1950s Hit Songs – 1958

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

Listed chronologically below are among the most popular and best remembered songs of 1958.

1950s Hit Songs – 1958

1950s Hit Songs -   1958

[Star] Indicates that the artist has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
At the Hop Danny and the Juniors 1/06
Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis 1/06  [Star]
All the Way Frank Sinatra 1/06
Stood Up Ricky Nelson 1/13  [Star]
Don’t Elvis Presley 2/10  [Star]
Short Shorts Royal Teens 2/10
Sugartime The McGuire Sisters 2/17
Get a Job The Silhouettes 2/24
26 Miles (Santa Catalina) The Four Preps 3/10
A Wonderful Time Up There Pat Boone 3/10
Tequila The Champs 3/17
Sweet Little Sixteen Chuck Berry 3/17  [Star]
Catch a Falling Star Perry Como  3/24
Are You Sincere Andy Williams 3/24
Lollipop The Chordettes 3/31
He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands Laurie London 4/14
Twilight Time The Platters 4/24  [Star]
Witch Doctor David Seville 4/28
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Elvis Presley 4/28  [Star]
All I Have to Do is Dream The Everly Brothers 5/12  [Star]
Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley 6/09
Big Man The Four Preps 6/09
Secretly Jimmie Rodgers 6/16  [Star]
Hard Headed Woman Elvis Presley 7/21  [Star]
Yakety Yak Coasters 7/21  [Star]
Patricia Perez Prado 7/28
Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson 8/04  [Star]
Splish Splash Bobby Darin 8/04  [Star]
Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Blu) Dominico Modugno  8/18
My True Love Jack Scott  8/18
Little Star The Elegants  8/25
Bird Dog The Everly Brothers  8/25  [Star]
It’s All in the Game Tommy Edwards  9/29
Rockin Robin Bobby Day  10/13
Tom Dooley The Kingston Trio  11/17
Problems The Everly Brothers  12/15  [Star]
The Chipmunk Song The Chipmunks/David Seville  12/22
It’s Only Make Believe Conway Twitty  12/30

The Number One song of 1958 was Tommy Edwards’ tune It’s All in the Game. This song was originally written in 1912 as an instrumental by Charles Gates Dawes, who would one day become Vice President of the United States under Calvin Coolidge.

1950s Hits - 1958

South Pacific

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