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Tony Gill’s Laramie/Robert Fuller siteRobert Fuller -John McIntire
From the Doug Abbott CollectionCooper Smith joined Chris Hale’s Wagon Train as scout in 1963. He rode out ahead of the train, on his horse Gambler, to learn what dangers lurked. Although a quiet man, he knew when to speak his mind when it was important.

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FINALLY! The Studio has released some episodes on DVD:

Wagon Train
The Complete First Season (1957-58)

The Complete Season 2 (1958-59)
The Complete Third Season (1959-60)
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The Complete Season Five (1961-62)
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Also Wagon Train
The Complete Color Season

The 1963 color season – (32) 90 minute episodes

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©2010-2019 Michael Rich. All rights reserved.Robert FullerRobert Fuller’s scout was rough and tumble. Coop Smith never started fights, but he finished quite a few!Robert Fuller - Echo Pass
From the Megan Herring CollectionRobert Fuller - ActionRobert Fuller brought believability to the role of wagon train scout. We just knew this fella would face the dangers ahead of the train unflinchingly.Robert Fuller - ActionRobertFuller
From the Megan Herring CollectionCooper Smith quickly became a viewer favorite. Robert Fuller brought with him to Wagon Train all of his Laramie fans and his portrayal of this ruggedly honorable character quickly touched a chord in viewers.Click for Robert Fuller’s Credits
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