by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

Chlorophyll - FiftiesBeat odor. I figured your first question would be – what is that supposed to do for you? And the answer is that it was widely believed that chlorophyll eliminated bad smells.

So they added it to every kind of product imaginable. The picture at left just suggests the variety and number of items to which chlorophyll became a promotable ingredient.

Yes, chlorophyll is the stuff that makes plants green. Today many people still tout the benefits of it for health. No, I don’t think you can just go out and eat a shrub and get the same result.

While not engaging in the debate of chlorophyll’s therapeutic properties, suffice it to say that it sold well. Until “The Journal of the American Medical Association” pointed out grazing goats virtually live on chlorophyll and they smell bad just the same.

And that’s all she wrote on that one.

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