Wagon Train – Season 5 (1961-1962) Episode Guide

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Wagon Train Episodes - Robert Horton - Robert Fuller

SEASON FIVE 1961-1962

Wednesdays 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM on NBC

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United States

October 1961 – April 1962
 1. Wagon Train
2. Bonanza
3. Gunsmoke
4. Hazel
5. Perry Mason
6. The Red Skelton Show
7. The Andy Griffith Show
8. The Danny Thomas Show
9. Dr. Kildare
10. Candid Camera
11. My Three Sons
12. The Garry Moore Show
13. Rawhide
14. The Real McCoys
15. Lassie
16. Sing Along With Mitch
17. Dennis the Menace
18. Gunsmoke
19. Ben Casey
20. The Ed Sullivan Show
21. Car 54, Where Are You
22. The Flintstones
23. Many Lives of Dobie Gillis
24. Walt Disney’s
Wonderful World of Color
25. The Joey Bishop Show

Episode Guide – Season 5

Captain Dan Brady Story
(ep. #5.1)
6/20/1962 (rerun)
A Wild West star whose fabricated heroism endangers the train’s welfare, demands to be hired as chief scout. If Hale gives in, he’ll probably lose Flint; if not, he loses a much needed government contract. Joseph Cotten as Captain Dan Brady
Paul Comi as John Grey Cloud
Edward Colmans as Brown
David Faulkner as Murray
Dawn Wells as Mrs. Murray
Russell Thorson as Major
Mauritz Hugo
Robert Horton
John McIntireDawn Wells’ journey would come to a halt when she became stranded on Gilligan’s Island!Joseph Cotten also appears in the John Augustus Story (ep. #6.5)
Kitty Allbright Story
(ep. #5.2)
6/27/1962 (rerun)
A nurse on the train is concerned about the poor sanitation habits of the travelers, and when she tries to do something about it, she finds she’s alos fighting some misconceptions about her profession. Polly Bergen as Kitty Allbright
Eleanor Audley as Mother Allbright
Howard Wendell as Father Allbright
Jocelyn Brando as Lettie
Kathleen Freeman as Lolly
Arlen Stuart as Emily
Morgan Woodward as Barney
Robert HortonHorton reports that this episode was filmed in color.
Maud Frazer Story
(ep. #5.3)
Flint runs across an all woman wagon train led by a greedy woman who tries to persuade him to help her search for gold, while he tries to dissuade her from leading the defenseless women into hostile territory. Barbara Stanwyck as Maud Frazer
Nora Marlowe as Bessie
Renee Godfrey as Willa Mae
Russ Conway
A good Robert HortonepisodeBarbara Stanwyck also appeared in the Caroline Casteel Story
(ep. #6.2); the Molly Kincaid Story (ep. #7.1) and Kate Crawley Story (ep. #7.19)
Selena Hartnell Story
(ep. #5.4)
A shrewd lady bounty hunter catches up with the train and demands that Hale arrest her quarry, a man who is a beloved leader of a band of pacifists. Jan Sterling as Selena Hartnell
Claude Akins as Will Cotrell
Billy E. Hughes as Matt
Jan Sterling also stars in the Annie Griffith Story (ep. #2.21)
Clementine Jones Story
(ep. #5.5)
7/4/1963 (rerun)
When a shapely saloon singer is booted out of town by righteous citizens. Hale offers to escort her West on the train. Ann Blyth asClementine Jones
Dick York as Willie Pettigrew
