Top 5 Albums From The Beatles

by MimiComment — Updated June 7, 2024

Heralding from a non-eventful city in the far northwestern corner of England, The Beatles are widely considered the most important musical group of all time. No other band has sold anywhere near the number of records as the Fab Four, and ranking their top five albums is an arduous task that can cause great debate and fierce opinion.

The Beatles’ influence extends far beyond their music. Their iconic hairstyles, fashion choices, and cultural impact were unparalleled. The band’s experimental approach to songwriting and studio techniques revolutionized the music industry, paving the way for future artists to explore new sonic territories. Additionally, their ability to evolve and adapt to changing trends while maintaining their artistic integrity solidified their status as legends in music history.

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Within four years, The Beatles churned out five of the greatest albums of all time – and their perennial popularity was further cemented last year when an AI-produced song flew to number one worldwide. Even in their latter years, The Beatles have constantly remained relevant, collaborating with the big musical stars of their day and even embracing rapidly growing new technologies that many people of their generation would go near.

Ringo Starr was the first Beatle to enter the Metaverse back in 2022. He sold a collection of NFTs with his name on them. He embraced the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution that is taking place across finance, ranging from NFTs to the Metaverse to new crypto casinos and gambling platforms that are exploding in popularity. Cryptocurrency gambling platforms operate just like any other traditional form of gambling; Bitcoin casino promotions and welcome bonuses work just like they do at a traditional casino – but the payment method differs. Still, they use the advancements of the immutable ledger to help bring more convenience and security to those looking to play casino games with a slightly different twist.

While Ringo’s NFTs might not take off in the same way, this underlies a theme throughout this article—the Beatles were always open to new ideas and technology. It’s a significant reason they’re among the most innovative musical acts ever walking the Earth.

#5 – Let It Be

True Beatles fans know how hard it is to rank their albums in the top five. The list can change depending on your mood and where you are at that stage of your life. We’ve put Let It Be fifth, even though it has some magical melodies like Across The Universe and the slightly grandiose but beautifully mesmeric multi-layered orchestral tsunami of The Long and Winding Road.

There’s also Get Back and Let It Be (song) on there—this could be many other bands’ greatest album. Still, for a band as prolific as the Fab Four, the lack of cohesion in the production and the fact they were on the cusp of breaking up bled into some of the songs, with a notable lack of George Martin touches in many of them.

#4 – The White Album

It’s wild to think that an album with While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Dear Prudence, and Revolution 1 (and 9, if you’re a fan of the chaos) is only their fourth-best album, in our opinion.

The White Album is the best of the Fab Four as it blends together the growing songwriting prowess of Harrison, the acerbic catharsis of Lennon, the ever-playful Ringo, and a harder-edged, experimental feel to McCartney’s usual ditzy ballads.

Again, The White Album has some filler, which is to be expected from a double album with 30 different songs, but the great songs from it are some of the greatest songs of all time. Many fans think it’s their greatest-ever achievement, and who are we to argue?

#3 – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Summer Of Love was a hedonistic time for many of the disenfranchised youth of the 1960s. The Boomers were taking a stand against the injustices of the 1960s, and Paul McCartney had come up with the idea of a concept album. Widely anticipated and universally revered – Sgt Peppers topped the list of Rolling Stone’s greatest albums of all time in 2012.

A Day In The Life is the hypnotic and haunting end to an absolute rollercoaster of an album. It contains some of the most highly acclaimed production and groundbreaking ideas ever conceived in music history. The album spent months at number one and has sold over 32 million copies worldwide.

#2 – Revolver

Prophetic is an often overused term, but considering The Beatles dropped Revolver back when the television was still in black and white, it was a mesmerizing feat. In the early 2010s, Revolver was often ranked as the most underrated Beatles album. For many, it still holds that moniker, with Eleanor Rigby, Tomorrow Never Knows, and Taxman as some of the highlights.

The true innovation, though, is the astonishing leap from their previous recordings and the first glimpse of them turning the studio into the main instrument. Some may argue this is Rubber Soul, and those same people will be furious that it isn’t on this list – it is what it is.

#1 – Abbey Road

Recently voted the third greatest album of all time by Apple Music, Abbey Road has benefited from an appreciation over time. Considering how timeless dozens of their songs are, it sounds bizarre to say this about any Beatles album. However, the Abbey Road medley remains one of the most chaotic, magical, and perfect endings to any band’s discography.

Abbey Road was released before Let It Be, but Let It Be was mostly recorded beforehand. Sit back, put on the medley, and see if there’s any sequence of songs that can hold a candle to the Fab Four at their very best.

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