Wagon Train – Season 8 (1964-1965) Episode Guide

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Wagon Train Episodes - Robert Horton - Robert Fuller

SEASON EIGHT 1964-1965

Wednesdays 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM on NBC

The Studio has released some episodes on DVD:

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United States

October 1964 – April 1965
 1. Bonanza
2. Bewitched
3. Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.
4. The Andy Griffith Show
5. The Fugitive
6. The Red Skelton Hour
7. The Dick Van Dyke Show
8. The Lucy Show
9. Peyton Place II
10. Combat
11. Walt Disney’s
Wonderful World of Color
12. The Beverly Hillbillies
13. My Three Sons
14. Branded
15. Petticoat Junction
16. The Ed Sullivan Show
17. Lassie
18. The Munsters
19. Gilligan’s Island
20. Peyton Place I
21. The Jackie Gleason Show
22. The Virginian
23. The Addams Family
24. My Favorite Martian
25. Flipper

Episode Guide – Season 8

Bob Stuart Story
(ep. #8.1)
On his wedding day, an ex-lawman gets into a fight with an old enemy. Robert Ryan as Bob Stuart
Vera Miles as Janice Stuart
Tommy Sands as Keith Lance
Andrew Prine as Felix Colton
Stacy Harris, William Smith
William Smith is also in the Richard Bloodgood Story (ep. #8.10). He would go on to star in Laredo (1965-67) and with Robert Fuller, appeared in the movie version of Maverick.
Tommy Sands also stars in the Larry Hanify Story (ep. #3.17); Davey Baxter Story (ep. #6.17) and the Gus Morgan Story (ep. #7.3)
The Hide Hunters
(ep. #8.2)
5/9/1965 (rerun)
Coop and Barnaby set out to stalk buffaloes with a group of hide hunters, on eof whom delights in taunting Barnaby. Chris Robinson as Gib Ryker
Morgan Woodward as Zach Ryker
Charla Doherty as Samantha
Ted White as Cougar
Mickey Finn
Robert Fuller
Michael Burns
John Gillman Story
(ep. #8.3)
5/16/1965 (rerun)
An embittered outlaw doesn’t want any friends but he’s stuck with one little orphaned girl. Bobby Darin as John Gillman
Betsy Hale as Abigail
Whit Bissell as Moore
Elisabeth Fraser as Mrs. Gorman
James McCallion as Gorman
Virginia Gregg as Miss Roberts
Race Town Story
(ep. #8.4)
Hawks and Barnaby escort a young girl to Sam Race’s Tent City of honky-tonks and con games, but the girl is dismayed when she find that the man has hired her as a saloon girl, not as an entertainer. And Barnaby learns the ways of this world. Dan Duryea as Sam Race
Cheryl Holdridge as Annabelle
Allyson Ames as Julie
Hal Needham
Terry Wilson
Michael BurnsDan Duryea also appears in the Cliff Grundy Story (ep. #1.15); the Sacramento Story (ep. # 1.39); the Last Man (ep. #2.19); the Bleymier Story (ep. #4.8) and the Wagon Train Mutiny (ep. #6.1)
Barbara Lindquist Story
(ep. #8.5)
5/23/1965 (rerun)
Going to the aid of a stagecoach being fired at by bandits, Coop finds a Bostonian lady to be the only surviving passenger. Dana Wynter as Barbara Lindquist
Barry Atwater as Frazer
Walter Woolf King as Dr. Everest
David Perna as Johnny
Robert Fuller
Brian Conlin Story
(ep. #8.6)
5/30/1965 (rerun)
A dust covered. delirious Irishmen stumbles into camp and falls unconscious; he’s the leader of an emigrant band that’s been victimized at every turn and sees no reason why he should trust Hale. Leslie Nielsen as Brian Conlin
Audrey Dalton as Dana Bannon
Paul Fix as Sean Bannon
Patricia Lyon as Mary
Dick Miller as Michael
Eileen Baral as Sara
Alice Whitetree Story
(ep. #8.7)
6/6/1965 (rerun)
Coop finds a half-breed Indian girl wandering in he wilderness, and then finds himself becoming involved with her. Diane Baker as Alice Whitetree
Chuck Courtney as Tom Vincent
John Hoyt as Reed
Ken Lynch as Morton
Robert Fuller
Those Who Stay Behind
(ep. #8.8)
The train hasn’t enough room for all who want to join, among them an ex-convict whose life has been threatened by his former partner. Peter Brown as Ben Campbell
Lola Albright as Leonora Parkman
Bruce Dern as Jud Fisher
Jay North as Tom Blake
Dennis Holmes as Danny Blake
Walter Coy as Ord Whaley