Roger Mobley as Homer
Henry Corden as Frank
Nestor Paiva as Gip
Fred Sherman as Dr. Snodgrass
Willard Waterman AS Mayor
Frank Wilcox as Nolan
James Milhollin as Cashier
Dick York, who also appears in the Charley Shutup Story (ep. #5.23) will go on to play one of the two Darrens on Bewitched!
Jenna Douglas Story
(ep. #5.6)
7/25/1962 (rerun)
The train comes across a woman stumbling along the trail and Hale takers her on, unaware that she just escaped from a mental hospital. Carolyn Jones as Jenna Douglas
Charlie Briggs as Ed Linders
John Lupton as Dr. David Miller
Andy Green as Henry Brandt
Robert Burton as Pete Thompson
Juney Ellis as Mrs. Diggs
Sure Thompson as Jean Engstrom
Carolyn Jones also appeared in John Cameron Story (ep. #1.3) and the Molly Kincaid Story (ep. #7.1) but is best known as Morticia in the Addams Family
Artie Matthewson Story
(ep. #5.7)
Flint discovers that his foster brother has been elected mayor of a boom town and suspects that the opportunistic young man is acting as a front in a swindle plot, but no one in town will believe him. Rory Calhoun as Artie Matthewson
Jane Darwell as Angie Matthewson
Joyce Meadows as Melanie Sanders
House Peters Jr.
Robert HortonRory Calhoun had just finished playing Bill Longely on The Texan.
Mark Miner Story
(ep. #5.8)
9/12/1962 (rerun)
Hale upsets the passengers when he suspects two orphaned brothers as culprits in the theft of some travelers belongings. Brandon De Wilde as Mark Miner
Michael Burns as Mathew Miner
Robert Cornthwaite as Rev. Cornthwaite
Barbara Parkins as Eve
Walter Coy as Thorn
Denny MillerMichael Burns would later join the cast as Barnaby WestBarbara Parkins is best remembered as Betty Harrington Cord on Peyton Place.
Bruce Saybrook Story
(ep. #5.9)
A British nobleman, escorting a party through the West, is taking the adventure as a lark, ignoring Flint’s warnings that they’re right in the middle of hostile Indian territory Brian Aherne as Lord Bruce Saybrook
Antoinette Bower as Diana Saybrook
Liam Sullivan as Tommy
Robert Horton
Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story
(ep. #5.10)
9/5/1962 (rerun)
A pretty girl creates a storm of jealousy by flirting alternatively with Hawks and Shannon to cover up her true reason fro wanting to join the train. Dana Wynter as Lizabeth Ann Calhoun
Raymond Bailey as Major Henley
Richard Crane as Lon Harper
Peter Whitney as El Ladron
Denny Miller
Terry Wilson
The Traitor
(ep. #5.11)
7/11/1962 (rerun)Click for Pictures
Believed to be mixed up in a horse theft, Flint is tried, convicted and sentenced to a whipping and banishment from the wagon train.But wait, there more to the story and Flint remains a good guy! Nick Adams as Sam Upton
Jeanne Cooper as Madge Upton
Stacy Keach Sr. as Major Hansen
Myron Healey as Sgt. Oakes
Anthony Caruso as “Muerte”
Alex Montoya as Bandit
A strong Robert HortonepisodeThis is the episode where Robert Horton gets whipped.Nick Adams had just finished his role as Johnny Yuma in The Rebel.Jeanne Cooper is best known as Kay Chancellor on The Young and the Restless.

