
William Mims
as Waters
Kelly Thordsen as Flynn
Carole Wells as Laurie
Alvy Moore as Bledsoe
Angela Greene as Cassie
Denny MillerAnthony George is best known as Dr. Will Vernon on One Life to Live (1977-1984)
Naomi Kaylor Story
(ep. #6.19)
Hawks encounters a disinherited widow who covets the rich estate her husband has left to her stepdaughter. Joan Fontaine as Naomi Kaylor
Dick Sargent as Tom
Natalie Trundy as Grace Kaylor
Fred Beir
Terry WilsonDick Sargent will become one of the two Darrins on Bewitched
Hollister John Garrison Story
(ep. #6.20)
A bitter ex-soldier develops a strong dislike for another Southerner when he learns that the man didn’t fight for the Confederacy. Charles Drake as Hollister Garrison
Gary Cockrell as Stevenson Drake
Evans Evans as Melody Drake
Peter Whitney as Kempton
Lily Legend Story
(ep. #6.21)
A sheriff is escorting a condemned murderess who is going to the gallows, and Duke recognizes her as his childhood sweetheart. Susan Oliver as Lily Legend
Richard Jaeckel as Piper
Trevor Bardette as Sheriff Lund
Frank Cady
Denny MillerSusan Oliver also appeared in the Emily Rossiter Story (ep. #1.7) the Maggie Hamilton Story (ep. #3.26); and Cathy Eckardt Story (ep. #4.7)
Charlie Wooster – Outlaw
(ep. #6.22)
A lady outlaw and her two sons plan to abduct Hale and force him to tell them where the gold shipment about the train is located, but the boys get mixed up and grab Wooster instead. Jeanette Nolan as Bella McKavitch
L.Q. Jones as Esdras
Frank Ferguson Sheriff
Mickey Sholdar as Scotty
Morgan Woodward as Ciel
Frank McGrathJeanette Nolan is Mrs. John McIntire!
Sara Proctor Story
(ep. #6.23)
The travelers believe that a woman passenger is responsible for the mutilation of the dolls belonging to the train’s children, and they accuse her of being mentally ill. Jean Hagen as Sara Proctor
Chris Robinson as Brad Proctor
Holly McIntire as Jenny Graham
Holly McIntire is John McIntire’s daughter
Emmett Lawton Story
(ep. #6.24)
7/10/1963 (rerun)
In a town being terrorized by gunman, Duke accidentally kills in a fight, then faces the vengeance of the man’s boss, who’s the self-appointed dictator of the town. Dennis Hopper as Emmett Lawton
Frances Reid as Mrs. Lawton
Rusty Lane as Del Masters
Stanley Adams as Monte West
Philip Bourneuf as Chad Kramer
Richard Devon as Perk Lopely
Ric Roman as Jed Swairt
Denny MillerYes, that Dennis Hopper. The ‘ole Easy Rider himself.
Annie Duggan Story
(ep. #6.25)
Near panic breaks out when an elderly couple dies of typhoid fever, and their servant is quarantined, much to the annoyance of another passenger who has fallen in love with her. Carolyn Kearney,= as Annie Duggan
Arthur Franz as Dan Highet
Donnie Carter as Eddie
Katie Sweet as Jennie
Carla Balenda
Michael McGoo Story
(ep. #6.26)
After vowing to find parents for four orphaned brothers whose parents were killed by Indians, Charlie decides to adopt them himself, so he proposes to a spinster aboard the train. John Doucette as Michael McGoo
Jocelyn Brando as Ada Meyers
Cathleen Cordell as Mrs. Lawson
Donald Losby as Homer
Roger Mobley as Humphrey
Frank McGrath
Adam MacKenzie Story
(ep. #6.27)
A frontier physician is prevented from treating an Indian boy, and he and his family are run off their land by an angry mob who believe his daughter is a witch. Michael Ansara as Adam MacKenzie
Peter Brown as Benedict O’ Brien
Danny Bravo as Felipe Perez
William Mims as Esteban Perez
Lois Roberts as Juana Perez
Ansara who also appeared in the Patience Miller Story (ep. #4.16) had been a star of Broken Arrow (1956)Peter Brown had just finished playing Deputy Johnny McKay on the Lawman (1958-62). He also appeared in the Geneva Balfour Story (ep. #7.18) and Those Who Stay Behind (ep. #8.8)