Willa Pearl Curtis as Clemsie
Dennis Holmes as Danny Blake
Well, gee Mr. Wilson! Jay North was, of course, Dennis the Menace (1959-63)Peter Brown had just finished playing Deputy Johnny McKay on the Lawman (1958-62). He also appeared in the Geneva Balfour Story (ep. #7.18) and the Adam MacKenzie Story(ep. #6.27)Bruce Dern is the father of Laura Dern!
Nancy Styles Story
(ep. #8.9)
6/20/1965 (rerun)
Despite Hale’s edict that the train will bypass Denver, a wealthy young woman is determined to get to the mile high city. Deborah Walley as Nancy Styles
Ryan O’Neal as Paul Phillips
Marilyn Wayne as Jenny Phillips
James Griffith as Phineas
Rex Reason as Homer
Olan Soule as Telegraph Operator
This episode has a young Ryan O’Neal, from back when love DID mean saying you’re sorry.
Richard Bloodgood Story
(ep. #8.10)
/6/27/1965 (rerun)
Joining the train with one purpose is Coop’s boyhood blood brother, now blind, who is out to kill Coop. Guy Stockwell as Richard Bloodgood
William Smith as Espada
John Crowther as Virgil
Reta Shaw as Tenny
Janet Hamil as Janet Rose
David Foley as Coop as a boy
Johnny Tuohy as Bloodgood as a boy
Glenn Yarbrough as Guitarist
Robert FullerGlenn Yarbrough is a former LimeliterWilliam Smith is also in the Bob Stuart Story (ep. #8.1). He would go on to star in Laredo (1965-67) and with Robert Fuller, appeared in the movie version of Maverick
Clay Shelby Story
(ep. #8.11)
7/4/1965 (rerun)
The train has troubles – Coop’s been wounded, Hawks is ill and a band of hostile Indians is preparing to attack. Dwayne Hickman as Clay Shelby
Celia Kaye as Ann Shelby
Richard Carlson as Lt. Burns
Gail Bonney as Mrs. Mahoney
Mort Mills as Sgt. Bragan
Berkeley Harris as Cpl. Reese
Dwayne Hickman had just finished playing Dobie in the Many Lives of Dobie Gillis (1959-63)
Little Girl Lost
(ep. #8.12)
7/11/1965 (rerun)
A little girl’s cries are heard during the night, but Charlie is the only one to catch a glimpse of her before she vanishes. Eileen Baral as Robin
Richard H. Cutting as Dixon
John Doucette as Boone Gillia
Frank McGrath
Story of Hector Heatherington
(ep. #8.13)
7/18/1965 (rerun)
A would-be inventor works feverishly with Charlie and Barnaby’s help to launch the first “flying machine” in this serio-comic episode. Tom Ewell as Hector Heatherington
Kim Darby as Heather Heatherington
Jeanne Cooper as Harriett Heatherington
Frank McGrath
Terry WilsonJeanne Cooper is best known as Kay Chancellor on The Young and the Restless.Cooper also appeared in The Traitor (ep. # 5.1); Donna Fuller Story (ep. #6.14) ; Kitty Pryer Story (ep. #7.10) and The Whipping (ep. #7.27)
The Echo Pass Story
(ep. #8.14)
After shooting Charlie, an outlaw gang whose members include two women force Coop to lead them to water Jack Lord as Lee Barton
Diane Brewster as Bea
James Caan as Paul
Susan Seaforth Hayes as Vera
ee pollock as Clyde
A strong Robert Fuller episodeJames Caan would become Sonny Corleone.Book ’em Dano! Jack Lord would be Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0 (1968-80)Susan Seaforth Hayes would play Julie Williams on Days of Our Lives.
Chottsie Gubenheimer Story
(ep. #8.15)
7/26/1965 (rerun)
Hale breaks up a scuffle between his former sweetheart and a gambler. Jeanette Nolan as Chottsie Gubenheimer
Paul Stewart as Jim Bannon
John Doucette as Chandler Ames
Buck Taylor as Skeeter Ames
Gail Bonney as Mrs. Wilson
Claire Carleton as Mrs. Mortimer
John McIntireJeanette Nolan was also known as Mrs. John McIntire!
Wanda Snow Story
(ep. #8.16)
8/1/1965 (rerun)
Coop’s life is in danger, according to the premonition of a woman traveler. Marta Kristen as Wanda Snow
Dabbs Greer as Hiram Snow
Arthur O’Connell as Dabney Pitts
Donnelly Rhodes as Jeremiah Stewart
Ken Mayer
Robert FullerMarta Kristen is best known as Judy Robinson on Lost in Space.
Originally Miss Mary Lee Mcintosh (#8.20)
Isaiah Quickfox Story
(ep. #8.17)
Charlie and Coop ride into a seemingly deserted town, and it appears that everyone left in a big hurry. Frank DeKova as Isiah Quickfox