Cooper also appeared in Donna Fuller Story (ep. #6.14) ; Kitty Pryer Story (ep. #7.10); The Whipping (ep. #7.27) and the Story of Hector Heatherington (ep. #8.13)

Bettina May Story
(ep. #5.12)
Hale’s not happy with a matriarch and her large brood who’ve joined the wagon train. It’s gonna be a long trip and she allows her pampered family to draw on her strength rather than develop their own. Bette Davis as Bettina May
Joby Baker as Nathan May
Ron Hayes as Gene
Asa Maynor as Rose
Davis also stars in the Ella Lindstrom Story (ep. #2.18) and the Elizabeth McQueeny Story (ep. 3.5)
(ep. #5.13)
7/18/1962 (rerun)
Wooster comes upon a buffalo and can’t bring himself to shoot him, so he brings back to camp and makes a pet of him, just as the train is faced with a meat shortage. Harry von Zell as John Sherman
Lenore Kingston as Mrs. Sherman
Michael McGreevey as Sonny Sherman
Frank DeKova as Arapahoe Chief
Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Seidell
Frank McGraffThis episode was written by Gene L. Coon, as was Benjamin Burns, (ep. #3.19) a fan favorite. Click for Trivia Info
Martin Onyx Story
(ep. #5.14)
A legendary lawman answers a plea for help when citizens of a small town are plagued by outlaws. Flint happens to be in town and suspects the man is an imposter as he thought the lawman was dead. Jack Warden as Martin Onyx
Sherwood Price as First Killer
Morgan Woodward as Second Killer
Rhys Williams as Angus Breck
Jack Albertson as Jebediah Giddings
Robert HortonMichael Burns would later join the cast as Barnaby West
Dick Pederson Story
(ep. #5.15)
A orphaned young man resents the others on the train because they all have families, especially one particular girl. But when her four younger sisters take him under their wing, he soon warms up. James MacArthur as Dick Pederson
Alice Frost as Mrs. Cutler
Anne Helm as Janey Cutler
Monique Vermont as Cassie Cutler
Susie Mathers as Nellie Cutler
Carol Sydes as Renee Cutler
Betsy Robinson as Vicky Cutler
Nora Marlowe as Rebecca Brewster
I. Stanford Jolley as Mr. Peterson
Book ‘Em Dano! James McArthur, son of Helen Hayes, is best known for his role as Det. Danny Williams on Hawaii Five-0. (1968-79)
Hobie Redman Story
(ep. #5.16)
Duke’s limited experience is taxed when mutiny breaks out as he leads some newcomers across the desert to join the train, and one man refuses to go along the same trail on which his family died earlier. Lin McCarthy as Hobie Redman
Arch Johnson as Glen Andrews
Parley Baer as Clyde Montgomery
Barbara Eiler as Ruth Carlson
Ann Jillian as Sandra Carlson
Amzie Strickland as Agnes Montgomery
Denny Miller
Malachi Hobart Story
(ep. #5.17)
In an effort to expose a drifting swindler who’s posing as a traveling preacher, Duke allows himself to be talked into one of his schemes. Franchot Tone as Malachi Hobart
Wally Brown as George Gresam
Irene Ryan as Martha Gresham
Steve Darrell as Roy Standish
Fern Barry as Leona Standish
Denny MillerNow listen to a story about…Oil, that is. Black Gold. Texas tea… which would enable Irene Ryan to move on to the Hills. Beverly Hills, that is, as Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.
Dr. Denker Story
(ep. #5.18)
When Flint comes upon a young boy who’s paralyzed with fear and mute after witnessing the murder of his father, he puts him in the care of a jovial doctor of musicology to help him restore his speech. Theodore Bikel as Dr. Denker
Michael Burns as Billy Latham
George Keymas as Ed Beaufort
Kathleen O’Malley as Emma Beaufort
Jimmy Lydon
A decent Robert HortonepsiodeMichael Burns would later join the cast as Barnaby West
Lonnie Fallon Story
(ep. #5.19)
A young cowhand is smitten with a pretty girl. Her father who disapproves of the match, threatens to kill him if he follows the train to California. Gary Clarke as Lonnie Fallon
Alan Hale Jr. as Kirby
Lynn Loring as Kathy Jenniings
Frank Overton as MArtin Jennings
Stacy Harris as Sheriff Fancher
Paul Birch, Angela Greene,
Alan Hale Jr. is better known as “The Skipper” on Gilligan’s Island