Tom Tuesday Story
(ep. #6.28)
9/4/1963 (rerun)
A notorious outlaw, who is slowly going blind from a gunshot wound, has an important rendevous to keep, so he kidnaps Duke and forces Duke to guide him across Wyoming territory. Brian Keith as Tom Tuesday Denny MillerKeith is perhaps best known as Judge Milton C. ‘Hardcase’ Hardcastle in Hardcastle and McCormick (1983-86)
Heather and Hamish
(ep. #6.29)
A cantankerous Scotsman, seeking a husband for his daughter, persuade a farmer to marry her sight unseen, then makes him sign a marriage contract to insure the deal. Anne Helm as Heather MacIntosh
Michael Parks as Hamish Brown
Liam Redmond as Samuel Redmond
Meg Wyllie as Sara Redmond
Blane Wessels Story
(ep. #6.30)
During an Indian attack, an unfathomable drunkard saves Duke and three women he’s escorting to the train, one of whom is about to give birth. Together they are besieged in a shack in the wilderness. Robert Colbert as Blane Wessels
Virginia Christine as Minna
Juanita Moore as Essie
Lory Patrick as Laura
Denny Miller
Tom O’Neal Story
(ep. #6.31)
Two young passengers fall in love and because of their parent’s opposition, they decide they have to run off from the train to wed. Peter Helm as Tom O’Neal
Brenda Scott as Ellen Howard
Myron Healey as Mr. O’Neal
Aline Towne as Mrs. O
Les Tremayne as Mr. Howard
Clarence Mullins Story
(ep. #6.32)
Duke and Charlie enter dangerous Indian country to find and rescue and old friend, a minister who was ousted from the Army for refusing to fight Indians and who is now trying to preach to the savages. Clu Gulager as Clarence Mullins
I. Stanford Jolley as Harvey Mullins
Carleton Young as Maj. Gaston
Jim McMullan as Barker
Lisa Seagram as Esther
Denny Miller
Frank McGrath
David Garner Story
(ep. #6.33)
Hale has been entrusted with a strongbox full of cash, and a young man is determined to steal it, despite his girlfriend’s objections. Randy Boone as David Garner
Harry Harvey as Vern Orton
Susan Silo as Susan
Peter Whitney as Judd
John McIntire
Alias Bill Hawks
(ep. #6.34)
Hawks visits a prairie town to visit an old Indian friend, but finds the townspeople drilling water on the man’s property. They won’t give Hawks any information as to the friend’s whereabouts. Joan Freeman as Karen Wells
Jeanne Bal as Alcie Wells
Arthur Space as Martin Wells
Hal Baylor as Lester Cole
Cliff Osmond as Chester Cole
Ed Nelson as Burke Clayton
Ralph Leabow as Chick Stump
Dennis McCarthy
Terry Wilson
Antone Rose Story
(ep. #6.35)
An invalid cattle rancher bent on keeping his daughter from marrying a sheep herder, sells his land and joins the train to separate them. Charles Robinson as Antone Rose
Judi Meredith as Judy Ludlow
Trevor Bardette as Henry Ludlow
Charles Herbert as Nico
Jim Whitlow Story
(ep. #6.36)
When Duke left home years ago he gave a friend half interest in his ranch, and now finds the spread is an enormous ranching empire. He becomes outraged at the methods his friend used to expand their holdings. John Kerr as Jim Whitlow
Ellen MacRae as Margaret
Ann Staunton as Mary Mason
Jim Davis as Hubble
Dan White as Taggert
Robert Osterloh as Mason
John Cliff as Bayles
Claire Carleton as Lucy
Denny Miller
Barnaby West Story
(ep. #6.37)
9/11/1963 (rerun)
A deep affection develops between Hawks and a thirteen year old boy he meets on the trail, who has come West alone to try and find his father. Michael Burns as Barnaby West
Brad Morrow as Karl Roberts
Stuart Erwin as West
Scotty Morrow as Kenny Roberts
Renee Godfrey as Mrs. Palmer
Dennis McCarthy as Palmer
Richard Reeves as Roberts
This story introduces Michael Burns who now becomes a permanent cast member.

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