John Doucette as Burt Enders
Andrew Prine as Eric Camden
Nancy Rennick as Kate
John Holland as Prof. Sheffield
Jan Clayton
Robert Fuller
Frank McGrathJan Clayton played Ellen Miller on Lassie (1954-57)
(ep. #8.18)
8/15/1965 (rerun)
Because the Indians are in awe of an old-timers’ giant horse, a Clydesdale who is nineteen hands high and weighs three thousand pounds, the elderly man is able to pass safely through their hostile territory. Charles Ruggles as Jamison Hershey
Tim McIntire as William Temple
Linda Evans as Martha Temple
Lane Bradford as Biggers
Frank McGrath
Tim McIntire is the son of John McIntire and his wife, Jeanette NolanLinda Evans would play Audra Barkley on the Big Valley (1965-69) and
Bonnie Brooke Story
(ep. #8.19)
8/22/1965 (rerun)
An expectant couple are in desperate need of money. Already deep in debt, they have to have cash for the wife’s medical care. Katharine Ross as Bonnie Brooke
James Davidson as Don Brooke
Robert Emhardt as Roger Cromwell
Lee Philips as Jack Evans
Donna Russell as Annabelle
Katherine Ross is best known as Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine, in the Graduate, and as the Sundance Kid’s girlfriend, Etta Place in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story
(ep. #8.20) 2/28/19658/29/1965 (rerun)
Refusing what she considers to be a ridiculous fee to join the train, a willful spinster plans to follow along in her lone wagon. Bethel Leslie as Mary Lee McIntosh
Jack Warden as Daniel Delaney
Kevin O’Neal as Efraim
David McMahon as Sgt. O’ Rourke
Dennis McCarthy as Kurt
Jack Big Head
Captain Sam Story
(ep. #8.21)
A woman ferryboat skipper gets a pleasant surprise when the train brings her two visitors – her sailor son and his bride. Cathy Lewis as Captain Sam
Robert Stanton as Johnny
Leslie Perkins as Mary Anne
Richard Wessel as Biff
June Ellis as Mrs. Kelsey
Robert Salton
Betsy Blee Smith Story
(ep. #8.22)
While visiting an old girlfriend, Coop finds he’s been recruited to pose as the husband of the woman’s twin sister. Jennifer Billingsley as Eloise/Betsy
Jody McCrea as Calvin
Peter Whitney as Buster Blee
Meg Wyllie as Sylvia Blee
Robert Fuller
Katy Piper Story
(ep. #8.23)
9/5/1965 (rerun)
Barnaby kills a masked bandit and is then guilt-stricken when he learns that his victim was a boy his own age. Frances Reid as Katy Piper
Virginia Christine as Mrs. Reed
Don Beddoe as Judge
Michael BurnsThis was the last episode shown (albeit in rerun) during Wagon Train’s original run.
Indian Girl Story
(ep. #8.24)
Hawks refuses to turn an Indian girl over to Chief Crazy Bear, who wants to punish her for killing his son. Ernest Borgnine in a cameo as an Indian
Bruce Dern as Wilkins
Michael Pate as Crazy Bear
Charla Doherty as Patty McNeil
Rex Holman as Joe Abbott John Lupton, Maggie Pierce
Terry Wilson
Ernest Borgnine also appears in the Willy Moran Story (ep. #1.1) Around the Horn (ep. #2.1); the Estaban Zamora Story (ep. # 3.4) and the Earl Packer Story (ep. # 4.15)
Silver Lady
(ep. #8.25)
Coop tells Hawks the story about the famed Earp brothers and a lady who perished in the wreck of a stagecoach hauling a cargo of sliver. Michael Burns as Morgan Earp
Don Collier as Wyatt Earp
Don Galloway as Virgil Earp
Vera Miles, Arthur O’Connell, Henry Silva
This episode was a pilot for a projected show about the Earp brothers.
Jarbo Pierce Story
(ep. #8.26)
Charlie talks about his younger days in Pierce’s Bend, when he worked for a rugged, God-fearing trading post operator. Rory Calhoun as Jarbo Pierce
Tom Simcox as Adam Pierce
Lee Philips as Fortune
Angela Dorian as Marie
Stanley Adams, Lane Bradford, Mickey Finn, Bern Hoffman, Arthur Hunnicutt, Mort Mills, Victoria Vetri, Morgan Woodward
Rory Calhoun had played Bill Longley in the Texan (1958-60)
Wagon Train was replaced by the second half of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and the first half of The FBI


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