Jeff Hartfield Story
(ep. #5.20)
A teenager, whose father is in prison awaiting execution plans to run away from the train to save him. At the same time two other boys and Charlie, all plan to run away too. Jack Chaplain as Jeff Hartfield
Dennis Rush as Davey Adams
Roger Mobley as Stevey Brewster
Michael Forest as Dallas
House Peters Jr. as Link Hartfield
Ross Elliott, Mary Gregory, Jackie Loughery
Frank McGrath
Daniel Clay Story
(ep. #5.21)
8/1/1962 (rerun)
A judge with a reputation for handing down harsh sentences, faces a dilemma when his own son comes before the court. When he takes his family West on the train, others form an immediate dislike. Claude Rains as Judge Daniel Clay
Peter Helm as Ethan Clay
Frances Reid as MArgaret Clay
Fred Beir as John Cole
Maggie Pierce as Frances Cole
Jack Mather as Frank Lathrop
Orville Sherman as Joe Martin
Hal Smith as Carl Grant
Lieutenant Burton Story
(ep. #5.22)
Riding ahead of the train, Hale is wounded in an ambush by a cavalry patrol looking for deserters. The order to fire was given by a sergeant who believes in shooting first and asking questions later. Dean Jones as Lt. Burton
Charles McGraw as Sgt. Kile
Ray Stricklyn as Danny Maitland
Brett Kings as Cpl. Ben Rawl
Jenny Maxwell as Susan Lane
Ray Baumann as Paul Thompkins
John McIntire
Charley Shutup Story
(ep. #5.23)
Duke breaks his ankle while escorting a group on foot through rugged, snowy mountain country. They are forced to leave him behind in a snowbound cabin with a wounded Indian, with whom he forges a bond. Dick York as Charley Shutup
R.G. Armstrong as John Muskie
Dorothy Green as Ethel Muskie
Paul Fix, Dennis Patrick, Anita Sands
This is Denny Miller’sfavorite episode as indeed it is a strong one for him.Dick York, who also appears in the Clementine Jones Story (ep. #5.5) will go on to play one of the two Darrins on Bewitched!
Amos Billings Story
(ep. #5.24)
Scouting ahead, Flint is stopped by a scavenger who tries to detour the train into the path of a hidden cannon by saying that he has blasted a road through a dead end canyon that’ll save the train two weeks. Paul Fix as Amos Billings
Jon Locke as Gabe Billings
Jenny Engstrom as Loan
Dennis Patrick as Josh Anders
Gregg Palmer as Corso
Kreg Martin as
Tom Sweat as Crow
John Zaremba as Keenan
Robert Horton
Baylor Crowfoot Story
(ep. #5.25)
An overbearing man, after catching a schoolmaster exchanging glances with his daughter, warns the teacher to leave her alone. He then proceeds to bully and shame the mild mannered man. Robert Culp as Baylor Crofoot
John Larch as Jethro Creech
Joyce Taylor as Ruth Creech
Charles Herbet as Tad Hollister
Leonard Nimoy as Emeterio Vasquez
Robert Culp had finished with his role as Hoby Gilman in Trackdown, but had yet to become Kelly Robinson in I Spy.Leonard Nimoy would live long and prosper as Spock.
George B. Hanrahan Story
(ep. #5.26)
When an Indian medicine man angers his tribesmen, Duke brings him to the train, where he soon makes friends with emigrating Boston politician who things they’ll make a great team at the conning the public. Lee Tracy as George Hanrahan
Douglas Jones asCharley Haynes
Harry Carey Jr. as Tim Hogan
Frank DeKova as Running Bear
Dennis McCarthy as Burton
Brett King,
Denny Miller
Swamp Devil
(ep. #5.27)
Flint, leading a small group of people, arrives at the edge of a swamp and a friendly Indian chief warns them to detour because an evil spirit dwells in the marshes ahead. Robert Bice as Bear Claw
Philip Bourneuf as Joshua
Richard H. Cutting as Mr. Harris
Kay Stewart as Mrs. Harris
Otto Waldis as Otto Burger
Robert Horton
Cole Crawford Story
(ep. #5.28)
The arrogant son of a wealthy landowner threatens to destroy the train unless a young bride, who spurned him, leaves her husband and goes back with him. James Drury as Cole Crawford
Diana Millay as Helen Crawford
Robert Colbert as Blake Dorty
Fay Wray
Smile when you say that, pardner. James Drury, who also appeared in the Bleymier Story (ep. #4.8) would become much better known as the Virginian (1962-71)
Levi Hale Story
(ep. #5.29)
8/29/1962 (rerun)
Hale journeys to Wyoming to meet his older brother who’s being released from prison. He thinks his brother has been pardoned by the Governor, but the warden tell him that the ailing man is being paroled in Hale’s custody on the condition that he never return to the territory. John McIntire as Levi Hale
Hugh Sanders as Warden
Trevor Bardette as Pete Rudge
Myron Healey as Deputy
Dan White as Driver
John McIntire does double duty in this episode
Terry Morrell Story
(ep. #5.30)
A man and his stepson join the train and quickly establish themselves as very antisocial. The boy’s obvious dislike for his stepfather brings on a growing feeling that the man is an unfit parent. David Ladd as Terry Morrell
Henry Jones as Ben Morrell
Vivi Janiss as Letty Morse
Paul Langton as Ralph Morse
Lane Bradford as Zeb Landrus
Eve McVeagh as Yolanda
Jud Steele Story
(ep. #5.31)
A fleeing gunman and his pal show up at the train asking for fresh horses, and he doesn’t hide his anger when he sees Hawks. Ed Binns as Jud Steele
Arthur Franz as Nathan Forge
Robert J. Wilke as Wesley Thomas
Tim Graham as SAm Broderick
Cliff Osmond as Simmons
Mary La Roche as Ursula
Fred Sherman as Attendant
Joe Turkel as Eddie
Terry Wilson
Mary Beckett Story
(ep. #5.32)
A suave Frenchman is using his looks and charm to bilk the admiring ladies out of their savings and the men suspect he’s a phony. Anne Jeffreys as Mary Beckett
Lee Bergere as Alex Lamont
Carole Wells as Ginny Beckett
Whit Bissell as Frank Lane
Jocelyn Brando as Martha Lane
Joe Maross as Robert Waring
Anne Jeffreys also starred in the Julia Gage Story (ep. #1.14) is best known as Marion Kirby in Topper (1953)
Nancy Davis Story
(ep. #5.33)
Flint is gripped by a thirst for revenge when he learns in a local saloon that the man who killed the girl he loved is still alive. At the end of the episode, Flint rides away. Never to be seen or heard of again. Lory Patrick as Nancy Lee Davis
Keith Richards as Lace Andrews
Cloris Leachman as Loretta
Russell Collins as Doc Shaw
Bob Anderson as Rafer
George Keymas as Pitts
Sam Edwards, Don Gazzaniga, Kay Stewart
A sad Robert Hortonepisode as this is where they write him out of the series. And not cleverly either.
Frank Carter Story
(ep. #5.34)
Duke is a dead ringer for a gambler whom somebody is out to kill, but he assumes the man’s identity to save the sanity of the man’s mother. Albert Salmi as Frank Carter
Frances Reid as Mary Carter
Gloria Talbott as Martha Chambers
Edward Platt as Cyrus Bolton
Jeanne Bates, William Fawcett, Norman Leavitt,
Denny MillerWilliam Fawcett is the fellow who played Pete in Fury.Albert Salmi later played Yadkin on Daniel Boone (1964-65)
John Turnbull Story
(ep. #5.35)
White settlers trying to force the Indians off their land are faced with a new kind of opposition – a legal barrier initiated by two lawyers, one who’s returned from the East to help his fellow Indians. Henry Silva as John Turnbull
Warren Stevens as Jack Thorne
Steven Geray as Jacob Solomon
Tim Frawley as Hank
I. Stanford Jolley as Burro Beetle
Dayton Lummis as T.J. Gingle
John War Eagle as Nah-Ah-Kanay
Frank Wilson
Hiram Winthrop Story
(ep. #5.36)
An Indian agent needs help in establishing a welfare program in his district, and he persuades Duke to give up his job as wagon scout and work for him as an administrator. Eduard Franz as Hiram Winthrop
Ron Soble as Chief Two Arrows
Barbara Woodell as Jessica
Claudia Bryar as Mary Carter
Frank Gerstle as Frank Carter
Art Lund as Lafe Riatt
Aline Towne,
Denny Miller
Heather Mahoney Story
(ep. #5.37)
The train reaches its Sacramento destination and Hale decides it’s the end of the line for him when he falls for a pretty widow. Jane Wyatt as Heather Mahoney
Nellie Burt as Mother O’Hara
Cyril Delevanti as Jamison
John Emery as Harry Breckenridge
Harry Holcombe as mr. Waterbury
John McIntireWyatt is better known as Margaret Anderson on Father Knows Best. (1954-60)

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